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Preview: Zombie Tramp #37


Writer(s): Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): Dan Mendoza
Cover Artist(s): Mendoza (Covers A-B), Marco Maccagni (Covers C-D), Renzo Rodriguez (Covers E-F)
Cover A – Regular cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Risqué (limited to 2500)
Cover C – “blood tub” variant (limited to 2000)
Cover D – risqué “blood tub” variant (limited to 2500)
Cover E – artist variant (limited to 2000)
Cover F – artist risqué variant (limited to 2500)
32 pgs./ M / FC

A special 3 year anniversary issue with story and art by series creator Dan Mendoza. Featuring. The. Most. Shocking. Revelation. Yet!

Presenting 3 regular and risqué variants, including two covers from series creator Dan Mendoza (DollFace)!!


Preview: Amerikarate: Volume One: Suck My Kick


Writer(s): Brockton McKinney, Christian Moran, Corey Kalman
Artist Name(s): Devin Roth
Cover Artist(s): Devin Roth (pencils, inks), Jeff Delgardo (colors)
128 pgs./ M / FC

AmeriKarate is the story of Sam, a war hero who wants to lead a normal life, but is thrust into protecting America from an evil ninja invasion. When he meets a fellow karate fanatic in the form of CIA agent Cynthia Weaver, the chemistry can be cut with a katana! Will they be able to overthrow the megalomaniacal super-ninja, Neon… or will their sparks ignite a karate-fire that will consume them both?! Collects issues #1-4 of the hit series!

Preview: Dollface Volume One


Writer(s): Dan Mendoza & Bryan Seaton
Artist Name(s): Dan Mendoza
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza
128 pgs./ M / FC

Meet Lila, a 17th century soul that has been transported into present time and into the body of a life size, ball jointed doll. Created by a couple of MIT students trying to use technology and a 3D printer to create the perfect woman, Lila uses this second chance at life to hunt the witches that killed her. This volume collects issues #1-4 of the runaway hit series.

Action Lab: Danger Zone SDCC 2017 Exclusives

Action Lab: Danger Zone has several exclusive covers and other items that will be available at San Diego Comic Con. Action Lab: Danger Zone is located at Booth #2006. These are the mature readers comic book exclusives available at the show:


Price: $20.00
Booth #2006
Each cover limited to 250

The battle continues as Lila and Ivan take on the giant, gluttonous, witch, who means to crush them. Literally.


Price: $10
Booth L-15
Limited to: 25 copies

After the tragic events of last issue, Anthony “Smash Brannagan” Zane lies in a coma at the edge of death, while a friend from his past threatens to expose the Shadow Cabinet to the world, putting her in the crosshairs of the Infinite Seven! The status quo has changed, making this the PERFECT jump on point for new readers!


Price: $10
Booth #2006
Limited to 100 copies

The exclusive limited edition of the biggest hit of the summer from Action Lab.

When his grade-school sweetheart is found dead, there’s only one friend Detective Locke can trust to help solve her murder — his childhood imaginary panther, Spencer. But when they face a vicious crime syndicate and memories from Locke’s traumatic youth, can this unlikely pair survive long enough to find the truth?


Price: $10
Booth CC-15
Limited to 50 copies

An exclusive, limited edition of the sold out Voracious #1 from Action Lab Entertainment! Features a wraparound San Diego beach cover and a new dinosaur recipe by Brent Hersant, executive chef at Garage Kitchen in San Diego! 60 big pages! Written by Markisan Naso and drawn by Jason Muhr.

JURASSIC PARK MEETS TOP CHEF! Haunted by the death of his sister, Chef Nate Willner has lost his desire to cook. Forced to move back to his hometown in Utah and work at a coffee shop, Nate’s life is quickly becoming a dead end. But when he unexpectedly inherits a time travel suit that takes him to the age of dinosaurs, Nate’s passion for cooking is reignited! Extra-Sized Debut Issue!


Price: $5.00
Booth CC-15
Limited to 50 copies

A full-size black-and-white preview book of the upcoming third volume of VORACIOUS! Featuring 13 story pages, an interview with Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr, pin-ups by other artists and a sketchbook section on the making of the next volume.


