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Exclusive Preview: Alien #3

Alien #3

(W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Julius Ohta
(CA) Bjorn Barends (VCA) Iban Coello, Jonboy Meyers
In Shops: Nov 23, 2022
SRP: $3.99

While searching the Xenomorph-infested Tobler-9 for an alien sample that can save humanity, “Steel Team,” the mythical Synthetic Special Operations team, has made a shocking discovery: a colony of humans who have managed to survive there for decades. With only their mutual mistrust in common, the humans and synths strike an uneasy bargain: the alien sample in exchange for Steel Team’s help in clearing a subterranean Xenomorph nest. But while the humans have had to sacrifice some of their humanity to survive, Steel Team learns that the ICARUS alien strain has taken on some disturbingly HUMAN tendencies…

Alien #3

Exclusive Preview: Justice Warriors #6

Justice Warriors #6

(W) Matt Bors
(A) Ben Clarkson
Cover A: Ben Clarkson
Cover B: Matt Bors
November 23, 2022

Last issue (for now) of this absurdly accurate satire of government, inequality, and police! The war for Bubble City reaches its gritty climax! The Libra Gang prepares to execute the Chief—but veteran Swamp Cop and rookie Schitt are on the bus to the outlaw mob’s headquarters. Next stop: JUSTICE! “All the glorious dystopian satire you hoped it would be.”—Boing Boing

Justice Warriors #6

Exclusive Preview: Jodorowsky’s The Technopriests

On November 15 Humanoids will publish The Incal: Psychoverse by Mark Russell and Yanick Paquette, the shocking and explosive prequel to the legendary and best-selling Incal saga by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius. Also in November, Humanoids will be publishing some fantastic Incal-related titles from their backlist all written by Jodorowsky: The Incal: Deluxe Edition, Technopriests, and The Deluxe Megalex.

We’ve got an exclusive excerpt from Jordowsky’s Technopriests and get a look at The Incal: Psychoverse!


Hardcover Trade
November 1, 2022
Alejandro Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov & Fred Beltran

The cosmic adventures of a young boy on his path to ridding the galaxy of an insidious technological plague.

After the Greek tragedy of “The Metabarons,” Alexandro Jodorowsky comes back to his biblical roots with this quest reminiscent of Moses and set on a galactic scale. To top it off, the characters and the theme of virtual reality are tailor-made for artist Zoran Janjetov (“Before The Incal”), who finds in Jodorowsky his perfect match. Albino, hero of this space odyssey, remembers here his childhood, his apprenticeship, and the big and small battles he had to fight to fulfill his ambitions in a universe where technological advances are paradoxically matched only by the cruelty and the barbarism of the forces controlling it.


Hardcover Trade
November 15, 2022
Mark Russell, Yanick Paquette, Alejandro Jodorowsky & Mœbius

In a shocking and explosive prequel to the legendary and best-selling INCAL saga, prepare to enter…the Psychoverse.

A realm made of pure potential and possibility known as the Psychoverse has declared war on all material reality, and the only ones who can save it are the deadly Metabaron, the swashbuckling Kill Wolfhead, and the bumbling John Difool.

Exclusive Preview: Fear of a Red Planet #1

Fear of a Red Planet #1

Writer: Mark Sable
Artist & Colorist: Andrea Olimpieri
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Paul Azaceta
Incentive Cover: Jeremy Haun
$4.99 / 32 pages / Color / On Sale 11.23.22

Mars. Fifty years from now, humanity’s first Martian colony is no longer self-sustaining. Under the thumb of its corporate mining overlords, the surviving colonists slave away just to pay for resupply rockets from Earth, will little or no hope of returning home.

One woman has kept a fragile peace: the U.N.’s first and only interplanetary marshal. A lawwoman escaping a violent past on Earth, she prides herself on never having fired a shot on Mars. But when she’s tasked with solving the murder of the colony’s most hated man, her investigation threatens to tear the red planet apart.

Written by Mark Sable (MISKATONIC, WHERE STARSHIPS GO TO DIE) and illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri (Dishonored, Dark Souls), FEAR OF A RED PLANET is a near-future western with the hard sci-fi of The Expanse and the hard-boiled gunslinging of Justified.

