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Kickstarter the #3 U.S. Indie Graphic Novel Publisher?

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KickstarterTodd Allen at Publishers Weekly has a great article looking at the volume of comics that the funding tool Kickstarter is helping get to market.  According to Allen, in May, Kickstarter funded ten graphic novels and five single issue comics.  In comparison, DC imprint Vertigo produced 7 graphic novels and 10 single issues.

Kickstarter averages $81,000 per month in funding for comic book related projects and in May the highest sum so far of $102,110 was split over 15 projects.

Allen makes his case further by comparing Kickstarter’s output versus other publishers:

Dark Horse: 15 Books
IDW: 15 Books
Kickstarter: 10 Books
Image: 6 Books
Boom: 5 Books
Dynamite: 5 Books

Allen has a lot more to say on the subject, and it’s well worth the read.  Kickstarter is something we’ll be covering more and more as I firmly believe it holds a key to a new publishing model that’s not being tapped yet by major publishers.