Review: Dark Nights: Death Metal #2

Dark Nights: Death Metal #2

There’s a bit of over the top fun in Dark Nights: Death Metal #2. It’s an issue that has the heroes gathering for their next step to defeat evil while the villains make their move to create an even bigger threat. It’s also generally forgettable.

Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo, Dark Nights: Death Metal #2‘s more entertaining moments are the variations on Batman they can come up with. For the most part, the comic doesn’t feel very “death metal”. Instead of being ramped up to 11, it feels more like a cover band thinking they’re doing so.

The Batman Who Laughs has been vanquished by Wonder Woman. This leads to a scramble to fill the void and for the heroes to get the upper hand. That means traveling to a mysterious location to rally the troops to take the fight elsewhere. It’s very Dungeons & Dragons gathering of the party before the quest.

Snyder and Capullo have put together some really interesting concepts and visuals that for some reason just feel… off. Batman’s wearing spikes on his shoulders, Swamp Thing is wearing glasses, we get what feels like a half dozen new evil-Batman. There’s a lot thrown into the issue that feels like interesting twists and ideas. Unfortunately, the ideas are never really fleshed out. Instead, we just go with the flow and accept this reality. It is, what it is. They’re thrown out there without explanation or real reason. It’s a fun “visual” comic that has a story. It’s not an engaging story with fun visuals.

Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 also prepares us for what comes next. The issue drops numerous hints that this should be called “Crisis and the Dark Multiverse”. Discussions of rebooting the universe and “infinite possibilities” are thrown around all leading to a groan of a time. It foreshadows the next reboot after only four years since the last.

But, Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 does deliver on some interesting visuals. There are some funny visual gags and the various characters looking a little beat down works quite well at times. At other times the comic feels a bit more comedic in its style than “metal,” and especially not “death metal.” Jonathan Glapion inks, FCO Plascencia‘s colors, and Tom Napolitano‘s lettering helps bring the visuals together in some of the more interesting aspects of the comic.

After the rocket launch of a first issue, Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 doesn’t feel as much “death metal” as it does a corporate suburbanite throwing on their leather jacket with some spikes and going to a show in the back. It never quite commits to the chaos of the mosh-pit but just kind of safely stands in the back admiring the musicianship, never committing to the gut experience. The comic in the end feels like two friends coming up with crazy ideas and throwing it all in a comic. Some times it works. Some times it doesn’t. But, it definitely keeps you on your toes.

Story: Scott Snyder Art: Greg Capullo
Ink: Jonathan Glapion Color: FCO Plascencia Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Story: 6.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass

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