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We Wicked Ones is a cross between Charmed and The Boys

Twenty years ago, the United States government and the superheroes of F.I.R.E. rounded up and burned every known witch alive. Only two young girls survived.

All grown up, Celia Jordan—now a calloused contract killer in Washington DC—must rescue the only other living witch—her best and only friend, Lily—from the latest incarnation of the superhero task force hunting down witchkind. With Lily’s young son in tow, the sins of Celia’s past will come back to haunt her as she finds herself locked in a harrowing game of cat-and-mouse with superheroes, vengeful politicians, and old friends, all while on a rescue mission of which failure means certain death.

We Wicked Ones is written by LJ Duey, with art by Paulo Mel, colors by Ander Zárate, lettering by crank!, cover by David Mack, edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, and designed by Sean Callahan. It’s out in March 2023 from Scout Comics.

We Wicked Ones

Oswald and the Star-Chaser Launches in February from Scout Comics!

Twenty years ago, the United States government and the superheroes of F.I.R.E. rounded up and burned Torn from his training after King FEK usurped the throne, space knight Oswald Bretters embarks on a quest to save the Star Lands!

As headstrong as he is, even Oswald knows he can’t restore his fallen kingdom alone, so he searches for his childhood heroes to bolster his ranks. With the watchful eye of King FEK omnipresent, Oswald luckily runs into all-star help! The mysterious mercenary Star-Chaser joins his cause, but can she really be trusted!? It all starts here—the adventure of a lifetime—at the edge of space!

Oswald and the Star-Chaser is from co-creator and writer Tommy Kulik, co-creator, co-writer, and letterer Tyler Villano Maron, pencils and inks from Tom Hoskisson, color by Rebecca Good, edited by Colleen Douglas, and Scout production by Sean Callahan.

Oswald and the Star-Chaser

Join Young Space Marine, Junior, And Her Alien, Hippo-Like Sidekick This Fall

Young space Marine, Junior, and her alien, hippo-like sidekick, Walter, were caught off guard when they crash-landed on a dinosaur-infested planet. However, they were totally unprepared to find Junior’s long-lost mother safeguarding an ancient, alien artifact capable of healing any mortal wound. Junior’s father, a Colonel in the Marines, has been sent to collect the artifact for the evil corporate entity, “The Board.” Now Junior is stuck in the middle of a conflict that could not only destroy her family, but the galaxy as well!

Junior is from writer and artist Alex Kmeto, colors by Sean Callahan, lettering by DC Hopkins, and edited by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.


Knockturn County is coming to Scout this Fall

Knockturn County is an adult crime noir set in a classic children’s book universe. Various tales converge and collide in this county built on crime, as a rhyming narrative leads readers through a tangled web of death, booze, drugs, and betrayal. Good doesn’t always win, bad doesn’t always pay, and, in true noir fashion, people always die.

Knockturn County #1 follows an obsessed detective who puts his badge aside to hunt for his missing ex, and a little girl in the scariest place of all: her home.

Knockturn County is written by James E. Roche with art by Axur Eneas, color by Sean Callahan, and lettered and edited by Chas! Pangburn.

Review: Start Again #1

In it’s simplest form, Start Again is a boy meets girl story, except the boy is really a superhero who doesn’t tell the girl and she finds out during their one-night stand. Set in the United Kingdom the series creates a unique twist with the inclusion of paparazzi, something that’s not quite as big as a thing here in the United States. That aspect is original in a lot of ways as the intersection of superherodom and celebrity isn’t something that’s explored a lot in the world of comics.

In Start Again, Ajay Verma and Natalie Brown meet in a Nightclub in Leeds city centre and from there they really get to know each other. Unfortunately, it looks like Verma has a little PTSD and freaks out which leads to the nation to catching a bit more of a look at him than spandex allows. There’s solid comedy to that and writer Jamie Me digs into that a little, but mainly focuses on the dramatic aspects of it all, with some good laughs too.

