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Preview: Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla: Bundles of Joy Volume 4


Writer(s): John Reilly
Artist Name(s): Tom Rogers (pencils), Dexter Weeks (color, letters)
Cover Artist(s): Tom Rogers (pencils), Dexter Weeks (color)
80 pgs./ T / FC

Tesla learns more truths than he can bear while Sonia and Howard learn the hard way to be more careful with the Mythos. Aleister Crowley thinks long-term with his Scarlet Women’s plans as Hitler takes on more responsibility supporting the Awakening.


Action Lab’s All-Ages Blowout Sale on comiXology!

Action Lab Entertainment logo

Looking to get your child into reading or looking for yourself? These Action Lab Entertainment books are perfect for all-ages, and you can get them for half off until the end of November 30th. So don’t miss out on these stories, ranging from a princess who saves herself to a superpowered team of cats! There are over 300 items available, but we’ve highlighted a few below!

Single issues are just $0.99 while trades are $2.99.

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #1

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.

b.b. free #1 (BOOM! Studios) – A plague has devastated the world and b.b. free is the actual chose one on the run from her own family.

Bolivar Eats New York Discovery Adventure (BOOM! Studios) – A mix between an object finding book and a graphic novel, the story continues the adventure of Bolivar, a dinosaur living in New York City. Amazing art and adorable story.

Doctor Doom #2 (Marvel) – Doom has surrendered to the world authority after the horrific events of the first issue. That issue knocked it out of the park and we’re expecting no less from this one.

Dragonfly & Dragonflyman #1 (AHOY Comics) – The follow up to The Wrong Earth, the series follows two heroes who are stranded on each other’s Earth. One is gritty while the other the more innocent time of superheroes. It’s a love letter to superhero comics and a must for all fans of the genre.

Going to the Chapel #3 (Action Lab: Danger Zone) – The heist continues as the gang’s attempt to rob a wedding goes so off the rails. It’s a crime story that’s worthy of the big screen, keeps you on your toes, and gets you to laugh.

Heist, How to Steal a Planet #1 (Vault Comics) – It’s Ocean’s Eleven in space as a group attempts to steal a world.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (DC Comics) – The classic property is back and with DC having a renewed focus on its future timeline, this should be interesting.

New Mutants #1/X-Force #1 (Marvel) – More Dawn of X debuts and we’re intrigued how each series will stand out for itself.

Pandemica #2 (IDW Publishing) – Tailored diseases that get out of control. This is a political disaster film and frighteningly real.

Strange Skies Over East Berlin #2 (BOOM! Studios) – Something fell from the sky behind the Berlin Wall. This is the Cold War with an alien twist.

Undiscovered Country #1 (Image Comics) – The United States has walled itself off from the world. This is the story of the people out to discover what awaits in the country beyond the wall.

Face Your Fears with Action Lab’s comiXology sale this October!

Enjoy some creepy stories during the Halloween season with Action Lab’s Face Your Fears sale on comiXology. The sale will continue until the end of Halloween, so get your supernatural stories 50% off while you can! That’s over 400 items on sale for all your creepy crawly needs. So huddle under the covers with some of the scariest Action Lab stories!

The sale features 409 items with individual issues just $0.99 and trades at $2.99.

Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Action Lap Reveals Exclusives

Action Lab Entertainment will be at Baltimore Comic-Con booth #2107. Several titles that have been nominated for Ringo Awards will be at the show, including Aberrant, Jupiter Jet, and The Ghost, The Owl! They’ll also have several Baltimore Comic-Con exclusive variants (seen below), along with other offerings for both all-age fans and mature readers.

Numerous Action Lab creators will be at Baltimore Comic-Con. See Bryan Seaton (MiraculousDollFace), Rylend Grant (AberrantBanjax), David Pepose (Spencer & LockeGoing to the Chapel), Katie Cook (Gronk), Cullen Bunn (Subspecies), Vito Delsante (StrayAction Lab: Dog of Wonder), Jamal Igle (Molly DangerVenture), Sean Izaakse (Actionverse Featuring Stray), Nate Lovett (Actionverse), Bill McKay (Danger Doll Universe Cover Artist) and Sorah Suhng (Raven the Pirate Princess Cover Artist, Zombie Tramp Cover Artist).

Rylend Grant, who’s been nominated for best writer (AberrantBanjax) and best single issue (Aberrant #4) by the Ringo Awards, will be hosting the panel “Publishing Your First Comic”. He’ll be joined by David Pepose and several other amazing panelists to talk about how they developed their comic book ideas and found publishing success! That will be on Sunday from 1:30-2:30 in Room 343-344.  

