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This Is The Droid You’re Looking For: Announcing Star Wars: Rogue One – Cassian & K-2SO Special #1!

Cassian Andor and his reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO have a partnership that rivals the closeness of Luke Skywalker and R2-D2. But like all great stories, that wasn’t always the case. So how did the great partnership of human and droid come to be? This August, find out the real history between the two characters when Marvel releases Star Wars: Rogue One – Cassian & K-2SO Special #1, written by acclaimed author Duane Swierczynski with art by Fernando Blanco.

Despite fighting to protect the galaxy, Cassian Andor and K-2SO haven’t always been on the same side of the Galactic Civil War – and readers will find out why in this new story, which includes the two characters meeting each other for the very first time!

Without spoiling anything, we can confirm that this IS the droid you are looking for this August!

Featuring covers by Julian Totino Tedesco and Chris Samnee.


The Jedi’s Greatest Warrior Charges Into Battle – Marvel Announces Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #1!

The Jedi have always been the galaxy’s peacekeepers…but with the Clone Wars on the horizon, all that is about to change. This August, writer Matt Owens teams with artist Denys Cowan to unveil the exciting story of one of the Jedi’s greatest warriors in Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #1!

One of the most accomplished and storied members of the Jedi High Council, his wisdom and combat prowess are legendary. Now, in this new story, readers will get to see Mace Windu lead his Jedi into battle…and face the ultimate test of leadership!

Don’t be surprised if you see familiar faces of fan favorites, which Owens promises “will feel like an organic part of the tapestry of the Star Wars universe.” This August, May the Force Be With You!

Featuring covers by Jesus Saiz, Javier Rodriguez, Rahzzah, and Russell Dauterman.

Preview: Star Wars, Vol. 1

Star Wars, Vol. 1

Russ Manning, Steve Gerber, Don Christensen, Russ Helm (w) • Russ Manning, Alfredo Alcala (a) • Al Williamson (c)

The first of three volumes that present, for the first time ever, the classic Star Wars newspaper strip from 1979-1984 in its complete format — including each Sunday title header and “bonus” panels in their meticulously restored original color. Initially the color Sundays and black and white dailies told separate stories, but within six months the incomparable Russ Manning merged the adventures to tell brand new epic seven-days-a-week sagas that rivaled the best science fiction comics of all time. Volume One contains 575 sequential comic strips from the strip’s premiere on March 11, 1979 to October 5, 1980.

HC • PC • $49.99 • 260 pages • 11” x 8.5” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-872-4

Review: Star Wars: Screaming Citadel #1

Rebel pilot and rogue archaeologist wander side by side into the darkest shadows of the galaxy as Luke Skywalker reluctantly teams up with Doctor Aphra! The Doctor makes Luke an offer he can’t afford to pass up…one that leads him to a very rare gathering at the heart of the infamous Screaming Citadel. Will Luke find what he’s looking for? Can Aphra be trusted? Or will they both wind up victims of the Citadel’s Queen?

When it comes to Marvel, Star Wars has been a bright spot for pretty much everything released. Nothing has stumbled, even the few crossovers we’ve seen. That’s why with each new release I find myself so excited to see what’s coming next and where things are going. It’s all perfectly fleshed out and expanded upon the movies and television shows delivering things that feel new with each release. Star Wars: Screaming Citadel #1 kicks off the next “event” that will eventually move to Star Wars and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. And it does so by giving us a lot to chew on and explore.

Spinning out of the recent story arc, Aphra finds herself with a crystal that contains the artificial intelligence of a Jedi and she needs Luke’s help to unlock it. That leads the two to a mysterious citadel and world where they must find favor with the Queen.

Written by Kieron Gillen, the first issue drops us into the action playing off of the character’s personalities and more importantly acknowledging the history between everyone. Luke is maybe a bit naive and at this point in his life he still might be, that’d be my only knock, but Aphra is such a good bullshitter it still makes sense. What’s impressive to me is Gillen’s ability to add so much that feels new and intriguing. There’s at least a dozen (if not more) things just in this issue that I want to learn more about. There’s new races, things mentioned, characters presented, worlds explored, all of it feels new and fresh and when it is a nod to what we’ve seen before there’s still something new there. 40 years to work with, that’s impressive.

