Review: Major X #6

Major X #6

Major X #6 epitomizes everything I’ve disliked in this series amplified. The comic may go down as the worst comic of 2019 with a disjointed story, laughable dialogue, inconsistent art, and being generally non-sensical.

Written by Rob Liefeld, with art by Liefeld, the issue doesn’t even pick up where the last left off. In Major X #5, the final page revealed the identity of Major X’s mother, Storm. When Major X #6 starts, we’re straight into a battle with the aged Namor. There’s no follow up. No real discussion. Just another battle that comes out of nowhere. And even then, the battle makes little sense.

In between panels which are supposed to show off Liefeld’s artistic talents, we get characters taking moments from the battle for speeches or to talk to each other as if everything is paused. While Namor battles, his kids are nowhere to be seen until the final moments. There’s no explanation of much of anything… it’s just bad. Add in dialogue that’s cringe-worthy and its a mess, unlike anything I’ve read in quite some time.

Judging from the opening few pages, Liefeld thinks it might be good?

The comic opens with Deadpool talking to a mysterious someone about how he’s needed asking “what took you so long?” It feels like Liefeld talking to Marvel and the reader as if Major X would shake up the X-Universe. There’s little debate that Liefeld’s contributions have been major in the X-Universe. This latest venture is something different. It’s some decent ideas that don’t feel fleshed out or thought out. It’s notes on a page without a coherent narrative to bring it together. And this has been part of Liefeld’s contributions. While he created Deadpool, others added the depth. Same with Cable and so many others. He’s a concept creator with others needing to take it home. Here too we’ll see that… eventually.

You’d think Liefeld’s art would be able to salvage this mess but that’s far from the case. Characters lose detail, panels make no sense in context (standing around to chat in battle?), and just generally choppy transitions from panel to panel and pages to pages. There’s moments but nothing memorable.

The issue is bad capping off a miniseries that seemed to get worse at it went on. Liefeld, and the team, made a splash with this, just not in the right way. Now, hopefully history repeats and another creator picks up the ball and does something interesting going forward with what has been set up.

Story: Rob Liefeld Art: Rob Liefeld
Ink: Rob Leifeld, Cory Hamscher, Adelso Corona
Color: Romulo Fajardo, Jr. Letters: Joe Sabino
Story: 1.0 Art: 5.0 Overall: 2.0 Recommendation: Pass

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review