This Halloween…Enter the Actionverse!

The superhero has been a mainstay of comic books since 1938 and is synonymous with wall crawlers, dark knights, and other four color characters. This Halloween, Action Lab Entertainment presents its first ever superhero crossover, Actionverse, which also doubles as a new branding initiative for it’s creator owned superheroes.

Halloween Comicfest: Actionverse begins with a preview of the Actionverse mini-series with a story done by Jamal Igle, Vito Delsante, Sean Izaakse and Ray-Anthony Height. This story will be fully available in November.

Halloween Comicfest: Actionverse also previews a new all-ages comic book called, Action Lab: Dog of Wonder, written by Delsante and newcomer, Scott Fogg. In the vein of Hero Cats, Action Lab will focus on dogs, specifically, the Labrador retriever in the company’s logo!

Halloween Comicfest: Actionverse is currently available for pre-order in Diamond’s Previews catalog as one of the many ComicFest comics offered this year (JUL150017) and comes with a cover by Igle, Height and Izaakse.


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