What happens when the world catches a hero in his birthday suit? It’s something we see with celebrities and the first issue touches on the shark-like attitude and voyeuristic tendencies of the public when presented with such a situation. The first issue can only give so much but this first issue spends a lot of time discussing the aftermath. While the comic features a superhero in spandex there isn’t a lot of superheroing going on. It’s more focused on the fallout of everything in the I’m staying at home and eating a pint of Ben and Jerrys while I wallow in my misery. It’s relatable in that way and also a nice change from spandex battles.

The art by Toni Doya and colors by Sean Callahan is solid with some great sequences and good amount of detail. The comedic moments are played well and the more introspective moments have a bit of a down vibe to it. In other words, the art nails the mood of the scenes and does so in a way that it enhances it all. It’s also nice to see a non-white superhero in the lead as well as full frontal male nudity. The comic is equal in that department.

Start Again #1 is a solid debut and is a comic I want to read more of. It’s a nice break from traditional superhero comics and goes in a direction we’re not really seeing elsewhere. It’s original, fun, entertaining, and stands out from a crowded market of spandex and punching.

Story: Jamie Me Art: Toni Doya Colors: Sean Callahan
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review

Kickstarter Spotlight: Start Again

start-again-cover-no-logoby Jamie Me

Valentine’s Day 2015 marked the release of British comic creator Jamie Me’s latest comic Start Again, a superhero boy meets girl story, on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The title is created, written and lettered by the Yorkshire born Me, and features art by Toni Doya with the colours done by Sean Callahan.

Start Again is a love letter to British comedy, and to the comic industry in which superheroes play such an iconic role. I wanted to fuse those two elements together, and explore themes of anxiety and social pressure too.” Explains Jamie Me.

Creator Jamie Me is a big fan of his home country’s comedy shows, and he even runs a NSFW webcomic. Start Again draws inspiration from such TV shows as Peep Show & Catastrophe.

“I wanted to create something that was fun, serious and just British to the core. I drew inspirations from my own real life experiences to do with being in an interracial relationship, having a ton of anxiety and, which some may find hard to believe, having a fear of social media.”

Three years ago Jamie Me, as he explained in a development diary for his last comic Queen, was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour. He underwent therapy for the condition, and this saw him addressing his anxieties and ritualistic behaviours surrounding cleanliness, a fear of going outside, and additional fears about getting targeted on the internet.

“It was a rough time in my life. The cleanliness stuff was tough, but I never really explained the internet side of things. Some people once made a cartoon video mocking me, and they spread it around online. I found out on Christmas day from a mate, and at the time I didn’t realise how much it affected me. I became deeply paranoid about putting myself out there creatively. It sucked, people can be incredibly cruel on online.”

Start Again is live on Kickstarter, and you can read 6 preview pages right now. The reward tiers also include the opportunity to read Jamie’s other comic Queen, a British political thriller, and a range of unique one-off rewards such as drawings of backers with the main characters.

You can view the project here.





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It’s Start Again Week. Check out a Page a Day.

cover-textThe 8th of February marked the start of Start Again week for comic creator Jamie Me. He is debuting an unorthodox reveal of his latest graphic novel, Start Again, in the form of publishing a page a day until this Sunday, Valentine’s Day. The project features art by Toni Doya, and colors by Sean Callahan who also teamed with the creator on his other project Queen #1.

Start Again will tell the story of a chance encounter between protagonists Ajay and Natalie in a nightclub in Leeds city centre. The lives of a superhero and a web designer will become intertwined as themes such as anxiety, social pressure and interracial relationships based on Jamie Me’s life experiences are explored.

This is all a lead up for the Start Again Kickstarter, which launches this Sunday, will also feature the creators last comic, Queen. The political thriller is based on an alternate reality where the 2015 General Election, in the UK, sees the murder of the Prime Minister, Daniel Camden. Backers will have the opportunity to choose tiers that feature the comic digitally and in print.