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Exclusive Preview: Crashing #3

We have an exclusive first look at Crashing #3, out this week, November 16th, from IDW Publishing. If you haven’t been reading this series, you’ve been missing out. Writer and creator Matthew Klein had this to say about the issue:

We reach the turning point in the series and Rose drives right through a crossroads! Up until now Rose has convinced herself that every risk she’s taken to save lives has been justified…including relapsing after being seven years sober. Now, we take away every pretense she has used, every coping mechanism she thought would shield her, and force her to confront an unspeakable secret. There’s nothing quite like pushing your protagonist to the limit and by the last page of issue three, readers will see just how far Rose can be pushed.

Check out the full details of the issue and get a look below!

Crashing #3

Written by Matthew Klein
Art by Morgan Beem
Colors by Triona Farrell
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Edited by Heather Antos
Assistant Editor Vanessa Real
Cover A by Morgan Beem
Cover B by Nicoletta Baldari
Cover C by Nick Brokenshire

The past strikes back! Doctor Rose Osler’s darkest secrets are dragged into a harsh light when she and her anti-Powered movement leader husband are threatened by a Powered menace. Will they survive this home invasion? Rose’s downward spiral sinks to a new low as we reach this explosive point of no return.

Crashing #3

Preview: Crashing #2

Crashing #2

(W) Matthew Klein (A/CA) Morgan Beem
In Shops: Oct 19, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Dr. Rose Osler has to save the life of Boston’s most feared supervillain. Except saving his life could cost her own. Meanwhile, her husband’s Anti-Powered legislation is building support. As the pressure mounts, will Rose’s one-time relapse become a fall from grace? The downward spiral continues!

Crashing #2

Preview: Crashing #2

Crashing #2

(W) Matthew Klein (A/CA) Morgan Beem
In Shops: Oct 19, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Dr. Rose Osler has to save the life of Boston’s most feared supervillain. Except saving his life could cost her own. Meanwhile, her husband’s Anti-Powered legislation is building support. As the pressure mounts, will Rose’s one-time relapse become a fall from grace? The downward spiral continues!

Crashing #2

Review: Crashing #1

Crashing #1

When you have to carry the world on your shoulders, you sometimes feel like you’re all alone. It’s hard enough that life throws haymakers at you, but you also have to deal with things you don’t like to do. Many people don’t like their jobs, and many regret the choices they’ve made in life that stick with them.

People who are crushed under that pressure are more common than most would admit. It this those who carry their water regardless of the weight that everyone admires. It is their fortitude that we look for the hidden secrets to. In Crashing #1, we find one such protagonist who must, in essence, save the world.

We meet Rose Osler, a a doctor who specializes in patients with super powers, and we catch her on one such day, when everything has gone awry. The reader soon finds out about her back story, where she had a hard home life, was a drug addict and have a hard time maintaining relationships. Her current home life is in even worst shape as she lies to her husband. By the issue’s end, we find out that she runs an underground clinic with a twist to who the patients are.

Overall, Crashing #1 is an interesting premise that struggles to get on its feet in its debut. The story by Klein is intriguing. The art by the creative team is amazing. Altogether, despites a few stumbling blocks, the story shows some real promise.

Story: Matthew Klein Art: Morgan Beem
Color: Triona Farrell Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: Zeus ComicscomiXology/Kindle

Preview: Crashing #1

Crashing #1

(W) Matthew Klein (A/CA) Morgan Beem
In Shops: Sep 21, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Rose Osler is a specialist. Her focus? Patients with Powers… at a hospital with a No Powered Patients policy. When a battle between Boston’s protectors and destroyers erupts, Rose is trapped between saving the city’s beloved hero by day and greatest villain at night. Except Rose could become a casualty when she’s forced to risk her recovery. As Rose pushes past her limits to save everyone else, will she be able to save herself?

Crashing #1

Even a Reaper Can’t Escape the Rulers of the Afterlife in Grim #4

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Grim #4, the next issue of the new ongoing comic book series from acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips, fan favorite artist Flaviano, colorist Rico Renzi, and letterer Tom Napolitano, with a story about a young woman with a macabre job and a mysterious death to solve . . . her own! Available August 24, 2022.

