Voracious Gets a Second Bite in September

Voracious, the acclaimed Action Lab: Danger Zone series from talented newcomers Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr is coming back for a second helping this September with Voracious: Feeding Time. The sequel announcement comes as the well-received first series finishes its initial four-issue run.

Voracious #1 (of 4) debuted in February as an extra-sized, 64-page issue. The story follows depressed chef Nate Willner who unexpectedly rekindles his desire to cook after he inherits a time travel suit that takes him to the Cretaceous period. There, Nate ends up eating a dinosaur and gets the idea to open a restaurant in the present that serves ancient meat from the past.

Voracious is the first comic book series by writer Markisan Naso and artist Jason Muhr, with colors by Andrei Tabacaru. The current four-issue series will be completed in June.

Voracious: Feeding Time will be a five-issue series that promises to take Naso and Muhr’s unique culinary adventure story in a bold, new direction, following a game-changing ending in the upcoming Voracious #4

Voracious # 4 currently available for preorder through your Local Comics Retailer.