Price: $20
Booth #2006
Each cover limited to 250

The impossible to find, long out of print original series, in full color for the first time! Revisit the powerful origin story that launched a modern cult classic as high priced Hollywood call girl, Janey Belle, gets set on her fateful path to become… Zombie Tramp! This is a remastered reprinting of the first series that was never before released in single issues to the direct market.


Price: $20
Booth #2006
Each cover limited to 250

A special 3 year anniversary issue featuring story and art by series creator Dan Mendoza. Featuring. The. Most. Shocking. Revelation. Yet!

Zombie Tramp Necronomicon book holder

Price: $100 -$250 (depending on size)
Booth 2006
Limited to 10 book holders

If you’re interested in Action Lab’s all-age titles and exclusives, Action Lab Entertainment is located at Booth #1735.

Preview: Spencer & Locke #4


Lettering by COLIN BELL
$3.99 | 22 pgs. | Action Lab: Danger Zone | T+ | On sale JULY 19

The end is nigh in SPENCER & LOCKE #4, as our heroes square off against Locke’s crime lord father, Augustus, with a child’s life hanging in the balance! Can Locke survive against these overwhelming odds? Does he even want to? And who killed Sophie Jenkins? Find out here in this explosive finale of David Pepose and Jorge Santiago, Jr.’s hard-boiled send-up of Calvin and Hobbes and Sin City, which was just picked up for a feature film by Hitman producer Adrian Askarieh and Prime Universe Films!

Action Lab: Danger Zone’s Misbegotten is Blade Runner Meets The Passion of the Christ

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun is a new serie from writers Caesar Voghan and Eric Granger with art by Justin Case, Casey Bailey, and William Bohm being publisher by Action Lab Entertainment‘s mature imprint Action Lab: Danger Zone.

In a dystopian future, a warrior priest is sent on a do-or-die mission to save a Jesus-clone from being sacrificed during a mock Passion play. Saving the holy clone from the cross forces the monk to confront the truth of his own (very immaculate) birth.

What if Marilyn Monroe fell in love with Jesus of Nazareth and tried to save him from the cross? There is a world in which this scenario is not that far-fetched—the world of Misbegotten!

Half post-apocalyptic adventure and half absurdist satire, Misbegotten is an exercise in genre-bending wrapped around a Holy Grail journey through an immersive apocalyptic landscape of biopunk iconography.

Unlike other similar stories that played on the ethical implications of cloning for medical purposes, Misbegotten: Runaway Nun explores a future where humans are cloned for the sheer enjoyment of personal entertainment. Its plot emerges from the religious establishment’s reaction to what is perceived to be a blasphemous threat. The many twists and turns make for a sci-fi thriller with larger implications, the thrill of adventure complementing a theme that will resonate with larger audiences.

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 will be available in a comic store near you on September 20.

Preview: Zombie Tramp #36


Writer(s): Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Celor, Dan Mendoza, Andrew Herman
Cover A – Regular cover (unlimited): Celor
Cover B – Risqué (limited to 2500): Celor
Cover C – variant (limited to 2000): Dan Mendoza
Cover D – risqué variant (limited to 2500): Dan Mendoza
Cover E – artist variant (limited to 2000): Andrew Herman
Cover F – artist risqué variant (limited to 2500): Andrew Herman
32 pgs./ M / FC

Thoughts and memories are shared about the mysterious and powerful Kaiju Queen. Where did she come from? What’s her plan? Morning and Xula remember the past as they await Janey’s awakening.

Features 3 regular and risqué variants, including two covers from series creator Dan Mendoza (DOLLFACE)!!

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: X-O Manowar #4 (Valiant) – Two years ago, I would have laughed at you if you told me I’d be super excited to get my hands on this comic (despite having access to review copies I still buy this every month), I’d have laughed at you for hours. I genuinely though X-O Manowar was a stupid name with a stupid concept. The. I gave it a chance… and now it’s one of my favourite series. Each issue is a monthly highlight for me.

