Review: Star Wars: High Republic #1

Star Wars: High Republic #1

Star Wars: High Republic #1 helps kick off a new era in the Star Wars Universe. It takes us to a time well before the fall of the Jedi. It’s a time of peace ruled by the Republic and protected by the Jedi Knights. The Starlight Beacon has been launched. A space station in the far reaches of the Outer Rim, it’s a ray of hope for the galaxy. It’s also very Star Trek.

Star Wars: High Republic #1 is an interesting debut. We get a “new world” with new characters. While it’s interesting it’s also a mix as far as excitement. There’s a bit of pulp adventure and feels like the opening to a potentially interesting science fiction world. That world being Star Trek.

There’s an emphasis on order, peace, and hope. The Republic feels very much like the Federation in this way. The feel of samurai or even the Western genre isn’t present. There’s an air of naivete about it all too. The positive aspects. The “clean” look of the world. The talk of hope. It all feels quaint in some ways. A bit childish and simple. This is just the beginning though.

A darkness is looming, and the series’ success will hinge on what exactly that is. Writer Cavan Scott has set up a potentially interesting series but as far as a start, this has a bit of a wait-and-see feel about it all.

Ario Anindito‘s art is very solid. With ink by Mark Morales and color by Annalisa Leoni there’s a crisp, clean look to it all. The design fits the world of Star Wars but it’s a “newer” vibe to it all. The characters are interesting and there’s a nice mix of new and familiar. There’s alien races we’ve seen before and we’re also delivered a lot of new as well. The art helps ease us into this world with that sort of mix.

Star Wars: High Republic #1 is an ok start hampered by it’s almost too-innocent take. That’s part of the point of it all and where this world is at this time but compared to what we’ve seen and our world now, it feels quaint. There’s potential here and this is a series I’m going to stick with. But, the Pollyanna take, so far, feels rather off in this day and time.

Story: Cavan Scott Art: Ario Anindito
Ink: Mark Morales Color: Annalisa Leoni
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

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