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Transformers: The Last Knight Gets an IMAX Featurette

A new video has been released discussing how Michael Bay and the Transformers films have worked with IMAX and the importance of the franchise to IMAX.

There’s also some interesting info in some groundbreaking work that’s being done and some new footage!

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters in 2017!


Drift Returns in Transformers: The Last Knight with a New Look

Michael Bay has shown off what the car form of Drift will look like in the next Transformers installment, Transformers: The Last Knight.

The character will now be a red-and-black Mercedes Benz AMG GT R. In Transformers: Age of Extinction he was a black-and-blue Bugatti Veyron.

Drift and the rest of the Transformers will be seen in theaters June 23, 2017.

Photograph by Andrew Cooper.

Photograph by Andrew Cooper.

Transformers 5, 6, and 7 Get Theatrical Release Dates

At Hasbro’s Analyst Presentation this morning during Toy Fair, Hasbro Chairman, President and CEO Brian Goldner announced new details about the next three films in the multi-billion dollar global franchise.

In partnership with Paramount, the writers’ room assembled by Hasbro’s Allspark pictures has their stories down and are beginning development on the next three theatrical films.

  • In 2017, Michael Bay will direct the next chapter of the Transformers films, with Mark Wahlberg returning to star. That film is slated for release on June 23.
  • On June 8, 2018, a new film is being developed which will tell the never before heard story of Bumblebee.
  • A third new film will continue the story of Hasbro’s iconic franchise which is scheduled for release on June 28, 2019.

Who’s ready for some more Transformers?

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Review: Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #1

hza-covIt seems with Zenescope and the concepts that they come up with that they either hit it out of the park or they strike out swinging.  In the short history of their publishing it is rare enough that they get something that is in the middle ground of quality, but this is one of those rare entries.  It takes an interesting enough variation of the zombie genre and mixes in some jabs at popular culture, including a lot of whom the writers seem to not give much credit to.  Those that tire of Tom Cruise’s scientology antics, those who can’t comprehend the Beliebers or those that don’t like Michael Bay (which is everyone?) will both find a bit of vicarious satisfaction here.  So too does this issue pay homage to the Avengers, especially if the Avengers were played by Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Selena Gomez.

Unlike some of Zenescope’s other properties, this series is meant to be firmly tongue-in-cheek and so although the humour is often groan-inducing, it also doesn’t really feel out-of-place.  The microbiotic-food-obessed starlets (one of whom is presumably supposed to be Megan Fox?) are a caricature of life in Los Angeles and exemplify some usual stereotypes, but at the same time there is not much wrong with that.  I don’t live in L.A. and so I can’t comment as to whether stars are really so vapid, but it is at least the pop culture cliché and so while it feels a bit forced here, it also works at the same time.

The sum of all these parts is something that doesn’t really work, but doesn’t really fail at the same time.  To be certain there is a lot better that this company puts out, but also a lot worse.  Seeing as this is stuck somewhere in between it might be of interest to those looking for a lighter take on the zombie genre, or just those that are a little tired of pop culture deciding what is popular.  At the same time, I can’t really recommend this, because of its faults and because so many other regular ongoing series from all the various companies bypass this in quality.   I suppose in the end that anyone that is interested in this and picks it up is not going to be losing a lot of money seeing as it is already halfway through the series.

Story: Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha Art:  David Lorenzo Riveiro
Story: 6.5 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.8 Recommendation: Pass

Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles First Trailer

The first trailer for the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been released and it’s…. interesting…

The movie comes to theaters August 8, 2014.

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It’s Friday, which means the weekend is here!  Yay!

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Save the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles From Michael Bay.

Yesterday we reported that Michael Bay has decided to re-envision the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in his new movie as aliens which kind of kills the whole mutant part.  We were stumped, a bit perplexed and also now convinced us that Bay has an alien fetish.  Devin Norris has taken to Change.org to petition to save the Turtles and return them to the mutants we grew up with.  The goal is 10,000 signatures.

Norris pleads:

If you care about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or the sheer audacity of this ridiculous man enrages you like it does me, then PLEASE sign. If this movie is made there will sequels, spin-off shows, and toys. This blight on our childhood WILL endure if we let it.

Bay has responded to the outrage on his forum.

Fans need to take a breath, and chill. They have not read the script. Our team is working closely with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles to help expand and give a more complex back story. Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world.


Take action now!  Damn the man.  Save the Turtles!

Michael Bay Talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Who Are Now Aliens!?

Michael Bay is taking on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a new movie and in this video he lays out what is sure to make the heads of fans explode… they are aliens!  That kind of kills the whole “mutant” part doesn’t it?

These turtles are from an alien race. – Michael Bay

No Michael, not my turtles.


Review – Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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Transformers Dark of the MoonTuesday night at 9pm I settled into my movie seat with a smile on my face fully expecting a big screen 3D spectacle involving giant robots beating the crap out of each other. Transformers: Dark of the Moon starts off recounting the Cybertronian War in awesome 3D fx, with each moment getting me more and more excited, and making me forget the rather laughable second installment of Michael Bay‘s Transformers trilogy.  Moments later we see Shia LaBeouf‘s Sam Witwicky’s latest hot girlfriend, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a camera angle that was to please the adolescent males (in both age and maturity) seeing this movie.

From there, the movie turned into a horrible, horrible mess devoid of a coherent plot and acting that involved lots of yelling.  By the end of the film I found myself cheering on the bad guys to exterminate all of humanity and put me out of my misery and the chance we’d see a fourth film.

The film’s plot involves a plan to restore the Transformer’s destroyed planet of Cybertron.  It’s a plot that was done earlier in the cartoon series and done better (and it had better acting).  It’s one action sequence after the next, never really advancing any of the characters, and instead doing it’s best to mix humor and action and never finding the right balance.  Characters are piled upon characters and plot point upon plot point until the final battle which looked as over done and needlessly complicated as the craptacular actionfest that preceded it.

What’s sad is, if the movie stuck with the straight action, eliminating the humor, the movie would have been better.  the movie which runs almost 3 hours is just too long and not focused.

I can’t say I was expecting Shakespeare and the action sequences were great, but that’s what the movie was, one action sequence after another with little reason for why things were occurring.  Instead of flying low to sneak troops in, we have copters choose not to land and instead climb high to force military forces to dive from the copters and swoop through the Chicago skyline in squirrel suits.  A sequence that looks great, but is just complicated for no reason.  The entire movie is a Rube Goldberg device (way to many steps to accomplish a simple task) instead of the lean action machine it should be.

You know a movie has issues when you walk out only to say, “at least there wasn’t racist robots.”  Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an absolute skip.

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