With her very afterlife at stake, Jess must confront a dangerous figure, raising questions about her own death. Now a fugitive, Jess needs answers and is running out of options. Luckily, a new, powerful scythe might be the key to deciphering this entire mystery!

Grim #4 features main and variant cover art by series artist Flaviano, and variant cover art by acclaimed artists Jenny Frison, Simone Di Meo, and Morgan Beem

Grim #4

Superpowers and Emergency Room Drama Collide in Crashing

IDW Publishing has announced the launch of the five-part comic book miniseries Crashing, written by Matthew Klein and illustrated by Morgan Beem, with color by Triona Farrell, and lettering by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Part Nurse Jackie and part The BoysCrashing #1 will premiere in September and will be the third title released in IDW’s upcoming slate of original comics debuting throughout 2022 and beyond.

Less than ten years into her rehabilitation, recovering addict Rose Osler is one of a handful of doctors in the United States who specialize in treating “Powered individuals,” human beings imbued with a range of incredible—and according to some, fundamentally dangerous—superhuman attributes. Amid a sudden, rising wave of violence and chaos apparently provoked by these Powered citizens, Rose struggles to balance the ghosts of her past with the mounting pressure of her professional responsibilities, all while fighting to hold her strained marriage together and avoid the lure of getting high.

Crashing #1 will be available with three variant covers for fans and retailers to enjoy, including Cover A by series illustrator Morgan Beem, Cover B by Jorge Corona, and Cover C by Liana Kangas.

Angels & Airwaves and Z2 Comics Announce a New Graphic Novel, Lifeform: Vivian

Z2 Comics has announced a collaboration with space rock pioneers Angels & Airwaves and creative studio Tension Division to present the psychedelic story inspired by AVA’s 2021 album, Lifeforms, to a new graphic novel—Lifeform: Vivian. Co-written by Helen Mullane and drawn by Amilcar Pinna with lettering courtesy Ed Dukeshire, the graphic novel will unspool the tale behind the mysterious woman seen on the cover of the band’s sixth studio LP as she wanders from the New Mexico desert into the life of a low-level government employee, Victor. The pair ignites a tentative romance as their world erupts in chaos, with secret agents following Vivian’s every move, as events erupt around the amnesiac woman that defy explanation. 

Z2 and Angels & Airwaves present Lifeform: Vivian in both softcover and hardcover formats, as well as oversized hardcover deluxe, and an oversized hardcover deluxe edition hand-signed by Tom DeLonge. Amilcar Pinna provides cover art with designs by Tension Division. Deluxe editions include an exclusive embroidered patch, dog tag, access badge, dossier with documents and photos, Lifeforms Mystery Box by Breakout Games, and gallery-ready prints courtesy Tension Division, Morgan Beem, and Amilcar Pinna, as well as a new vinyl release of Lifeforms. Pre-order yours today.

IDW Announces Nine New Original Series in a New Initiative

IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing has announced a new initiative of new original comic series and projects by New York Times best-selling authors, some of the industry’s finest artists and writers, and newcomers. In the announcement, the nine are described as “first” indicating there’s more to come. Beginning with Scott Snyder’s Dark Spaces: Wildfire in July, IDW will be publishing new original projects on a monthly basis, reflecting a wide selection of genres: crime thriller, supernatural horror, science fiction, epic fantasy, and more.

The first nine projects announced include the following:

Dark Spaces: Wildfire, a thriller series written by Scott Snyder with art by Hayden Sherman, follows a group of female inmate firefighters deep into the smoldering California hills, where their desperate heist of a burning mansion will lead them to the score of a lifetime…or a deadly trap!

Trve Kvlt, a five-issue miniseries written by Scott Bryan Wilson with art by Liana Kangas, introduces Marty Tarantella, a down-on-his-luck loser whose last-ditch scheme to escape a lifetime of fast-food service sets him on a collision course with a cult of violent, Devil-worshiping lunatics!

Crashing, a five-issue miniseries written by Matthew Klein with art by Morgan Beem, throws open the doors of an emergency room filled with casualties of a superhuman war, where Rose Osler, a doctor on her own path of addiction and recovery, faces the most dangerous day of her medical career.

