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Justice League is out in the theaters! Who has already seen it? Who’s planning on seeing it? Sound off in the comments below! While you contemplate all of that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Newsarama – Marvel Cancels Powers and United States OF Murder Inc. – Is anyone surprised?

The Beat – Liam Sharp to revive The Brave and the Bold for DC in February – Nice. That’s a series a lot of folks wanted to see return.

Engadget – Hollywood strikes back against illegal streaming Kodi add-ons – And the battle continues.

CBR – Christopher Tolkien Resigns as Tolkien Estate Director – This is a pretty big deal.

The Outhouse – Film Adaptation Of Vertigo’s The Kitchen Gets Tiffany Haddish – Great comic if you’ve never read it.



CBR – Coyotes #1

The Beat – Imaginary Friends #1

Talking Comics – Moon Knight #188

Comic Attack – Ninja-K #1

Preview: American Way: Those Above and Below #4

American Way: Those Above and Below #4

(W) John Ridley (A/CA) Georges Jeanty
In Shops: Nov 15, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Civil unrest intensifies following the radical anti-establishment violence and the attempted assassination of Missy Devereaux. Jason is pushed to balance his allegiances and assess his priorities as he tracks Missy’s superhuman assailant and federal authorities hone in on Amber’s cell. Radically unafraid of the looming threat, Amber’s commitment to the cause inches closer to a death wish-and a devastating betrayal may grant it.

TV Review: Lucifer S3E7 Off the Record

A reporter seeks revenge after he discovers that Lucifer has been sleeping with his estranged wife. However, when it’s revealed that Linda is the reporter’s estranged wife, things get messy. Lucifer’s reputation and safety are on the line, especially when a serial killer from the past resurfaces.

Lucifer gives us a solid twist in the episode, actually multiple in what might be my favorite episode of the season and one of my favorites overall.

The twist of the reporter being Linda’s estranged husband is a fantastic twist and done so in a way that’s unexpected and I didn’t see coming as I didn’t read the description before the episode. So how that plays out is fantastic. Also seeing where that goes as Lucifer is stalked by the reporter in a few ways is interesting and we get another reference to Lucifer being at least bisexual with some fun back and forth as far as that.

While there’s a murder story involved in it all, that’s used for some twists and turns of this triangle more than anything else and isn’t the main focus of the story. It’s used to enhance it in this case. The fact it takes us over a large amount of time is interesting too.

Then there’s the ending, which is a fantastic way to end it all and while it’s hinted at in one part of the episode the way the show is framed in the opening and closing has me debating a bit of the episode even more and maybe there’s more to it than the first watch.

It’s that framing of the episode that’s fantastic and something that feels brand new to the series and the writers upping their game to the next level. The show has its usual charm but there’s a next level in the plot here that really feels like the series has gone to the next level with this and I’m hoping everyone can keep it up.



Overall Rating: 9.65

TV Review: Lucifer S3E5 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

A food chemist is found dead; Lucifer and Chloe’s investigation unexpectedly pits them against criminal defense attorney Charlotte Richards; Lucifer makes a shocking discovery that helps with the case.

Lucifer brings back Charlotte and has some fun making us guess as to whether Lucifer’s mother is still inside her body. Watching Lucifer try to figure it all out and cringe at his “mother” coming on to him is a small part of the episode.

What the episode really does is put the focus on Charlotte, continuing a trend this season of break out episodes that put the spotlight on various characters. This one is good as it helps answer some questions and resolve some plot threads as to her family and how she’s dealing with not remembering a large gap of time. The answer is not well.

Charlotte, like Lucifer, is trying to find answers as to what happened and reveals where she went when his mother took over her body. It’s an interesting episode for a character who hasn’t been the most likeable in so many ways. To see everyone reacting to her is solid as each character has their own story with her, for instance Detective Douche.

While it wraps up threads, it also feels like Charlotte is a character we’ll see more of in the rest of the season. She’s on a mission of redemption and like Lucifer attempting to figure out her role in it all.

The murder is an interesting one and while the episode follows most of the formula for that aspect, it also breaks it in some ways too, especially the final reveal.

The episode is another character driven one and is solid. The season has broken its mold a bit with these spotlight episodes and hopefully we’ll see at least one per major character to play out the rest of the season. It adds depth to each and changes things up making the show even more interesting. While “Lucifer” is the title, there’s much more than one character and this is a show that’s stronger for its whole cast.

