Revisit the world’s greatest horror-themed amusement park in Midnight Massacre!

All in print, all together, all for the first time! Action Lab: Danger Zone presents the complete collection of John and Ben Matsuya’s Midnight Massacre! This graphic novel is perfect if you’re a fan of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The WorldShaun of the DeadCabin in the Woods, or Adventureland. An amusing horror story guaranteed to make you smile as much as gasp, Midnight Massacre will be available on September 23rd at a comic store near you! Midnight Massacre features art by Ben Matsuya with color assist by Aaron Daly and Erin Fekete, covers by Ben Matsuya, Jasen Smith, and Megan Huang, and edited by Shawn Gabborin and Nicole D’Andria.

Halloween is on the horizon for the visitors of Calico Adventure Park,  and the park’s executives have been hard at work preparing for their annual extravaganza, the park’s “Midnight Massacre”. But this year’s main event is going to be more horrifying, more visceral, more realistic, and more unexpected than any of the park’s visitors could ever realize. We’re not talking about employees in suits, folks. We’re talking monsters—the real deal. And when all hell breaks loose, it’s up to Amy Nicholson, a jaded games booth employee and her friends to save the park, the town, and maybe even the world.

So, join Amy Nicholson, jaded games employee, as she and her friends save the town, save the park, and save the world, one horrifying monstrosity at a time in the complete print collection of Midnight Massacre! Coming soon to a comic shop near you, order the graphic novel with Diamond item code JUL200967!