Earthdivers, an ongoing series written by Stephen Graham Jones with art by Davide Gianfelice, unites four Indigenous survivors in an apocalyptic near future as they embark on a bloody, one-way mission to save the world by traveling back in time to kill Christopher Columbus and prevent the creation of America.

Dead Seas, a six-issue miniseries written by Cavan Scott with art by Nick Brokenshire, transforms a cynical convict into a reluctant hero when he’s trapped on a sinking prison ship swarming with ghosts. Can he unite desperate criminals, pirates, and brutal guards as they try to escape a watery grave?

Golgotha Motor Mountain, a five-issue miniseries written by Matthew Erman and Lonnie Nadler with art by Ryan Lee, is a high-octane, redneck motor massacre about two meth-cooking brothers and their attempt to make it home in one piece as all manner of cosmic alien horrors are hot on their trail.

Arca, an original graphic novel written by Van Jensen with art by Jesse Lonergan, leaves a dying Earth behind as billionaires establish a luxurious new society out among the stars, tended to by teenage indentured servants. But one girl discovers that the good life promised for their years of servitude was a lie…

The Sin Bin, a six-issue miniseries written by Robbie Thompson with art by Molly Murakami, hits the road with washed-up hockey player Dale “Dukes” Duquesne, who moonlights as a monster hunter during away games with his daughter, Cat, in tow, hoping to find her mother’s killer.

The Hunger and the Dusk, a twelve-issue storyline written by G. Willow Wilson with art by Chris Wildgoose, upends an age-old conflict between humans and orcs by introducing a new, deadlier species. Fragile alliances form—and unexpected romances blossom—as former enemies wade into battle together to save their two races.

The nine titles announced are just the beginning, as the company has numerous additional projects underway for 2023 and beyond, including a comic book series by Academy Award–winning director, screenwriter, novelist, and showrunner John Ridley and several original graphic novels aimed at middle grade and YA audiences.

In addition to publishing plans, IDW will be developing these properties for film, television, and other entertainment mediums.

IDW nine new comic series

The Last Podcast on the Left Comes to Comics with THe Last Comic Book on the Left

After producing nearly 500 full episodes exploring the darkest corners of humanity and supernatural dread, horror-comedy connoisseurs Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel are ushering their Last Podcast on the Left into the strangest realm of all: comic books. The trio has partnered with Z2 Comics to release a new series of graphic novels, beginning with The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 1, debuting Spring 2022

The project will pay homage to the storied history of horror comics with a curated, interlocking anthology in the vein of CreepyEerieTales From the Crypt, and The Vault of Horror. Participating creators include the most innovative voices in the genre, including:

  • James Tynion IV (The Department of TruthSomething Is Killing the Children)
  • Rick Veitch (Swamp ThingMiracleman)
  • Bob Fingerman (Minimum WageBeg the Question)
  • Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into a BankWhat’s the Furthest Place From Here?)
  • Ryan Cady (Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel DiabloSublime: $5 at the Door)
  • Eliot Rahal (Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo, the upcoming Cheech and Chong’s Chronicles: The Graphic Novel)
  • Morgan Beem (Swamp Thing: Twin BranchesThe Family Trade)
  • Noah Van Sciver (Grateful Dead Originsthe upcoming Cheech and Chong’s Chronicles: The Graphic Novel)
  • Logan Faerber

Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski will also contribute a story to the project, illustrated by legendary artist John McCrea (HitmanThe Boys: Herogasm). Eric Powell (The Goon, Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?), Martin Morazzo (Ice Cream ManHAHA), and Bob Fingerman provide cover art. 

Further embracing the podcast’s marriage of the sinister and silly, deluxe editions of The Last Comic Book on the Left will also come bundled with a series of prints, revolving around suspiciously erotic cryptids and other spooky surrealism. Artists and subjects include: 

  • Ian McGinty, Detective Popcorn
  • Sean Von Gorman, The Jersey Devil
  • Noah Van Sciver, Bigfoot
  • Jenna Cha, Mothman
  • Norzine, Aum Shinrikyo
  • Martin Morazzo, John Wayne Gacy
  • Logan Faerber, Black Death
  • Courtney Menard, The Rendlesham Forest Incident

The Last Comic Book on the Left Vol. 1 will be available this Spring.

The Last Podcast on the Left
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