Review: Blood and Dust #1

ALTERNATE Issue 1 Cover copyJudd Glenny is the first American vampire, once he terrorized the West as its most fearsome predator, but for more than 40 years now he’s spent his days in peace, reduced to little more than babysitter for his own vampire offspring. But when the evil that lives in the swamp surrounding the small backwater town he calls home gets ahold of one of Judd’s great grand-kids, everything changes.

Blood and Dust #1 is a Southern style vampire tale with a slight shot old B science fiction movies. While the premiere issue is a little slow, it is all the better for it. Writers Michael R. Martin and Adam J. Orndorf manage to bring in Judd’s violent history to light, as one his grand-kids go missing.

While there is this odd Southern Gothic feel to the art style, the comic is bolstered by the dark atmosphere of the issue. There is a clear absent of lightness in either story or art (so far). Judd’s vampiric transformation is only seen in one panel, but it brings on a clear physical change and something I look forward to seeing more of.

Story: Michael R. Martin , Adam J. Orndorf Art: Raymund Lee, Roy Allan Martinez, Kel Nuttall
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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