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Preview: Princeless Book 9: Love Yourself


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Emily Martin, Christine Hipp, Ainhoa Aramayo, Kaitlin Jann, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s):  Emily Martin, Brett Grunig
128 pgs./ E / FC$14.99

With only one more volume left until our epic conclusion, Princeless Volume 9 is the biggest and most intense the series has ever been.  Adrienne has one last sister left to save, but she’s going to have to go through a maze, a minotaur, and her own father to get there.

And far away in the woods of the elves Devin, Tempest, Kira, and Noni have been taken captive.  They’re all in danger and the only one who can save them is Tempest.  Is she really the daughter of the fallen elf king and queen?  Everyone is waiting for her to wake up to find out.


Preview: Nutmeg Vol. 5


Writer(s): James F. Wright
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts (art, colors), Josh Eckert (colors), James F. Wright (lettering)
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts
96 pgs./ T / FC $11.99

Vol. 5 “Spring: The Good Dine Young” collects issues 13-15 of Nutmeg. Here, in the series finale, with Saffron seemingly triumphant, and with Anise and Ginger’s investigation closing in on its target, Poppy and Cassia have a few surprises left before the kitchen closes for good.


Preview: The Adventures of Mickey & Maj: Time. Space. Magic.


Writer(s): Rick Lundeen
Artist Name(s): Rick Lundeen
Cover Artist(s): Rick Lundeen
88 pgs./ T / FC $8.99

Mickey (Michael James Hawthorne), is an average seven-year-old boy who’s been stuck in his bedroom on a time-out all day. Maj (Majestic) is a talking, flying, ancient Magic Carpet that’s been stuck in the attic on a time-out for years. This is the story of how they meet. We learn about Maj, his ability to travel through space, time, and dimensions! We learn of his mysterious origin, The Weaver, The Tapestry! An evil Egyptian god shows up! We also see Mickey stuff a PB&J into his open maw. The adventure begins here!


Preview: Princeless Book 3: The Pirate Princess Deluxe Hardcover


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Ro Stein, Ted Brandt
Cover Artist(s): Ro Stein, Ted Brandt
168 pgs./ A / FC

Adrienne and Bedelia have been on a quest to save Adrienne’s sisters, but when they stumble upon an unknown princess trapped in a tower, they decide they can’t just leave her locked up. But they’re about to find out they’ve bit of more than they can chew when they rescue Raven Xingtao, the daughter of the Pirate King. Adrienne has met her match and if she’s not careful, Raven may steal the dragon right out from under her. Read the volume of Princeless that launched the critically acclaimed spinoff, Raven: The Pirate Princess, now in deluxe format with never before seen behind the scenes special features.


Time Shopper is a Slacker Sci-Fi Comedy Epic Through History

Time Shopper is a sci-fi/comedy about a regular guy who gets a job time traveling. He’s supposed to go back in time and fix history’s biggest disasters (the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of JFK, kill baby Hitler), but when he gets to the past he immediately gets distracted by how crazy affordable everything used to be. So… he starts shopping through time. And then obviously, hijinx ensue. There are historical celebrity cameos, killer robots, etc.

Written by Tony Fleecs, Time Shopper features art by Christian Meesey, layouts by Tone Rodriguez, colors by Brad Simpson, and a cover by Meesey.

Retailing for $14.99, the 48-page comic will be out soon and published by Action Lab Entertainment.

Time Shopper

Are You Going to the Chapel this Valentine’s Day?

The wedding gone wrong gets collected on Valentine’s Day as Going to the Chapel is brought together in one handy collection.

Emily Anderson is a wealthy bride-to-be grappling with a serious case of cold feet — but before she can say anything, her wedding is hijacked by the bank-robbing Bad Elvis Gang. But when this smash-and-grab spirals into a full-blown standoff with the police, Emily will become the unlikely ringleader of her own hostage situation in order to decide where her happily ever after truly lies.

Written by David Pepose with art by Gavin Guidry, color by Liz Kramer, and lettering by Ariana Maher, the trade is due in stores February 12, 2020.

