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Wynonna Earp Returns to Production. Season 4 Debuts Summer 2020

IDW Entertainment, SEVEN24 Films, Space, and SYFY announced today that Wynonna  Earp, the series based on the IDW comic created by Beau Smith, has been greenlit to start production for its fourth season. With production slated to begin later this year, Season 4 is expected to debut in Summer 2020 on SYFY in the US and Space in Canada. Additionally, IDW Entertainment announced that Cineflix Studios has come aboard to co-produce with Cineflix Rights handling international sales for all four seasons of the series.

Wynonna Earp S3 Episode 312

Winner of the 2018 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show, Wynonna Earp follows the life of the great, great granddaughter (Melanie Scrofano, “Bad Blood”) of famous lawman Wyatt Earp. The action-packed supernatural sci-fi series stars Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Katherine Barrell.

Known for having one of the most active social media communities – from arranging fan conventions around the world to raising money for LGBTQ charities – Wynonna Earp has been praised for its “fierce and committed performances”*, and has received and been nominated for numerous awards including Canadian Screen Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, Directors Guild of Canada, Writers Guild of Canada and Alberta Film & Television Awards.

SEVEN24’s Jordy Randall and Tom Cox, in addition to Cineflix’s Peter Emerson and Brett Burlock, serve as Executive Producers along with Todd Berger and Rick Jacobs.

Preview: Wynonna Earp Legends: The Earp Sisters #4

Wynonna Earp Legends: The Earp Sisters #4

Beau Smith & Melanie Scrofano (w) • Chris Evenhuis (a & c)

Wynonna Earp has faced Werewolves, Zombies, Revenants—but she’s never faced a choice this hard: when Waverly comes into her dangerous world, will Wynonna accept her sister’s choices or will Wynonna choose to protect her at all costs, even if it means pushing her away?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Wynonna Earp Legends: The Earp Sisters #3

Wynonna Earp Legends: The Earp Sisters #3

Beau Smith & Melanie Scrofano (w) • Chris Evenhuis (a & c)

Wynonna Earp has faced Werewolves, Zombies, Revenants—but she’s never faced a choice this hard: when Waverly comes into her dangerous world, will Wynonna accept her sister’s choices or will Wynonna choose to protect her at all costs, even if it means pushing her away?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E13 I Walk the Line

wynonnaearp1-075f2In the Season 1 finale, the costs are high when Wynonna finds herself in a showdown with a most terrifying nemesis. Meanwhile, something shocking about Waverly’s past comes to light and an impossible choice is faced by Dolls.

Wynonna Earp wraps up the first season with a final episode that is just all over the place and generally falls flat. The episode continues from the previous with Wynonna surrounded with only Doc and Dolls to help. They get her out of there, but it’s never explained how the other two get out of there.

There’s twists and turns in what is supposed to keep viewers on their toes, but instead just feels needlessly complicated. We learn there’s more at play for example, but that’s not explained well and just feels like the season has built for this last minute switch out.

Things get wrapped up pretty well in some ways, and others that show the folks in charge of this show just don’t know when to stop. The end of the episode is a perfect example where a character has a turn and then it goes on for a bit, instead of going the horror movie route and ending it right there. It’s a step too far that kills what could be a cool moment.

The acting takes quite a few steps back. There’s some ok acting, but generally things slide backwards for the main actors and the infected don’t help matters. It’s d level as far as acting ability, and that might be a nice assessment.

The season finale wraps up a lot, and maybe we’ll see a second season. But, if that’s the plan, this series needs some serious work to reach anything remotely close to being quality television.

Overall Rating: 6.45

TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E12 House of Memories

wynonnaearp1-075f2An admirer with a gruesome vendetta puts someone familiar in a tight spot. Meanwhile, Wynonna needs to outsmart Bobo Del Rey; and at the same time, protect Dolls from a new threat.

Wynonna Earp keeps the slight improvement up as the first season begins to wind down and Bobo’s plan becomes much clearer. Why were the Earps attacked that fateful night? Why did Bobo protect Willa? All of that is revealed in this episode as the pieces of the puzzles come together.

The episode just builds and builds and things get much better as they get rolling about 2/3 of the way through. That’s the point all of that is put out there and things get rather interesting.

Through all of the reveals the episode also focuses on individuals. Willa’s personality comes out more. Wynonna deals with her possibly not being the heir. Waverly’s relationship too is revealed to some folks. That all is probably some of the best of the episode. Actually, the episode again shows how Nicole Haught is the best character on the show as she deals with some homophobia and an asshole pretty hardcore.

Things aren’t completely wrapped up. There’s a lot left open, some to a slightly incoherent level that’ll leave you scratching your head. We’ll see what gets wrapped up as the season ends next episode.

Things are still better, but they’re not great, but at least it’s better….

Overall Rating: 6.75

TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E11 Landslide

wynonnaearp1-075f2Wynonna barely has time to digest the discovery she and her sister made in the Barrens when duty calls in the form of a gambler who was found torn apart in his hotel room. Meanwhile, Henry meets a mysterious stranger.

Wynonna Earp shows some improvement with this episode that begins to shake things up in an interesting way.

It was pretty obvious at the end of the last episode that the woman rescued from the cult was the thought dead third Earp sister. But how did she fire the gun? Why can Wynonna do so? This episode begins to answer some of those questions as it’s peppered with flashbacks as we learn more about Eve and the night she was taken and the Earp girls’ father was killed.

All of this leads to friction and a fight that gets captured on film and things begin to unroll from there.

