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Those Two Geeks Episode Forty Two: We Have No Idea Any More

After an impromptu hiatus, the geeks are back (again). They talk about a lot of Batman, the at the time unconfirmed news that Robert Pattinson is the new Dark Knight and go on a rather large tangent at the end as they forget they’re recording.

As always, Alex and Joe can be found on twitter respectively @karcossa and @jc_hesh if you feel the need to tell them they’re wrong individually, or @those2geeks if you want to yell at them together on twitter, or by email at ItsThose2Geeks@gmail.com.

Review: The Batman Who Laughs #6

The Batman Who Laughs #6,

Intense. That’s the word that best describes The Batman Who Laughs #6, the penultimate issue of this solid miniseries.

Writer Scott Snyder has been building to this moment in this series. The Batman Who Laughs #6 features the confrontation of Batman and The Batman Who Laughs for a hell of a cathartic battle.

There’s an intensity about the comic. It builds as you move along to those final moments which feature a bit of release. This is a perfect example of building the emotional moment and leaving the reader want more.

That emotional ride is helped by Jock whose art with colorist David Baron is amazing. There’s a horror aspect to the design and look of the issue. It goes back and forth between reality and the nightmare vision Bruce/Batman is experiencing as the toxin courses through his veins. As he devolves into his own version of the Batman Who Laughs, we see a distorted world whose horrors would break anyone.

The negative of the comic is the lettering. I’ll admit I read this digitally so have no idea if this is an issue in the print version of the comic. The narrative boxes with red lettering on gray are hard to read at times. I had to blow up the pdf to be able to full read the text and even then I struggled. But, at the same time, Sal Cipriano‘s lettering also captures the madness. It adds character to both Batman and the Batman Who Laughs.

The issue is a solid one leaving me excited to see where the finale takes us and wondering how Batman will win in the end. It’s a prime example of both Snyder and Jock being at the top of their game.

Story: Scott Snyder Art: Jock
Color: David Baron Letters: Sal Cipriano
Story: 9.0 Art: 10 Overall: 9.25 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: The Batman Who Laughs #6 (of 6)

The Batman Who Laughs #6 (of 6)

(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Jock
In Shops: Jun 12, 2019
SRP: $4.99

True happiness begins in the heart. Our memories and emotions can play tricks on us, though, and divert one’s reality into something completely different. The Batman Who Laughs has based his entire worldview on this very concept, and it is in this moment that he must finally confront the one man who stands in his way, the one man who could complete or halt his plan…the last Bruce Wayne. It is here, on the home turf of Wayne Manor, that Bruce relives the happiest moment of his life-the moment he became the Batman Who Laughs. Will Batman be able to outthink the Dark Multiverse version of himself and stop his most sinister end? Or will the original Dark Knight succumb fully and let go of his morality? While good almost always wins, this issue is the start of something more…setting up a larger plan based in the ultimate betrayal of infection, loyalty and true happiness. This is not the end…it’s only the beginning.

The Batman Who Laughs #6 (of 6)

Comicker Press Announces Shots Fired, a Charity Comics Anthology

Comicker Press logo

Comicker Press is back with Shots Fired, a revamped version of the comics anthology formerly known as Every Day. As with its previous iteration, Shots Fired will raise funds for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Community Justice Reform Coalition to help end gun violence in America via a Kickstarter campaign that will pay for printing and shipping of the comics anthology. Once printed, all proceeds from additional book sales will go directly to the CSGV and CJRC.

Comicker Press co-founder Sean E. Williams said,

Since Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing, when it became apparent that our last one wasn’t going to reach its goal, we decided to regroup and try again as quickly as possible. This issue is too important to not do this book, and the stories the creators are telling are truly unparalleled and need to be read.

With the upcoming 28-day campaign for Shots Fired, Comicker Press has capped the size of the book to around 168 pages and is limiting shipping to the United States to keep the budget down. They are also adding a Kickstarter Exclusive limited-edition hardcover, which won’t be made available after the campaign.

The talent donating their time to Shots Fired include Scott Snyder, Kelly Thompson, David Lafuente, Phil Hester, Ariela Kristantina, Jamal Igle, Devin Grayson, Joe Keatinge, Doselle Young, Marguerite Sauvage, Ron Marz, Stuart Moore, Shannon Wheeler, Steven Grant, Roger Langridge, Matt Miner, Ray Fawkes, CW Cooke, Alex de Campi, Carla Speed McNeil, Kelly Williams, Emma Beeby, and more.

The Shots Fired campaign launches on Kickstarter on June 18th, and runs through July 16th.

Preview: Justice League #25

Justice League #25

(W) Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, James Tynion IV (A) Javi Fernandez (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez
In Shops: Jun 05, 2019
SRP: $4.99

The “Sixth Dimension” storyline wraps up in this oversize issue as Superman faces down the World Forger to save the Justice League! Can Superman withstand the might of a being that can create worlds from nothing?! Plus, with the Justice League away, Mr. Mxyzptlk’s been wreaking havoc! Can anyone on Earth stand up to the fifth-dimensional menace?

