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I got my comics for the week, did you?  Reviews will be Sunday as usual, but they might be at a decent time (earlier in the day) than the 6ish time period like last week.  If you haven’t picked yours up yet, check out Takio, it looks pretty entertaining.

Other than that, the Emerald City Comicon is this weekend, which means expect to see other blogs’ coverage over the next day here (not like we’re there).

Around the Blogs:

ComicsbeatMarvel Month-to-Month Sales: January 2011 -We don’t have the patience to go over the month to month sales, luckily others do!

ICv2First Look at Wizkids’ ‘Captain America Boosters’ – We love our Heroclix and ICv2 just happened to snap some photos of the upcoming Captain America line at Toy Fair.

Comics Alliance10 of “Wizard” Magazine’s Most Dubious Moments – Wizard is dead, but the bizarre reporting lives on.

Arts BeatEven Superman had a Mom, and Diane Lane Will Play Her – Hmm, we love Diane Lane, but Superman’s mom should not be this hot.

Comic Book Resources SpinoffAvengers To Shoot in Cleveland – A great excuse to visit where I was born and grab some good food.

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