Fear of a Red Planet #1

Exclusive Preview: Crashing #3

We have an exclusive first look at Crashing #3, out this week, November 16th, from IDW Publishing. If you haven’t been reading this series, you’ve been missing out. Writer and creator Matthew Klein had this to say about the issue:

We reach the turning point in the series and Rose drives right through a crossroads! Up until now Rose has convinced herself that every risk she’s taken to save lives has been justified…including relapsing after being seven years sober. Now, we take away every pretense she has used, every coping mechanism she thought would shield her, and force her to confront an unspeakable secret. There’s nothing quite like pushing your protagonist to the limit and by the last page of issue three, readers will see just how far Rose can be pushed.

Check out the full details of the issue and get a look below!

Crashing #3

Written by Matthew Klein
Art by Morgan Beem
Colors by Triona Farrell
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Edited by Heather Antos
Assistant Editor Vanessa Real
Cover A by Morgan Beem
Cover B by Nicoletta Baldari
Cover C by Nick Brokenshire

The past strikes back! Doctor Rose Osler’s darkest secrets are dragged into a harsh light when she and her anti-Powered movement leader husband are threatened by a Powered menace. Will they survive this home invasion? Rose’s downward spiral sinks to a new low as we reach this explosive point of no return.

Crashing #3

Exclusive Preview: Murderworld: Avengers #1

Murderworld: Avengers #1

(W) Jim Zub, Ray Fawkes (A) Jethro Morales
(CA) Paco Medina (VCA) Salvador Larroca, Skottie Young
In Shops: Nov 16, 2022
SRP: $3.99

• Hundreds are killed every year in an elaborate secret tournament run by a sadistic man with nearly limitless resources at his fingertips.
• It’s not an urban legend. It’s not a myth – MURDERWORLD is real! It’s online, and the gruesome truth has been hidden from everyone except its victims – until NOW.
• Meet Paul Pastor, the extraordinary young documentarian who’s going to expose it all… with some super-powered help. The Black Widow has a personal grudge to settle with Murderworld mastermind Arcade – but can she stop this game before it kills again?
MURDERWORLD is the wildly violent ride you’ve been waiting for. Gut-wrenching twists, unbelievable deaths, the Avengers bloodier than you’ve ever seen them before – the tormented minds of Jim Zub (Conan the Barbarbian, AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER), Ray Fawkes (One Soul, Constantine) and Jethro Morales kick off the must-have miniseries of the year!

Murderworld: Avengers #1

Exclusive Preview: Venom #13

Venom #13

(W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Bryan Hitch
(I) Andrew Currie (L) Alex Sinclair
In Shops: Nov 09, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Forced to watch his son die from across the timestream, Eddie Brock finds himself surrounded by enemies. Alone, and with no one to trust, an unexpected ally lends a hand, and she’s setting the stage for the MOST EPIC CROSSOVER OF THE YEAR!

Venom #13

Exclusive Preview: Punisher #7

Punisher #7

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Jesús Saiz, Paul Azaceta
(C) Dave Stewart (L) Cory Petit
(CA) Jesús Saiz (VCA) Geoff Shaw
In Shops: Nov 02, 2022
SRP: $4.99

As Frank wrestles with devils within and without, Maria Castle finds more and more of her memories returning, including ones of those fateful days when her husband first returned from war. Or did he?

Punisher #7

Exclusive: Dark Horse reveals Merry-Go-Round from Sergio Rossie and Agnese Innocente

We have the exclusive reveal that Dark Horse Books will be working with writer Sergio Rossie and illustrator and colorist Agnese Innocente to present Merry-Go-Round. This is the first time the graphic novel will be released in English and will be translated by Carla Roncalli di Montorio.

Life as a teenager is full of challenges and learning moments, from love triangles to missed appointments and beyond. Merry-Go-Round features the stories of a group of young people just trying to get through their day-to-day life, all while romance and simply growing up are throwing roadblocks along the way. Based on the Arthur Schnitzler play by the same name, this volume is a perfect encapsulation of growing up, and trying to figure everything out. 

Merry-Go-Round was the 2021 winner of the Anderson Prize for “Best Comic book”:

For the ability not only to transpose a classic of dramaturgy literature into the language of comics but also, and above all, for having done it with an originality that intensely interprets the sensitivities and disturbances of contemporary adolescence

The Merry-Go-Round trade paperback will be available in comic shops July 5, 2023 and bookstores July 18, 2023. It is available for pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local comic book shop and will retail for $19.99.

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