So stop by Action Lab booth #2107 on October 18, 19 & 20, 2019 at Baltimore Comic-Con!


Writer(s): Rylend Grant
Artist Name(s): Davi Leon Dias (Artist), Iwan Joko Triyono (Colorist), HdE (Letterer)
Cover Artist(s): Davi Leon Dias (Artist), Iwan Joko Triyono (Colorist)

CHAPTER 4: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY. Global political hell breaks loose when Russia’s Bond villain of a President cavalierly announces that he is pressing into service the world’s first aberrant military unit. In a desperate attempt to restore order, Article 13’s mole inside NORCO makes a truly audacious move. Featuring the music of R&B superstar R. Kelly.

32 pgs./ M / FC $3.99

ABERRANT #4 Baltimore Comic Con variant


Writer(s): Rylend Grant
Artist Name(s): Fábio Alves (Artist), Edson Ferreira (Colorist), HdE (Letterer)
Cover Artist(s): Fábio Alves (Artist), Edson Ferreira (Colorist)

CHAPTER 1: THE CURE. A wholly original and delightfully twisted deconstruction of the superhero genre by Hollywood screenwriter/Aberrant-scribe Rylend Grant. Liard Mason, a disgraced former superhero, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, brought on by years of using his powers. Defending what he has deemed an ungrateful and ultimately unworthy city is literally killing him. With just months to live and a legacy hanging in the balance, Mason launches a violent and misguided Death Wish-like campaign to purge the city of supervillains before he dies.

32 pgs./ M / FC $3.99

BANJAX #1 Baltimore Comic Con variant


Writer(s):Vince Hernandez
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Sorah Suhng

As she battles forces from all sides looking to claim, kidnap or kill her, Angel Lynch discovers that the key to her salvation is buried deep in her own past and psyche—as the events that led to her ending up in Russia reveal the path to salvation! The “Sex Clubs and Rock and Roll” story arc ends here! 

24 pgs./ M / FC $4.99

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 Baltimore Comic Con variant

Preview: Adventure Finders: The Edge of Empire #3


Writer(s): Rod Espinosa
Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa
Cover Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa
32 pgs./ T / FC

The adventure continues! Plucky Clariette and her friends were thrown off the deep end on their first days adventuring when they got caught up in the middle of a huge battle! The ruined royal caravan of Lord Justinius far behind them quickly disintegrating, they are pursued relentlessly in the forest by orcs and their ogre leaders!

Their injuries begin to catch up with them as they struggle on to reach a safe haven. But things are just getting worse. Now, something else watches them from the foliage, keeping track of their progress…


Preview: Herald: Lovecraft & Telsa – Bundles of Joy #3


Writer(s): John Reilly
Artist Name(s): Tom Rogers (pencils), Dexter Weeks (color, letters)
Cover Artist(s): Tom Rogers (pencils), Dexter Weeks (color)
24 pgs./ T / FC

Crowley’s Scarlet Women find a new target in Tesla. Hitler finds Rasputin to be a difficult ward to manage. Howard and Sonia’s curse enters a new stage of development.


Preview: Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess Year 3 #8


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Telenia Albuquerque (pencils), Xenia Pamfil (pencils), Pocket Owl (inks), JB Fuller (inks), Lexillo (colors), Valentina Pinto (colors)
Cover Artist(s): Telenia Albuquerque
27 pgs./ T / FC
Digital Only

When Ananda woke up after the wreck, she found herself on a magical island with a mystical healer who helped her get back on her feet. But The Queen of the Sea is coming to retrieve her and she’s bringing her murderous mermaids. Will Ananda end up back in the hands of the woman who tried to drown her?

And back at their temporary camp, Ximena is still doing her best to keep the comatose Raven alive, but they’ve been discovered and things are about to get much more dangerous. Can the pacifist navigator do what it takes to protect her captain and girlfriend?


Preview: Powers in Action #3


Writer(s): Art Baltazar
Artist Name(s): Art Baltazar
Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar
32 pgs./ E / FC

The power of the Amulet has been sliced in half! One half Good. One half Evil. An uneven balance of power can destroy the universe! But first, the Evil Darkstorm intends to destroy The Hero Squadron using this evil power! All looks doomed for our heroes! Unless the Power of the Amulet can save them! But how? Only the one most worthy can posses it! Join us for this epic battle of super heroics and mystical realms! Based on the super hero creations of famous cartoonist Art Baltazar! Aw Yeah!

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