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Review: Bloodshot #2

Bloodshot #2

Bloodshot’s enemies are closing in. Can he unleash all of his abilities in time to survive in Bloodshot #2?

The supersoldier is no stranger to war, but this is a whole new kind of enemy…

And who is the mysterious masked woman called Eidolon?!

I’m not going to bother writing too much of a preamble to this book. I feel that it would be a disservice to a comic that’s a high octane thrill ride to pad out the review with an anecdote at the beginning.

Well, pad it out any more than I have done.

Bloodshot #2 is as close to an action movie in comic form as you could possibly get. There’s a lot going in this book that propels the plot along far faster than we typically see in a comic today. In comparison to books from twenty years ago when a single issue would often tell a long story. The pace of the book will take you off guard. Tim Seeley just doesn’t give you a chance to breathe. And for the most part that breathlessness works very well. Perhaps the only time where it doesn’t is at the very beginning when Bloodshot is in the air. The previous issue had him bloodied on the ground. Because it’s not integral to the plot as a whole after the second panel, I ended up just enjoying the art in the panel and moving on.

Seeley is joined by artist Brett Booth, inker Adelso Corona, colorist Andrew Dalhouse, and letterer Dave Sharpe. They all seem to follow the principle of moving the comic as swiftly as possible. The artists do this with some very clean and vibrant artwork. There’s a touch of the uncomfortable as Bloodshot seems to melt for a couple of panels. It’s for a reason, thankfully.

We find out precious little about Eidolin, the character teased in the preview text other than her capabilities. That’s pretty par for the course, I suppose. As is the disproportionate amount of action scenes in the book. That’s not entirely a bad thing when you’ve got these artistic chops on the book.

Once again, this is a fairly straight forward and simple comic book story. As one of my most remembered commercials would often say, Bloodshot #2 does exactly what it says on the tin. There are no real surprises here. If you’re looking for a comic that’ll make you rethink your place in life, then this isn’t it. But if you want some high octane action then you really can’t go wrong with this series.

It’s a very fun book, and sometimes that’s all a comic needs to be.

Story: Tim Seeley Art: Brett Booth
Ink: Adelso Corona Color: Andrew Dalhouse Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 8.9 Art: 9.1 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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