The art by Marco Checchetto is absolutely fantastic and that’s helped by the colors of Andres Mossa who continues to deliver on the Star Wars style Marvel has built. The worlds all jump off the page and pop in a way that’s exciting and reflect the story Gillen has delivered. The aliens look unique and new as well and those last few pages had me uttering “what the hell” as the art delivers the shock and awe Gillen is going for.

It’s Marvel Star Wars. That alone is reason enough to check this out and while it’s not great for new readers it builds upon the various excellent history that we’ve had the ability to enjoy over the last year or so. This first issue delivers and has me anxiously awaiting what comes next.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Marco Checchetto Color: Andres Mossa
Story: 9.0 Art: 10 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation #2

Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation #2

(W) Jody Houser (A) Emilio Laiso (CA) Phil Noto
Rated T
In Shops: May 03, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Jyn Erso continues her quest with Cassian Andor to help the Rebellion fight the sinister Galactic Empire. Following the trail to the ancient Jedha City to find Rebel extremist Saw Guerra, Jyn and Cassian get caught in a firefight with the Empire… only to then be taken prisoner by Saw’s followers! The Star Wars story continues!

Preview: Star Wars: Poe Dameron #13

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #13

(W) Charles Soule (A) Angel Unzueta (CA) Phil Noto
Rated T
In Shops: May 03, 2017
SRP: $3.99

It is a sad day for the Resistance as they mourn the loss of a fallen comrade. But their fight is far from over – the First Order must be stopped! And Captain Phasma knows just how to get Terex to toe the line.

Preview: Star Wars: Darth Maul #3

Star Wars: Darth Maul #3

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Luke Ross (CA) Rafael Albuquerque
Rated T
In Shops: Apr 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99

An evil crime syndicate is auctioning off a Jedi Padawan… that Darth Maul plans to take – and kill – for his own. Featuring: a band of bounty hunters including Cad Bane and Aurra Sing!

IDW Publishing Presents Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics, Vol. 1

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the first Star Wars film this May, IDW Publishing and the multi award-winning imprint, Library of American Comics present Volume One of Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comic which contains 575 sequential strips from its premiere run March 11, 1979 to October 5, 1980. Included are every Sunday’s title header and “bonus” panels in meticulously restored original color, making this the first-ever complete collection of this comics classic as they originally appeared. During the five years Star Wars Comics first appeared, early fans were treated to a total of twenty-seven storylines that remain some of the best “Classic Star Wars” era tales ever told.

In this first of three volumes, a stunning image of Darth Vader graces the cover and the most beloved original Star Wars characters journey through space along with new characters in new worlds never seen in the feature films. These daily adventure comic strips brought all the action of the movie directly into people’s homes for the first time.

Initially the color Sundays and B&W dailies told separate stories, but within six months the incomparable Russ Manning merged the adventures to tell brand new epic seven-days-a-week sagas that rivaled the best science fiction comics of all time. When the strip launched, Russ Manning accurately predicted that “People today can’t get enough science fiction, especially if it is original and full of creative adventure. The Star Wars characters are like Mickey Mouse. They will be loved forever.” These strips reflect a simpler time in the franchise’s history and are a “must-have” for both the hardcore and casual Star Wars fan.

The books are produced under license, and in cooperation with Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm.

Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics, Volume 1
11” x 8.5” landscape hardcover, 260 pp, $49.99
Available May 2017

Preview: Star Wars: Poe Dameron #13

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #13

(W) Charles Soule (A/CA) Phil Noto
Rated T
In Shops: Apr 19, 2017
SRP: $3.99

It’s Terex’s army versus Black Squadron – and Black Squadron is outnumbered! Plus, Poe is stranded with only a battle-reluctant commando droid between him and his enemies. Snap Wexley may have a trick or two up his sleeve to help Black Leader fight!

Star Wars: Rebels Gets a Season 4 Trailer

At Star Wars Celebration, the first trailer for season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels was released, the final season of the beloved animated series. Destinies are revealed in the final season of Star Wars: Rebels.

Star Wars: Rebels returns fall 2017.

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