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The Nailbiter Returns in Nailbiter Vol. 7 Out in October

The beloved thriller/horror comic series by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson is back—just in time to add some thrills to your Halloween. Nailbiter, Vol. 7 will collect the Nailbiter: Returns #1-5 into trade paperback and will be out from Image Comics this October.

Sixteen of the world’s worst serial killers were all born in the same small town…but Agent Finch and Sheriff Crane solved and buried that mystery. Didn’t they? In Nailbiter: Returns, violent copycat murders imitating the infamous Buckaroo Butchers have begun in Portland, Oregon, and if Finch wants the killings to stop, he’ll have to team up with the daughter of the Nailbiter himself.

Nailbiter, Vol. 7 trade paperback (ISBN: 9781534316904, Diamond Code AUG200095) will be available on Wednesday, October 28 and in bookstores on Tuesday, November 3.

Nailbiter, Vol. 7

Review: Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 1

Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 1

I’ve heard for so many years how great John Byrne’s Superman work was. He took over post-Crisis and redefined the character for the (then) modern age. Not an easy book to collect, with various out-of-print volumes. DC Comics has finally released a hardcover collecting the first part of Byrne’s work in Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 1. I hold his X-Men, Fantastic Four and even his Alpha Flight stuff in pretty high regard. I’m not a huge Superman fan or DC fan. Would I feel the same way with Supes?

The story is one we’re all familiar with: A scientist on a doomed planet sends his only son across the universe to an alien planet in an attempt to save his life and to spare him from his home world’s destruction. Upon crash-landing on Earth, he’s found by your typical Earth couple who adopt him and raise him as their own and in doing so, he discovers his amazing abilities and decides to use those to help do the right thing and save others. From there, tales with Braniac, Darkseid, the Phantom Stranger and others round out the volume.

John Byrne’s Superman work ends up being pretty stellar to someone like me, who gets to read it for the first time so many decades later. For one, I feel that for one who doesn’t love the decompression of storytelling that everyone has embraced, the pacing is quite enjoyable. The Man Of Steel mini-series would take well over a year by the new standard if done today. I felt like Byrne understood the characters. He wrote a truly amazing Superman and put him through the ringer, so to speak.  And in saying that, Superman comes off truly relevant to the world he exists in. Art-wise, I have always enjoyed John Byrne’s pencils/art and so I knew what I was getting into with this. I knew that part would not disappoint.

Any problems? Mostly that I’m not a huge Superman fan. It feels odd to like this as much as I do. I’m sure a more traveled Superman/DC Comics fan could pick this apart but from what I know, this is one of the most sought-after comic book runs to get collected again. For me, it’s great to know that something that I’ve heard be so enjoyable actually held up over time, at least for me. This first volume maintains its look by having the art being done by Byrne and by Jerry Ordway in some spots. Terry Austin is one of the inkers involved with this and he’s probably the best inker Byrne worked with. The Adventures Of Superman issues are written by Marv Wolfman and also included. It’s great to see the other books of this era included.

Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 1 ends up collecting Byrne’s Man Of Steel mini-series, Superman 1-4, Adventures Of Superman 424-428, and Action Comics 584 through 587. Some extras included are some Who’s Who ‘87 entries. It has a cover price of $49.99 and feels totally worth the price. Also, if DC Comics had released this a few years ago, it would most-likely just have a plain hardcover design underneath the dust jacket. This collection has a very nice art-on-book cover under the DJ. DC Comics has started to put some real quality on the collected editions that get released. If you are a Supes fan, this is one for you.

Story: John Byrne, Marv Wolfman, Jerry Ordway Art: John Byrne, Jerry Ordway
Ink: Dick Giordano, Terry Austin, Jerry Ordway, Mike Machlan, Karl Kesel
Color: Tom Ziuko Letterer: John Costanza, Albert DeGuzman
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: A definite read

Purchase: Amazon KindlecomiXology

Preview: Blade Runner 2019: Off World

Blade Runner 2019: Off World

Authors: Michael Green, Mike Johnson
Artist: Andres Guinaldo
Publisher: Titan Comics
Softcover, $16.99, £13.99
On sale September 2020
ISBN: 9781787731929

From the rain soaked dystopic world of Los Angeles 2019 to the never-before-seen promised land of the Off-World colonies, Replicant-hating Blade Runner Ash’ search for the runaway wife and child of a rich industrialist takes her where no other Blade Runner has ever gone before.