Overall Rating: 8.35

TV Review: Lucifer S3E4 What Would Lucifer Do?

Lucifer and Chloe venture into the world of high-end reform programs to find a killer; Amenadiel adjusts his lifestyle in an attempt to help Lucifer; Chloe questions Pierce’s feelings toward her.

Lucifer puts the focus back on Lucifer as he attempts to figure out why he’s being tested, if he’s being tested at all. Why did he get his wings? Can he change for the better Through the murder of the episode, that is all explored as Lucifer is convinced those that are evil can’t be good eventually. There’s also a whole bunch of else that’s revolved around including Chloe and Pierce’s relationship and Amenadiel getting his moment (and making me wanting to see an episode just about him like the previous week’s Maze centered episode).

Lets start with the Amenadiel aspect of the show. Lucifer convinces him to experience life as Lucifer and Amenadiel goes about that with access to Lucifer’s social networks (including Grindr which again shows this show has no problem reminding us Lucifer is at least bisexual). That leads to some amazing scenes and a segment as Amenadiel attempts to pick up women in a bar and the moments are fantastic and really drives the humor of the show. It also eventually leads to a key moment between Lucifer and Amenadiel at the end of the episode that I’m not quite sure where it’ll lead.

Chloe and Pierce get their time as Chloe is convinced that her new boss has it out for her. Where this all goes it predictable but handled nicely especially at the end with a moment that had me laughing. This isn’t something I want to ruin, it’s best to watch it play out. It’s decent but again, predictable.

Lucifer is melting down throughout the episode as he attempts to figure things out. We get to see an unsure Lucifer and actor Tom Ellis nails it as he always does. We also get to see the Devil be the Devil as he leads a bunch of troubled youth in an educational experience that’s amazing to watch. So wrong, yet so right.

The episode is a good one. It deals with three distinct plot threads and does it in a way that gives each more than enough time to play out and each has their moments that shine. Lucifer is a show where each actor feels like they’re having fun and the writers too. It’s a show that knows what it is and celebrates it with every episode. Formulaic at times, but a hell of a lot of fun.




Overall Rating: 8.35

Preview: Astro City #48

Astro City #48

(W) Kurt Busiek (A) Mike Norton (CA) Alex Ross
In Shops: Oct 18, 2017
SRP: $3.99

A tale of redemption and farewell, as G-Dog learns the secrets of his origin, faces personal tragedy and joins a very unlikely superhero team. Featuring the return of Kittyhawk and Rocket Dog, and the debut of Ghost Ferret. Part two of a special two-parter with art by guest artist Mike Norton (Revival, Battlepug).

TV Review: Lucifer S3E3 Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

Realizing she wants more from life, Maze heads to Canada for a tricky case; Chloe worries Maze is being targeted by a con man; Lucifer and Chloe discover their target may be closer then they realized.

Lucifer puts the focus on Maze in this episode that’s beyond entertaining and evidence that we need more Maze-centric episodes!

Having to go after a con man, who may be a murder, Maze heads to Canada, and from there the jokes are pretty non-stop and we get to see her badass self.

For those unaware, Maze is no longer just Lucifer’s enforcer/right hand woman, she’s also a bounty hunter trying to make a living, so here she’s focused on that and then some. But, even though she’s focused on making some money, she also is enjoying the chase to some extent. It’s cute, it’s entertaining, and it’s Maze at her best. She kicks ass, she is beyond flirty with a dangerous sexiness about her. There’s teases of BDSM and she delivers it all in a way that you’re not sure if you should be scared or go along with it all.

The humor in the episode is awesome, placing Maze in the snow and cold, a place she shouldn’t be and there’s some good jokes of her being in Canada but it’s not constant. The episode does a fantastic job of balancing action, humor and sexiness and does it all in an hour that seems to flow by.

The episode also breaks the usual formula of their being a murder and then the team has to solve it while the greater storyline plays out. We get a different type of story which shows the show can do more than its usual schtick. More of this please.

A solid episode that puts the spotlight on a character who definitely doesn’t get enough screen time. It shows that the series has a solid cast and any of them can take the lead and continue to entertain.

Overall Rating: 8.45

Deathbed, Motherands, “Milk Wars,” and Eternity Girl Joins DC’s Young Animal and Vertigo

The Vertigo/DC’s Young Animal panel at New York Comic Con brought interesting news for each of the imprints.

Vertigo writers John Ridley and Tim Seeley shared new details about their series, while creative teams Si Spurrier & Rachael Stott and Joshua Williamson & Riley Rossmo announced their projects being released this winter.