Going to the Chapel

Sci-Fi Meets Medieval Fantasy in Twin Worlds

In January 2020, Action Lab launches a new science fiction fantasy epic in the tradition of Dune and Star Wars, with elements of Lord of the Rings. Twin Worlds explores the conflicts that arise when a mysterious portal leads humanity to an Earth-like planet inhabited by humanoid people.

Twin Worlds is written by Rami Al-ashqar with art by Jethro Morales, color by Bryan Magnaye, and lettering by Lucas Gattoni.

Humanity abandon their Mars terraforming project and become the “alien invaders” when the sky is lit up by a portal to the world of Tassaroth. Finding a medieval society with rich resources, the “Earthers” soon take advantage and subjugate the Tassonite people. Even dragons are no match for their air supremacy. Despite the desolation, a Tassonite prophet has a message for her nation’s leader: the portal is the sign of a greater hope…

Twin Worlds chronicles the journeys of two twin children, hybrids controversially born to a pioneer Earther and a Drakkaran princess. After the Tassonites of Drakkara rebel against the imperialist Earthers who colonized their planet, the twins embark on a journey of survival, caught between colonizer fire, natives who view them as abominations, and a manhunt by warlocks seeking to eliminate their royal bloodline.

Twin Worlds poses the question: what happens when two drastically different worlds collide with all their contrasting rules, races, cultures and ideologies? How would the balance be destroyed and belief systems challenged? What happens when science meets sorcery? What new world order would be established? Most importantly, with all the divisions in the inevitable conflict and chaos that ensues, is there anything that can unite the two worlds?

Twin Worlds #1 will be out January 2020. So start your new year off right with this modern sci-fi, medieval fantasy series. You can order Cover A with Diamond item code NOV191342 and the limited edition Cover B with Diamond item code NOV191343.

Twin Worlds #1

It’s Bride or Die in Going to the Chapel #4 this December

It’s time to bride or die, as the year’s funniest crime comic reaches its grand finale in Going to the Chapel #4! With the police about to storm the chapel, Emily must choose her allegiances and her own uncertain future. Can Emily face her fears of lifelong commitment, or will her anxieties be dashed by a runaway bullet? Fans of Crowded, Sex Criminals, and The Fix should not miss Ringo Award-nominated writer David Pepose and superstar artist Gavin Guidry’s thrilling conclusion, due in stores and digital December 2019, featuring a show-stopping main cover from Fence artist Johanna the Mad!

Going to the Chapel #4 features colors by Elizabeth Kramer, lettering by Ariana Maher, and variant covers by Maan House and Gavin Guidry.

Going to the Chapel #4

Shinobi: Ninja Princess Celebrates The Holidays with a Black Friday One-Shot Release

This Black Friday, enjoy a special one-shot story in the universe of Shinobi: Ninja Princess that celebrates the holidays! It’s Christmas in Japan as Toshigawa ninjas, Shianndrea and Hamasuke, embark on an adventure that takes them from the streets of New Tokyo, to a local Arcade, and to the festive illuminations of the city lights, all while learning that they both have more in common than they thought. Martheus and Janet Wade have blended the warmth of the holiday season with the drama and adventure of a Manga.

Fans of the holiday editions of Batman: The Animated Series and comic book specials of the time will love this modern holiday story for all ages!

Celebrate the holidays with Action Lab Entertainment and check out Shinobi: Ninja Princess – Illuminations, on comiXology this Black Friday, November 29, 2019.

Shinobi: Ninja Princess - Illuminations

Preview: Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess Year 3 #9

Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess Year 3 #9

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Telenia Albuquerque (pencils), Xenia Pamfil (pencils), Pocket Owl (inks), JB Fuller (inks), Lexillo (colors), Valentina Pinto (colors)
Cover Artist(s): Telenia Albuquerque
27 pgs./ T / FC
Digital Only

Things are looking rough for our crew. With Ximena and company captured and Ananda back at the Heart of the Sea, everyone is in danger. And things will only get worse when our girls reach The Black Fort.

Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess Year 3 #9
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