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Review: Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel #3


There is always that point in the “On The Run” stories where the truth comes to light. This is where you find out who is really the bad guy. There are those villains who do simply for greed. Then there are those who do it purely for personal reasons.

Good Liar shows such a twist, that no one saw coming. As the villain finally gets him comeuppance, leaving no room for escape.  When the hero rises, is when the audience finally sees that glimmer of hope. In the final issue of Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel, our heroes finally get justice.

We catch up with the Black Hornet,, as he and his commandoes raid the headquarters of the secret police, possibly alleviating some of the heat Paul gets. As the reader and Paul find out that the Black Hornet is Britt, as he needed to stay hidden so that they can uproot the mayor. Paul rescues Diana and Kato from jail. By the issue’s end, the Reids expose the Mayor and his cronies and would soon see their wealth restored.

Overall, Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel #3 is an extraordinary conclusion which ties the story up well. The story by Van Hise is electrifying. The art by the creative team is eye-catching. Altogether, a story that ends as exciting as it started.

Story: James Van Hise Art: Andrea Albert, Ken Penders, Tony DeZuniga, and Tony Caputo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Find Avengers, Blade, X-Force, and More New Comics on comiXology

There are five new comics available now on comiXology. There’s four comics from Marvel and one from Harlequin. You can get shopping now or check out the individual issues below.

Avengers: Once An Invader

Written by Chuck Austen, Allan Jacobsen
Art by Scott Kolins, C.P. Smith
Cover by Scott Kolins

Collects Avengers (1998) #82-84, New Invaders (2004) #0, Avengers (1963) #71, Invaders Annual (1977) #1.

Who is the mysterious figure that claims to be Captain America, and what mission is he recruiting the super-soldiers of past wars to accomplish? As the new Invaders hit the battlefield, Namor the Sub-Mariner marshals his forces against a crucial island nation! But whose side will the Avengers come down on?

Avengers: Once An Invader

Blade: Black & White

Written by Chris Claremont, Marv Wolfman
Art by Gene Colan, Tony DeZuniga
Cover by Gene Colan

Collects Vampire Tales #8-9, Marvel Preview #3, 6, Blade: Crescent City Blues #1, Marvel Shadows And Light #1.

A war is raging, and he has a job to do; for Blade the Vampire Hunter, there are no shades of gray! Now, for the first time ever, the House of Ideas reprints the best of Blade in bold black and white from its legendary ’70s-era horror magazines – including VAMPIRE TALES and MARVEL PREVIEW!

Blade: Black & White

Identity Disc

Written by Robert Rodi
Art by John Higgins
Cover by Tony Harris

Collects Identity Disc #1-5.

Six of Marvel’s most violent and cunning villains – Sabretooth, Bullseye, the Juggernaut, Deadpool, Sandman and the Vulture – are forced to work together by a mysterious agent who somehow knows every dark and dirty secret in their violent lives. Their mission: to retrieve the nearly priceless Identity Disc – purported to contain the true identities, the home addresses and even the credit reports of every hero in the Marvel Universe!

Identity Disc

Rider On Fire

Written by Sharon Sala
Art by Matsuri Akino

Sonora is a DEA agent. While on a mission, she shoots a mafia boss. They’re now out for her life after what she’s done. In order to escape her pursuant, Sonora continues on her journey and ends up arriving at a small village. It is there that a man named Adam Two Eagles is waiting for her. It should be their first time ever meeting, but Sonora recognizes his eyes… He was the mysterious man who would appear in Sonora’s dreams every single night! Sonora and Adam are guided by a mysterious power as their fates become intertwined and begin to move as one!

Rider On Fire

X-Force: Famous, Mutant And Mortal

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Mike Allred
Cover by Mike Allred

Collects X-Force (1991) #116-129.

What happens when mutants become celebrities? Peter Milligan and Mike Allred offer this insightful, irreverent and wickedly entertaining deconstruction of the human/mutant dynamic – spiced with sex, drugs and death!

X-Force: Famous, Mutant And Mortal

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Review: Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel #2

The Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel #1

Keenan Ivory Wayans is one of those creators whose talents are light years beyond many of his predecessors. I’m Gonna Git You Sucka was one of those films that pushed the parody movie genre to a whole other stratosphere. He would go on to create his own show, In Living Color that would shake up television and inspire numerous other shows. The show was one of the first times when Black people saw themselves in a variety show which showcased their culture.

As successful and groundbreaking as that show was, some of his best work may be his attempts as an action hero. The movie Low Down Dirty Shame gave him new dimensions as it was a new school take on the private detective. Then there’s Most Wanted, where he played a soldier framed for murder. In the second issue of Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel, Paul is a lone man finding his way.

