Review: Batman #120

Batman #120

Since the recent arc launched, Batman has gotten back to basics. Gone are some of the over-the-top epic stories that span dozens of issues. Instead, we have a more grounded take where the stakes are lower and the story feels a bit more intimate in ways. Batman #120 keeps things rather focused as Batman has lost his eyesight and we get more hints about the deadly villain Abyss.

Writer Joshua Williamson has delivered a solid take on Batman so far. The character feels much more like the street level hero he is as opposed to the multiverse spanning superhero that can take on gods. Broke and now blind, this is a Batman where you can feel the frustration as he attempts to figure out his next steps and deal with his current situation.

Williamson has done a fantastic job of grounded the character. After years of ever escalating stories, there’s a back to basics aspect to this storyline. There’s also a brilliance about it as it goes back to storylines long forgotten and put to the side.

What Wiliamson absolutely nails is the emotions of the story. There’s a frustration exuding from Batman as he doesn’t have the tools he once did, this new villain is a tough one, and he must dealt with Lex Luthor who has taken over Batman Inc. A lot of that emotion is conveyed through the art.

Jorge Molina and Mikel Janín handle that along with Tomeu Morey on color and Clayton Cowles on lettering. The art nails the body language of Batman. His frustration can be felt in how he slumps a little or the way he places his head. It all comes together for visuals that drive home what Batman is thinking and experiencing. There’s also a darkness to it all that fits so well for the villain Abyss but doesn’t overwhelm the series.

Karl Kerschl and Dave McCaig continue to deliver an interesting back-up story featuring Maps. The adventure is interesting and has a dark tone about it that fits the main story well. It feels like a bonus that adds to an already solid comic to start.

Batman #120 is another issue that just nails down the fundamentals of this character so well. It also delivers some nice twists and turns building to that last page reveal. While a lot of the comics’ reveals aren’t surprising, they still nail the moment in their delivery. To do that when it’s expected is impressive. For those who might have been turned off by Batman’s recent escalation of events in recent years, now is a time to give this series a new look.

Story: Joshua Williamson, Karl Kerschl Art: Jorge Molina, Mikel Janín, Karl Kerschl
Color: Tomeu Morey, Dave McCaig Letterer: Clayton Cowles, Karl Kerschl
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Buy

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