Motherlands, from writer Si Spurrier and artist Rachael Stott, is a sci-fi series set in a future where universe-hopping bounty hunters are the new celebrities. A spotlight-shunning hunter named Tab finds herself in a race for her greatest prize yet, but to ID her target she’ll have to work with her fiercest rival and the most famous bounty hunter of all time—her mother. The six-issue series launches January 31.

Deathbed, from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Riley Rossmo, follows a former adventurer turned recluse who has re-emerged 20 years later. When reporter Valentine Richards is hired to get his story, she soon finds herself in an insane world of violence and supernatural adventure. The six-issue series begins February 21.

Plus, the weird and popular DC’s Young Animal imprint, curated by My Chemical Romance’s frontman Gerard Way, continues to expand its list of titles and announced the remaining DC/DC’s Young Animal crossover issues. Doom Patrol artist Nick Derington discussed his work on the series, with writer Steve Orlando sharing more details for the first issue of “Milk Wars,” and new series writer Magdalene Visaggio giving an early look at her upcoming project:

Milk Wars” will mash up DC’s Young Animal with characters from the DC Universe, beginning with a Justice League/Doom Patrol Special from Orlando and Way, followed by Shade, The Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special, Mother Panic/Batman Special, Cave Carson/Swamp Thing Special and Doom Patrol/Justice League Special. The weekly crossover adventure begins January 31.

Eternity Girl, the new miniseries from Eisner and GLAAD-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio and Eisner award-winning artist Sonny Liew follows Caroline Sharp, a former secret agent who can’t die. Her only solution? Destroy the universe first. This six-issues series launches March 2018 from DC’s Young Animal.

TV Review: Lucifer S3E2 The One With the Baby Carrot

Lucifer removes his wings; Linda worries that Lucifer is neglecting his own well-being; Lucifer and Chloe must put their differences aside to solve a case that Lucifer has taken a sudden interest in; Detective Pierce’s past is revealed.

Lucifer continues its big picture story while it also gives us an interesting “who did it” that involves comedians and joke stealing. It’s a decent crime and there’s lots of twists and turns but that’s not the most entertaining aspect of it all.

The episode does a solid job of continuing the big picture story of puppet master out there that Lucifer’s looking for and that search also has to do with the new character Detective Pierce. I want to see more of what that’s about which is a good thing as the character wasn’t too likeable to start. I think there’s more there, but we’ll see where it’s taken.

But, the entertaining aspect of the episode is really Lucifer and the rest of the characters as they do some stand up and their usual quips. Detective Douche especially gets a bit of a spotlight and Ella is her usual energetic self. The cast of this show is really where it’s at and they’re able to take stories which in any other way would be rather boring and make them fun and something I look forward to.

There’s also some solid introspection about Lucifer himself and his newly returned wings. A mystery is turned into a character study of sorts and the episode ends in a way where we look to get the devilish Lucifer we like back. The season is a solid one so far with its two episodes and usual, it’s getting better with each one.

Overall Rating: 8.0

TV Review: Lucifer S3E1 They’re Back, Aren’t They?

After waking up in the desert with his wings, Lucifer and Chloe try to figure out what happened to him; newcomer Lieutenant Marcus Pierce makes a poor impression due to his stern demeanor; Lucifer finds himself in another compromising situation.

Lucifer kicks off its third season picking up where the second left off. We left Lucifer in the desert with his wings returned. Who did it? Why did they do it? Why are his wings back? These look to be the big mystery of the season if the first episode is any indication.

The episode is the usual “who did it” when another body is discovered in the desert where Lucifer was dumped.

From there things weave around numerous plot threads like Lucifer having his wings back, his brother losing his, their mother taking off, and so much more. This is an episode whose goal is to set up what’s to come and it does that in a pretty solid way. There’s a couple of bumps here and there but as usual the episode flows well and keeps things entertaining. New elements like Lieutenant Marcus Pierce help expand the show and shift things a bit from its usual formula, though that’s stuck to pretty closely even with new elements.

As always, Tom Ellis steals the show with is portrayal of Lucifer and his delivery is what makes the show a must watch. When it comes to a cast and how well they work together, this is one of the best on television today.

This episode is a good one and does a solid job of setting things off for the season and makes it clear as to what we should expect. Lucifer keeps things interesting and always is able to give us something new while also sticking to what it does best.

Overall Rating: 7.95

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