Justice League #25

Review: Batman: The Last Knight on Earth #1

What, what, what!? Batman: Last Knight on Earth reteams Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Batman, and it’s amazing!

Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Greg Capullo
Color: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Get your copy in comic shops now! To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.


DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
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Review: Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1 is not what you expect. While it begins with Bruce Wayne waking up in Arkham Asylum, the story spirals into a journey down the rabbit hole where you question what is reality and what’s not. I’m not sure if what’s presented is real or a hallucination by the end of the first issue.

Scott Snyder teams with long time collaborator Greg Capullo to achieve an impressive feat. Aided by inker Jonathan Glapion, colorist FCO Plascencia, and letterer Tom Napolitano, the debut is a feather in the cap for the DC Black Label imprint.

Snyder delivers a story that’s a wild ride where you go through the mirror into an unexpected experience. With an Elseworlds like feel, the story is fantastic with twists and turns that are fun in some ways. Snyder introduces concepts that’s fresh and new. This is something he’s done so many times before during his time writing Batman. Those concepts also suck you in so you want to see what comes next.

Snyder also has it down as to who Batman and Bruce Wayne are. There’s a drive, a sense of right, that sucks you in and makes you cheer for him. Snyder also continues some concepts introduced in his Batman run. It’s a nice wink and nod to all that Snyder and Capullo have added to the Batman myth.

The art of Batman: The Last Knight on Earth #1 is fantastic but that’s not a surprise considering the creative team. There’s use of the art and character design to help drive the story and world build. Every character introduced and every location has you wondering what happened. In some cases it helps inform you. The details here are key and a prime example of showing, not telling.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1 is a wild ride of a debut. I’ll leave you wondering what is real and what’s a hallucination. It’ll also want you to immediately come back for more.

Story: Scott Snyder Art: Greg Capullo
Ink: Jonathan Glapion Color: FCO Plascencia Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1 (of 3)

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1 (of 3)

(W) Scott Snyder (A) Jonathan Glapion (A/CA) Greg Capullo
Prestige Format
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $5.99

Bruce Wayne wakes up in Arkham Asylum. Young. Sane.

And…he was never Batman.

So begins this sprawling tale of the Dark Knight as he embarks on a quest through a devastated DC landscape featuring a massive cast of familiar faces from the DC Universe. As he tries to piece together the mystery of his past, he must unravel the cause of this terrible future and track down the unspeakable force that destroyed the world as he knew it…

From the powerhouse creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, the team that reinvented Batman from the emotional depths of “Court of Owls” to the bombastic power of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, DC Black Label is proud to present the bimonthly, three-issue miniseries BATMAN: LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH, published at DC’s standard comic trim size.

This could be the last Batman story ever told…

Todd McFarlanne and Greg Capullo to Draw Spawn #300 with More Creators Joining Them

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn is about to celebrate a historic milestone as it breaks the record for the longest-running, creator-owned comic in the world. To mark this momentous occasion, McFarlane has gathered a team of superstars from the comic industry to contribute to this giant sized 72-page book. 

The big news for Spawn #300 is that award-winning artist, Greg Capullo, returns to illustrate Spawn. Capullo first brought his talents to Image Comics‘ longest running title, with issue #16, leading to a visually-stunning run as the book’s featured artist, culminating in the hallmark 100th issue. 

Following his seminal work on DC Comics’ iconic Batman, Capullo will be the main featured interior artist on Spawn #300, alongside another major revelation…

For the first time since 1995, Todd McFarlane, one of the top-selling artists in comic book history, will return to pencil and ink interior artwork of the character he created during his high school days!

The superstar creative team doesn’t end with Capullo and McFarlane. Current Spawn artist, Jason Shawn Alexander, fan-favorite J. Scott Campbell, rising star Jerome Opeña, and best-selling writer Scott Snyder, all bring their talents aboard to help usher in Spawn’s next grand evolution.

Spawn #300, a 72-page full-color comic book, celebrating 27 years, and counting, of the hit independent series with an all-star lineup of comics creators, will be in stores August 29, 2019. The title will feature 12 covers by McFarlane, Capullo, Campbell, Opeña, and Alexander, including gorgeous black and white “Artist Edition” variants showcasing the original, inked artwork of both Capullo and McFarlane. This historic, oversized issue will retail for $7.99.

Spawn #300

Preview: Justice League #24

Justice League #24

(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez
In Shops: May 15, 2019
SRP: $3.99

“The Sixth Dimension” chapter five! The League’s plan is in full swing, but one member of the team isn’t on board with their message and sides with the World Forger! Betrayed, there’s only one person who can turn the tide of this battle. Can Superman find the strength to escape his prison planet and save the Justice League, or is the League doomed to live out their days trapped in the Sixth Dimension?!

Justice League #24
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