Scrimshaw #1 (Alterna) – The newsprint movement returns with another comic at $1.50. I have no idea what it’s about but every one of Alterna’s newsprint comics have been great so far. No reason not to get this, really.



Suicide Squad #20 (DC Comics) – I am hella excited for the start of the “False Flag” arc. A new arc means new mayhem and after what happened last issue, it means a new team leader and I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

Throwaways #9 (Image) – I think they’ve finally gotten the hang of things and there’s more focus than tricks in this issue.

Deadpool vs Punisher #5 (Marvel) – We’ve come to the end of the road and I am eagerly awaiting this finale while “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” plays on a loop in head.

Jean Grey #3 (Marvel) – The newest take on Jean Grey isn’t here for the Phoenix foolishness and she will find a way to keep her out of her mind and body by any means necessary. So obviously, I’m all the way here for this!



Top Pick: Jean Grey #3 (Marvel) – I’m really enjoying this book and love how Jean Grey is being portrayed; a strong female character out to take control of her own life. She’s gotten flashes of The Phoenix coming for her, and surprisingly the X-Men aren’t taking it seriously (you’d think after everything they’ve been through with the Phoenix the mere mention of it would cause panic). But now Jean is off on her own to get some answers and do what she can to shape her destiny and not follow the path of her past self. It’s a great read with great writing and I strongly recommend it.

The Defenders #2 (Marvel) – I’m really liking seeing these characters together in their own book, even if it is to coincide with the upcoming Netflix series. There’s plenty of action and good banter between the characters and I can’t wait to see where this title goes.

Totally Awesome Hulk #20 (Marvel) – I don’t read this title, but I am really excited about the Weapons of Mutant Destruction crossover with Weapon X. I want to keep up with all the pieces to see this puzzle come together.



Top Pick: Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1 and Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam Special #1 (DC Comics) – DC has been knocking it out of the park with their crossovers. First their Hanna-Barbera ones and now with Looney Tunes. Each issue has been fantastic to read and generally have been good to great. They are exactly what comics should be, lots of fun.

Bankshot #1 (Dark Horse) – Alex De Campi and Chris Cross’ new series about a man who is either a modern-day Robin Hood or a terrorist. I read the first issue and immediately wanted to check out more.

Clue #1 (IDW Publishing) – The classic board game turned movie is now a comic book. I liked the game and loved the film and can’t wait to see what IDW does with it. I’m fully expecting multiple ending fun.

Eleanor & Egret #3 (AfterShock Comics) – A beyond adorable comic series about an art thief and her bird and the policeman who’s attempting to track them down. The story is cute and art is amazing.

Medisin #2 (Action Lab: Danger Zone) – The concept is great, doctors who treat villains. The first issue hooked me and I’ve been looking forward to seeing what the second is like.


Preview: Medisin #2


Writer(s): Jeff Dyer and Mark McKeon
Artist Name(s): David Brame (Pencils), Joaquin Pereyra (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): David Brame
Cover A – Regular Cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Variant (limited to 1500 copies)
32 pgs./ T+ / FC

“First Do No Harm” Chapter 2
Ethan Sharp and his team of doctors provide health care for super villains. They continue to struggle with ethics both on and off the battlefield as the villainous Malady manipulates them. But when Dr. Olivia Stribling befriends abused sidekick Crimson Crow, her troubles are only just beginning.

Preview: Vampblade Season 2 #4


Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Winston Young, Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Winston Young, Bill McKay, Renzo Rodriguez
Cover A – Standard cover (unlimited): Winston Young
Cover B – Risqué variant (limited to 2000): Winston Young
Cover C – Artist variant (limited to 1500): Bill McKay
Cover D – Artist risqué (limited to 2000): Bill McKay
Cover E – 90s variant (limited to 1500): Renzo Rodriguez
Cover F – 90s risqué (limited to 2000): Renzo Rodriguez
32 pgs./ M / FC

Vampblade and friends must gear up just to survive, now that SoCal Comic Con has turned into a real… Con of the Dead! It’s two comic geeks and one silver-shiny warrior-woman versus 125,000 vamped-out fanboys (and fangirls)!!

Features 3 covers (regular, artist, and 90s style), each with a risqué variant as well!

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