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It’s Start Again Week. Check out a Page a Day.

cover-textThe 8th of February marked the start of Start Again week for comic creator Jamie Me. He is debuting an unorthodox reveal of his latest graphic novel, Start Again, in the form of publishing a page a day until this Sunday, Valentine’s Day. The project features art by Toni Doya, and colors by Sean Callahan who also teamed with the creator on his other project Queen #1.

Start Again will tell the story of a chance encounter between protagonists Ajay and Natalie in a nightclub in Leeds city centre. The lives of a superhero and a web designer will become intertwined as themes such as anxiety, social pressure and interracial relationships based on Jamie Me’s life experiences are explored.

This is all a lead up for the Start Again Kickstarter, which launches this Sunday, will also feature the creators last comic, Queen. The political thriller is based on an alternate reality where the 2015 General Election, in the UK, sees the murder of the Prime Minister, Daniel Camden. Backers will have the opportunity to choose tiers that feature the comic digitally and in print.

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