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Review: The Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel #1


Growing up in New York, I used to turn to WPIX 11, for my daily after school viewing. It was and still is an independent television station. A good amount of programming was dedicated to syndicated shows. Many of these shows were shows of yesteryear. Most of them were shows my parents and even my grandparents watched. One of those shows was the original Hawaii Five-O which my grandfather watched religiously and even made me and my cousins watch it as well.

The live-action Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward was a show that my cousins and I watched unfailingly every single afternoon. So one day, everything changed when we saw that he had a new villain, Green Hornet and his sidekick, Kato, who we eventually found out later in the episode was Bruce Lee. It wasn’t until I started reading the NOW comics run did I learn that he was not a villain but a superhero and that arc on the show was so that Batman would not look weak on his own show. In the first issue of The Geen Hornet: Solitary Sentinel, we get a hero still trying to find his way.

We are taken to 1991, where Britt and Paul Reid and Hayashi are debating the latest election results at their loft at Reid Tower, where another crooked politician has taken office. As the evening winds down, Hayashi retires to the estate’s beach house, where his brother, Kumara, pounces on him and knocks him out, thereby kidnapping him so that he cannot interfere with the Mayor’s plans. Meanwhile, Paul is trying to enjoy the rest of the night alone when some mysterious men break in an attempt to kidnap Paul as well but fail tremendously. Paul reaches out to Carol Lee, who lets him know how some trumped-up charges on his father and their corporation mysteriously appeared and how they are all wanted men. By the issue’s end, Paul finds his resolve to save his loved and the city from these corrupt forces.

Overall, an engaging debut issue that plays a different story than most masked heroes are usually involved in. The story by James Van Hise is action packed and scintillating. The art by creative team is beautiful. Altogether, a story that comic book fans will enjoy getting to know a hero before he knows who he will be.

Story: James Van Hise Art: Andrea Albert, Ken Penders, Tony DeZuniga, and Tony Caputo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy