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Around the Tubes

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From the buzz online it seems the DC comic reboot is working with reports of lots of sellouts and rationing of comics.  Did you get to your local shop and pick up some of the new books?  Anything good?  Here’s the news while you think about that.

Around the Blogs:

Death and Taxes – 9/11 Truther Comic ‘The Big Lie’ is About More Than 9/11 (Interview)I’ve never had a comic make me more angry.

Huffington Post – Interview: Judd Winick Talks Batwing, a New Batman Comic Set in AfricaThis is one of the DC new series I most look forward to.

Rap Ireland – B.o.B To Feature In Clothing Brand AKOO’s Graphic Novel! – Any spotlight on comic books is good.

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: Actress Virginia Hey Goes On The ‘Warrior’ Path

MTV Geek – Dragon-Con 2011: Taking Tokyo With Magic The Gathering Creator Richard Garfield

MTV Geek – Atlanta Comic Book Artists Converge At Dragon-Con

Washington City Paper – Meet an SPX Cartoonist: An Interview With Craig Thompson

Fantagraphics Book – SPXplosion!

Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – Action Comics #1

IGN – Detective Comics #1

CBR – Detective Comics #1

CBR – Swamp Thing #1

Wired – The Big Lie #1

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