NYCC 2010: Quick Hits

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We’ll have some longer recaps of some of the DC and Marvel panels, but here’s our general impression and shout outs from the 2010 New York Comic Con.

  • Thank you to both the folks at Top Cow and Archaia, both are top notch operations with great staff.  Glad to see everyone again and check off some more tweeps I’ve wanted to meet.
  • Also to meet some fellow DFH’ers.
  • Jim Lee is a hell of an entertaining break dancer.
  • And speaking of DC, nice to meet some of their great staff.
  • It seems writers and artists do pay attention to our reviews.  Kind of cool to be able to chat with folks in person.
  • Do NY geeks understand hygiene?  There was a lack of nerd odor.
  • Zombies are definitely in.  The stake his been driven through the heart of vampires.
  • I still don’t get anime culture and it’s references.
  • Remember to wear sneakers next time.  Comfort over fashion.
  • Artist Alley had a lot of talent, but not a whole lot really jumped out at me (I’m usually overwhelmed).  But we’ve got a few things.
  • Great to see Len Wallace again (check out Love Buzz!) and Jessica and wish I was able to hang out more with them.
  • Special thanks and props to Charles Soule, a talent to watch out for.  Pick up 27 when it comes out, it’s going to be awesome.
  • Folks seem to dig my graphic novel idea, a great motivator to get it finished.
  • People also liked what I told about the next phase of this blog, news coming soon :)

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  • Great meeting up with you! thanks for the help navigating the con. I actually did have my sense of smell violated in one occasion but yeah, it could have Been worse. I f-ed up by wearing flats and not sneakers too. Next year I’ll wear running gear and train in advance. Training would include double-checking on which artists did which issues of the books i read an narrowing down my back issue needs in advance.

    Looking fwd to reading your coverage. I’ve got to do something w the notes I took for the tweets I couldn’t post (thanks AT&T! If yer gonna kill net neutrality can I at least get more bars underground? Tx)