Ash must deal with the life-changing after-effects of Titan Comics’ Blade Runner 2019 storyline – but a powerful new threat puts her life in danger once more.

Blade Runner 2019: Off World

Review: Rai: Book One

Rai: Book One

Rai: Book One takes us to the 41st century, the great hero Rai and his smaller and younger-looking (but older) brother Raijin wander the Earth looking for artifacts that could bring back their adversary, Father. He created Rai and all the other Rais that have existed. But he’s a bloodthirsty force that Rai has had to fight time and time again. His forces are expert killers, raiders, dinosaurs, and even a crazy model home, but they are no match for Rai.

Rai: Book One has a great blend of science fiction and action. Series writer Dan Abnett, who previously wrote Rai’s adventures in the preceding Fallen World mini-series, seems to understand how the character works. The book takes place in the 41st century, so there’s a lot of interesting and creative world-building done, too. Raiders and dinosaurs and even the haunted model home make up some of the threats that Rai and Raijin face and it feels like a refreshing slap of creativity.

Two of my favorite things about Rai are this:  For one, most of this is written as single-issue stories. Issues 4 and 5 are a two-parter. But, you could pretty much pick up any issue of this and be able to jump right in. Issue 2, where the Rais come upon the model home dedicated to its own preservation was one of my favorite single issues I read last year. The other favorite thing about Rai is the art.

I think that Juan Jose Ryp’s art on this book is jaw-dropping. I’m a bit biased; he’s one of my all-time favorite artists, but what he does with a page, very few can do. His work on Rai is very detailed and with Andrew Dalhouse on colors, it makes for a perfect pairing. Ryp has a way with action and violence in his work that stands out. Rai is the kind of book that could be appreciated for the art alone.

Rai doesn’t quite recap its previous events at the beginning of the book but through reading it, you learn what got him and little Raijin to this point. Honestly, it’s not that confusing and I feel Rai: Book One is ripe for new readers. This first volume from the relaunch of Rai starts off with all guns blazing and never lets up. It comes out in shops on September 16th and should leave with you on that same day.

Story: Dan Abnett Art: Juan Jose Ryp
Color: Andrew Dalhouse Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 9.0 Art: 10 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: I think it’s worth buying

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyAmazonKindle Zeus Comics

Preview: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12 Library Edition Vol. 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12 Library Edition Vol. 1

(W) Christos Gage, Erika Alexander (A) Georges Jeanty, Jonathan Lam (CA) Steve Morris
In Shops: Sep 16, 2020
SRP: $29.99

Visionary series creator Joss Whedon returns with New York Times bestselling writer Christos Gage (Superior Spider-Man) and more acclaimed creators present the next chapter in the official continuation of the critically-acclaimed television series.

Buffy finds herself in a time warp that could alter the fate of the world and could spell the end for Buffy, her friends, and the Slayers, forever.

Collects Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 12 #1-4 and Giles: Girl Blue #1-4, previously published by Dark Horse.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12 Library Edition Vol. 1

Preview: Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation Vol. 2

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation Vol. 2

(W) Si Spurrier (A) Daniel Bayliss (CA) Fiona Staples
In Shops: Sep 16, 2020
SRP: $16.99

As the clock ticks ever closer to the thirteenth hour, Maria struggles through the canals of the Labyrinth alongside her peculiar band of companions, wishing desperately to be reunited with her son. While she may be no closer to the Owl King’s castle, Maria begins to uncover the secrets of the Labyrinth and her own power within the walls of this magical domain.

Written by Simon Spurrier (Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal) and Ryan Ferrier (Kong on the Planet of the Apes) and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons) and Irene Flores (Heavy Vinyl), Labyrinth: Coronation Volume Two continues the bestselling prequel to one of Jim Henson’s most iconic creations.

Collects issues #5-8.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation Vol. 2

Preview: RAI Book One TPB


Written by DAN ABNETT
Letters by DAVE SHARPE 
On sale SEPTEMBER 16th | 208 pages, full color | $9.99 US | T+

Welcome to the 41st century: New worlds, new characters, new adventures.

The cyborg ronin named Rai embarks on a thrilling quest to save the future. Side by side with his prototype and predecessor – the robot boy called Raijin – the spirit guardian of the fallen nation of New Japan will journey into the wastelands of Earth to set right the wrongs of their onetime overlord once and for all.

