Queen Goblin Takes Her Throne as Spider-Man Continues to Go Beyond

Spider-Man’s life has been plagued by Goblins for almost 60 years. And this February, a brand-new one will glide into Ben Reilly’s life to continue this tradition. This February, brace yourself for the introduction of QUEEN GOBLIN! This vicious new Goblin with long roots in Spider-Man history is set to put a terrifying spin on Amazing Spider-Man’s current Beyond Era. Designed by Patrick Gleason, Queen Goblin will make her explosive first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #88 written by Zeb Wells with art by Michael Dowling and continue to plague Spider-Man and much of NYC in Amazing Spider-Man #89 written by Gleason with art by Mark Bagley and Amazing Spider-Man #90 written by and art by Gleason. Main covers are by Arthur Adams with #88 featuring a variant by Gleason and #90 featuring a variant by Roge Antonio.

Also coming in February will be a special one-shot written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Jan Bazaldua and Jim Towe. Amazing Spider-Man #88.BEY will feature the return of the fan favorite super hero team—THE SLINGERS! You didn’t think the Beyond Corporation only had one hero on their payroll? Watch as Hobie Brown ascends to new heights as The Hornet! It features a main cover by Nick Bradshaw.

Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Michele Bandini’s run on Miles Morales: Spider-Man will also continue to be impacted by the events of the Beyond Era. Issue #35 will see Miles and Shift facing off against Space Stone-host Quantum and the Assessor. And their only hope at victory lies with the Beyond Corporation.

Check out the covers now and don’t miss the rise of Queen Goblin when Amazing Spider-Man #88 arrives in February.