We find Paul driving Black Beauty, plodding to what are the next steps, as the whole city has him as Public Enemy #1. We soon find out that the Mayor’s underlings are carrying out a smear campaign against the Reid family and Paul has to figure out how and why. We also find Diana and Kato in jail together as the Reids battle allegations against the company. By the issue’s end, Paul finds an unlikely ally but also has unearthed a new enemy,

Overall, an excellent second issue, which lives up to the legend. The story by James Van Hise is tense and exciting. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, a story that feels cinematic and immense.

Story: James Van Hise Art: Andrea Albert, Ken Penders, Tony DeZuniga, and Tony Caputo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: The Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel #1


Growing up in New York, I used to turn to WPIX 11, for my daily after school viewing. It was and still is an independent television station. A good amount of programming was dedicated to syndicated shows. Many of these shows were shows of yesteryear. Most of them were shows my parents and even my grandparents watched. One of those shows was the original Hawaii Five-O which my grandfather watched religiously and even made me and my cousins watch it as well.

The live-action Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward was a show that my cousins and I watched unfailingly every single afternoon. So one day, everything changed when we saw that he had a new villain, Green Hornet and his sidekick, Kato, who we eventually found out later in the episode was Bruce Lee. It wasn’t until I started reading the NOW comics run did I learn that he was not a villain but a superhero and that arc on the show was so that Batman would not look weak on his own show. In the first issue of The Geen Hornet: Solitary Sentinel, we get a hero still trying to find his way.

We are taken to 1991, where Britt and Paul Reid and Hayashi are debating the latest election results at their loft at Reid Tower, where another crooked politician has taken office. As the evening winds down, Hayashi retires to the estate’s beach house, where his brother, Kumara, pounces on him and knocks him out, thereby kidnapping him so that he cannot interfere with the Mayor’s plans. Meanwhile, Paul is trying to enjoy the rest of the night alone when some mysterious men break in an attempt to kidnap Paul as well but fail tremendously. Paul reaches out to Carol Lee, who lets him know how some trumped-up charges on his father and their corporation mysteriously appeared and how they are all wanted men. By the issue’s end, Paul finds his resolve to save his loved and the city from these corrupt forces.

Overall, an engaging debut issue that plays a different story than most masked heroes are usually involved in. The story by James Van Hise is action packed and scintillating. The art by creative team is beautiful. Altogether, a story that comic book fans will enjoy getting to know a hero before he knows who he will be.

Story: James Van Hise Art: Andrea Albert, Ken Penders, Tony DeZuniga, and Tony Caputo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Fallen Angels

Sunspot has hurt his best friend and runs away from school and his fellow New Mutants meeting fellow runaways, the Fallen Angels! This trade collects Fallen Angels #1-8.

Story: Jo Duffy
Art: Kerry Gammil, Marie Severin, Joe Staton
Ink: Tom Palmer, Val Mayerik, Tony Dezuniga
Color: Petra Scotese
Letterer: Jim Novak, Bill Oakley, L.P. Gregory

Get your copy in comic shops now and on book shops on December 10! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Amazon (Hardcover)
Amazon (Paperback)

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
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Preview: Further Adventures of Red Sonja Vol.1

Further Adventures of Red Sonja Vol.1

writer: Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Doug Moench, Clair Noto, Frank Thorne, Christie Marx, Charles Dixon, James Owsley, Bruce Jones, Peter B. Gillis, Jim Valentino, Sue Flaxman, Marie Javins, Steve Buccellato
artists: Frank Thorne, E.R. Cruz, Estaban Maroto, Howard Chaykin, Dick Giordano, Terry Austin, John Buscema, Pablo Marcos, Tony DeZuniga, Barry Smith, Ernie Chan, Neal Adams, Geof Isherwood, Luke McDonnell, Armando Gil, Bruce Jones, Steven Carr, Gary Kwapisz, Josef Rubinstein, Gavin Curtis, Keith Williams, Alfredo Alcala, Del Barras, Reggie Jones, Kirk Etienne, Howard Simpson, Rober Quijano
cover: Frank Thorne
FC | 200+ pages | $19.99 | Teen+

Featuring a collection of issues from the original Marvel Comics series “The Savage Sword of Conan,” with each page painstakingly re-mastered for this volume! Plus, Sonja Tales from Kull and the Barbarians, as well as pin-ups!