Multiple New York Times bestselling and award-winning writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) joins forces with breathtaking artist Juan José Ryp (X-O MANOWAR) to begin the essential sci-fi series of the next two thousand years!

Collecting RAI (2019) #1–5.


Review: Nobody is in Control Volume 1

Nobody is in Control

In M. Night Shyamalan’s film, The Village, the characters are warned to stay out of the woods. In Nobody is in Control Richard follows a stranger into the woods, thinking the man needs help. It’s obvious to me that Richard has never seen that movie or at least didn’t choose to heed the warning. Soon, following the stranger leads Richard to stumble upon a conspiracy that has been going on for decades. The four-issue story arc is collected in this trade paperback from Black Mask Studios.

My favorite part about this story is that it reads like an actual novel. Writer Patrick Kindlon composes dialogue the way playwrights and novelists write it. All of it reads like a natural conversation. These conversations cover a vast array of subjects, from various known conspiracy theories to the flora and fauna of Georgia, to seemingly mundane topics. Even though these conversations seem random they reveal small details about both the stranger’s history and Richard’s past. The narrative Kindlon creates from these fractal character details, and intensive dialogue is full of suspense. I was so engrossed in this book that I read all one hundred thirty-two pages in a single sitting.

There are a lot of interesting layouts throughout this first volume. Artist Paul Tucker maximizes his chances for visual storytelling by using many panels on the majority of the pages. Yet, even the smaller panels are drawn with a level of detail that I had no trouble figuring out what I was looking at in each panel, no matter its size.

Throughout the book there are also info-graphs highlighting the things Richard observes. There’s some trippy imagery as well. Characters transform into the subject of conversations and settings change around the characters as they talk. I’m not sure if these transformations are meant to be symbolism or just supposed to add visual interest because the other characters in the conversation don’t react to the changes. Whatever they’re meant to be, they make dialogue heavy scenes visually interesting and keep the pages from being filled by stationary figures talking to one another. This level of detail also makes for elaborate backgrounds and gorgeous full-page spreads.

As Ivy learns in The Village and Richard learns in Nobody is in Control, sometimes to solve a mystery, a person must venture into the woods. Nobody is in Control is part survival story and part conspiracy thriller, that combines to form an exhilarating story. The art is expansive, and the illustrations are highly detailed. The narrative is unique and unexpectantly works well in a graphic format. This is my favorite Black Mask comic I’ve ever read, and at this point might just turn out to be my favorite comic I’ll read this year. Treat yourself to a different kind of comic book, with awesome art and an enthralling story, and pick up a copy of Nobody is in Control.

Story: Patrick Kindlon Art: Paul Tucker Letterer: Wallace Ryan
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Black Mask Studio provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyAmazonKindle

Preview: Firefly: New Sheriff in the Verse Vol. 1

Firefly: New Sheriff in the Verse Vol. 1

(W) Greg Pak (A) Lalit Kumar Sharma, Davide Gianfelice, George Kambadais (CA) Marc Aspinall
In Shops: Sep 09, 2020
SRP: $19.99

Kicking off a new Firefly epic, discover the secret history of Mal and his mother,…and a new brewing war to end all wars from New York Times bestselling writer Greg Pak (Star Wars, X-Men), and artists Davide Gianfelice (Wolverine: Weapon X) and Lalit Kumar Sharma (Daredevil).

Mal has handed himself into the Alliance…but it turns out he’s not the one they want. The infamous Ma Reynolds-that’s Mal’s mom-is at the top of the Alliance’s Most Wanted, and if Mal doesn’t get to her first, the Alliance will!
Collects Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds #1 and Firefly #13-15.

Firefly: New Sheriff in the Verse Vol. 1

Preview: Godzilla: Half Century

Godzilla: Half Century

(W) James Stokoe (A/CA) James Stokoe
In Shops: Sep 02, 2020
SRP: $29.99

Follow one man’s journey from the moment Godzilla’s reign of destruction begins and continues over his lifetime, one battle after another.

The year is 1954 and Lieutenant Ota Murakami is on hand when Godzilla makes first landfall in Japan. Along with his pal, Kentaro, Ota makes a desperate gamble to save lives… and in the process begins an obsession with the King of the Monsters that lasts 50 years ranging from Ghana, Bombay, and maybe the end of the world! Also included is an expanded art gallery and issue annotations by James Stokoe.

Godzilla: Half Century
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