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There was a pretty big convention this weekend, but the DC news seems to not be much of a factor when it comes to news coming out of it.  While you were relaxing and enjoying the weekend, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

The Weekly Standard – The Crash of 1993An interesting look at this important time of comic books.

Post Flashpoint:

Bleeding Cool – The Great DC Relaunch Conspiracy That Just Happens Not To Be True

Con Coverage:

MTV Geek – Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting On Remaking The FF

MTV Geek – Evan Dorkin, Roger Langridge and Richard Thompson Talk Humor in Comics

Bleeding Cool – San Diego Comic Con Exclusive – Dave Stevens: Complete Sketches & Studies

The Beat – HeroesCon is going on

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Graphic Novel Reviews – The Little Prince