Preview: Doc Savage Archives Vol. 1

Doc Savage Archives Vol. 1

Doeg Moench, Marve Wolfman, John Buscema, Tony DeZuniga, Marie Severin, Val Mayerik, John Warner, Ernie Chan, Rico Rival, Ken Barr (c)
FC • 512 pages • $49.99 • Teen+

The Man of Bronze is back with a vengeance! In this brand-new archival edition, the harrowing adventures of Doc Savage return straight from the 1970’s — fully remastered and ready for action. With art rendered by John Buscema, Tony DeZuniga, and Ernie Chan to accompany writer Doug Moench, this book is a must-have for any and all fans of Doc Savage and his Amazing Five. Revisit the classic Curtis Magazine issues and relive the glory days of the Man of Bronze! Collecting the complete, first eight issues of the 1970s Doc Savage Magazine in its entirety!


Ghost Town Cover Contest with Stockton-Con

Stockton-Con has announced its second annual all ages art contest. Beginning with this year’s contest, it will be known as the Tony DeZuniga Memorial Art Contest. Tony passed away last year, but his legacy will continue to live on with his family and those that he inspired. He made Stockton his home for the greater part of the last decade and he worked with many local artists, mentoring them when he could. He is an important figure in comic, gallery, and illustration art for several reasons. During the 1970s, he brought a realistic look from his advertising style of illustration. Some of his best work was in collaboration with John Buscema in the early issues of The Savage Sword of Conan. He also co-created Jonah Hex and The Black Orchid for DC comics and worked with a number of important stories in the comic world.

To honor Stockton’s connection to Mr. DeZuniga, the art challenge is for each artist to create a “Tribute to Tony” poster (11”x17”) in any medium.

In addition to the other great prizes for the art contest, Action Lab Entertainment will award the first prize winner a cover for an upcoming issue of Ghost Town.

This contest is open to anyone with following prizes:

  • First Prize – $250 cash prize, Future cover of Action Lab’s Ghost Town, $100 Gift Certificate to Ka-Blam, Back Cover of Stockton-Con program
  • Second Prize – $100 cash prize — $50 Gift Certificate to Ka-Blam Inside Back Cover of Stockton-Con program
  • Third Prize – $50 cash prize — $25 Gift Certificate to Ka-Blam
  • Fan Favorite — Inside Front Cover of Stockton-Con program, Professional Framing for entry piece by Deck The Walls ($200 value)

The image submitted must be an original piece of high resolution, but may not exceed 25 MB. The entrant must also sign, scan and email the artist’s release. One entry per artist. Entries must be received by July 6, 2013. Entries should be emailed to stocktonconartcontest@gmail.com

Entries will be displayed on Stockton-Con’s Facebook page,72 dpi, and may be reproduced as full size posters for display at and for use in promotions both before and after Stockton-Con on August 4, 2013.  Smaller reproductions may also be used to promote Stockton-Con. All entries may be reproduced in the Stockton-Con program.

Entries, with artist’s name blocked out, will be judged by a panel of professionals who will select First, Second & Third place winners and honorable mention awards. The Fan Favorite award will be selected solely by Facebook viewer votes.

Around the Tubes

The weekend is here and I’ll be doing everything in my power to catch up on some reading… and putting up shelves, lots of shelves.  What’s everyone have in store?

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Review – Jonah Hex: No Way Back

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Jonah Hex No Way BackJonah Hex isn’t the most well known DC character and property.  On June 18, Warner Bros. will be releasing a major motion picture based on the property starring Josh Brolin as Hex.  Just in time for the release of the movie the first original Jonah Hex graphic novel, Jonah Hex: No Way Back, is being released on June 2.

The graphic novel focuses on Hex’s rough family life and how he it transformed him into the vigilante he is.  Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, it features artwork from Tony DeZuniga.

Ride along with Hex as he comes to terms with the death of a loved one, long thought lost, battles El Papagayo and his gang of bandits and tries to make peace with his own frightening past to save his present.

The series is a great western tale of revenge and family that hearkens back to the western movie classics starring John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.  The idea is pretty basic, a family member is used to get Hex out into the open and along the way he meets the half brother he never knew.

Rarely is the presentation of the material discussed in reviews, but this graphic novel stands out enough to merit mention.  Whoever decided on the packaging deserves credit.  Instead of the usual flimsy cover or generic thick board, the front and back cover look like a warn journal that might of been found during the time.  It mimics worn leather with burnt in lettering.  The center features what looks like a photo from the time period that looks sunk into the cover.  I’ve seen journals that look exactly like this and the level of detail is great, down to the fake worn edges.  Top notch presentation.

The tale is entertaining and perfect for people knew to the character.  If you like westerns this is right up your ally.  Check out the full review below.

Read more