Review: Batman #121

Batman #121

Batman’s European adventure comes to an end with Batman #121 that has Batman and Lex Luthor going up against Abyss and Batman, Inc. It’s a satisfying conclusion for a short arc that is entertaining though mostly forgettable (not meant as an insult). After such earthshattering arcs over the recent years, getting a somewhat standalone arc feels like a nice change and a bit more of the pop entertainment comics are associated with.

Written by Joshua Williamson, Batman #121 is full of action as Batman and Lex must face Abyss and his accomplices. We get an explanation of what’s going on and a lot of “just roll with it”. The explanation generally works but there’s absolutely some things that are glossed over, like Batman getting his sight back. None of it makes for a bad read and instead gives the finale a bit of a popcorn sense about it.

Where the comic, and the arc, stumbles mostly is its villain Abyss. There’s something there that’s really interesting and well worth exploring but the origin and what comes after feels a bit compacted and rushed. Abyss, and the revelation, creates a lot of directions for Batman and Batman Inc. to go in to and hopefully we get more from it all. But, Abyss and what’s revealed feels like a plot that’ll likely be forgotten for years until someone comes along and decides to play in that sandbox even further. There’s a lot of cool potential there.

The art looks good. Jorge Molina and Mikel Janín present the action in a style that feels more grounded like the story itself. There’s some great panels and moments but this is a look that has everything dialed back a bit. Tomeu Morey‘s colors and Clayton Cowles lettering are all solid. The comic overall looks really nice with some great panel layouts (the splash page with the Bat as panels is very cool).

Batman #121

The comic gets the final bit of its backup feature by Karl Kerschl with colors by Dave McCaig. Featuring Maps, everything is explained, sort of, with a nice conclusion. There’s a lot like the main story you just need to roll with but as a short story, it’s entertaining. Maps is definitely a character we need to see more of and this story makes that case.

Batman #121 is an entertaining issue and finale to an entertaining arc. It dialed things back after what feels like a decade of ever increasing threats. It feels quaint and grounded in a way but also makes things bit boring because of that. It’s driving 30 after going 100 for a while. But, it’s exactly what’s needed before the next big storyline, “Shadow War.”

Story: Joshua Williamson, Karl Kerschl Art: Jorge Molina, Mikel Janín, Karl Kerschl
Color: Tomeu Morey, Dave McCaig Letterer: Clayton Cowles, Karl Kerschl
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read

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