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Kickstarter Spotlight: Start Again

start-again-cover-no-logoby Jamie Me

Valentine’s Day 2015 marked the release of British comic creator Jamie Me’s latest comic Start Again, a superhero boy meets girl story, on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The title is created, written and lettered by the Yorkshire born Me, and features art by Toni Doya with the colours done by Sean Callahan.

Start Again is a love letter to British comedy, and to the comic industry in which superheroes play such an iconic role. I wanted to fuse those two elements together, and explore themes of anxiety and social pressure too.” Explains Jamie Me.

Creator Jamie Me is a big fan of his home country’s comedy shows, and he even runs a NSFW webcomic. Start Again draws inspiration from such TV shows as Peep Show & Catastrophe.

“I wanted to create something that was fun, serious and just British to the core. I drew inspirations from my own real life experiences to do with being in an interracial relationship, having a ton of anxiety and, which some may find hard to believe, having a fear of social media.”

Three years ago Jamie Me, as he explained in a development diary for his last comic Queen, was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour. He underwent therapy for the condition, and this saw him addressing his anxieties and ritualistic behaviours surrounding cleanliness, a fear of going outside, and additional fears about getting targeted on the internet.

“It was a rough time in my life. The cleanliness stuff was tough, but I never really explained the internet side of things. Some people once made a cartoon video mocking me, and they spread it around online. I found out on Christmas day from a mate, and at the time I didn’t realise how much it affected me. I became deeply paranoid about putting myself out there creatively. It sucked, people can be incredibly cruel on online.”

Start Again is live on Kickstarter, and you can read 6 preview pages right now. The reward tiers also include the opportunity to read Jamie’s other comic Queen, a British political thriller, and a range of unique one-off rewards such as drawings of backers with the main characters.

You can view the project here.





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