There’s some good in Eve is very uneasy about the situation, but by the end of the episode she’s completely ok with the situation and where things are, no matter how odd it all is. It’s a rather quick switch that probably should have played out over a few more episodes.

Wynonna and Eve as a team though are entertaining and I finally feel like Wynonna could actually kick ass, though scenes are over the top.

The thing that really stands out is the mysterious Juan Carlos who deals with Henry and talks in riddles. This is something I can’t figure out, nor can I guess where Bobo is connected with Eve. There’s some good build up and mystery here as the episode is a vast improvement in every way from what’s come before.

Hopefully the series has figured out its stride and voice, and if it’s like this episode the series will be far more enjoyable.

Overall Rating: 6.85

TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E9 Bury Me With My Guns On

wynonnaearp1-075f2A shaken WYnonna seeks solace in drink and other questionable activities after her encounter with the last of the Seven. Eventually she finds herself joining Henry in his vendetta to find and defeat the woman who wronged him.

Wynonna Earp shows off the small things in this episode that indicate how good the series could be.

Out of everything, two things stand out this episode and that’s Sheriff Neadley played by Greg Lawson and Katherine Barrell played by Nicole Haught. Every time either is on the screen their acting is heads and above better than everyone else they share the show with and their characters are also the most interesting. They’re really good in the lines they deliver (no matter how bad they are) and they feel much more grounded and natural in their acting.

Those two shine a light on the bad. Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday is improving in his delivery and presentation of his character but it still feels like a bad caricature. Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp and Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp are both inconsistent bouncing back and forth between a vibe that feels like they’re in on a joke, to just delivering a joke, to being serious. Their styles are inconsistent mixing up the tone of the show. And I’m pretty sure that Shamier Anderson as Agent Dolls only has one emotion.

The episode itself sets up where the series is going with the threats and focus expanding out a bit from where it started. That’s a good thing, but while folks seem to be working on the plot, they seem to leave too many other issues on the table.

The show is still inconsistent in almost every way and still isn’t sure what it wants to be. Maybe it’ll figure that out by the time the first season wraps up.

Overall Rating: 6.05

TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E8 Two-Face Jack

wynonnaearp1-075f2Henry and Dolls put aside their differences to infiltrate a Revenant hive; at the same time, Wynonna refuses to be a serial killer’s next victim.

Wynonna Earp for some reasons splits the episode and gives us a much weaker episode than if it was focused on one story.

Wynonna is captured by the serial killer Jack and does what she cans to escape. I’m guessing he’s supposed to be Jack the Ripper, and never quite comes through as anything interesting enough to really care, though there’s some really gross (if not silly) special fx in the beginning.

If the episode just focused on Wynonna, it’d be so much better. Treat the episode like Saw or some other horror movie and you’d have something that’s full of tension and actual dread. Instead the episode attempts some humor, some cheesy twists and dialogue. In other words, it attempts to do too much.

Part of that too much is Henry and Dolls who have to fight each other in a match to get information. That gets things muddled and acts as a distraction we don’t need. It’s just idiotic overall and dilutes what could be a good episode.

And I think that sums up the show a lot. If it focused on just some simple things, it’d be excellent. But instead it attempts to do too much and very little of it well.

Overall Rating: 6.05

TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E7 Walking After Midnight

wynonnaearp1-075f2Guests at an engagement party hosted by Waverly are put in grave danger as Henry remains focused on having his revenge. Meanwhile, Wynonna teams up with an unlikely ally to investigate a killer who’s targeting young women.

Wynonna Earp actually continues to improve this episode with a focused one that mostly has to do with Waverly and Henry. The episode really dives into Waverly herself and does an interesting examination of the character and provides lots of depth. The episode is her spotlight adding a lot and going far to make the character more interesting and well rounded.

There’s also a murder going on that Wynonna teams up with Haught to try to solve. That part is left open and dangling for another episode. Out of all of the actors and characters, Haught is the most interesting and talented. The episode really shows of Katherine Barrell‘s abilities on the screen and dammit, she’s the best actor on the show! There’s also something there with the character that I think it’s pretty clear what it is, but I want the show to just go with it.

Finally there’s a plot with Dolls getting dragged in by his superiors. It’s a little silly since he’s been doing his thing for how long? And now he’s being called in by his bosses?

The episode’s more focused plot helps it a lot with most of it taking place at Wynonna and Waverly’s home. It has a good look about it, something that’s not consistent on the show. Most importantly, the tone is very consistent throughout. It doesn’t try to smash in to much together as if it doesn’t know what it wants to be. There’s a clear vision here.

Hopefully the show continues to improve. This is the best one so far by a long shot and shows off the potential of it all. And the ending! It’s a good one!

Overall Rating: 7.15

TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E6 Constant Cravings

wynonnaearp1-075f2Wynonna is out to find and bring to justice one of the Revenants responsible for attacking the Homestead 15 years ago. Meanwhile, Waverly tries to unravel a mystery left behind by her Uncle Curtis.

Wynonna Earp continues to have some good mixed with a lot of bad. The episode actually shows a lot of improvement from everything that has preceded it as the story itself shows a lot of improvement and the acting gets a bit better as well.

The concept of cannibal Revenants is a cool one and at about the 45 minute mark the show actually shows off how good it could really be with scenes bouncing back and forth between two different situations. This is the best the show has been so far.

There’s something that actually clicks with the episode. The threat, how it’s directed, the acting is improved. All of it is much better and doesn’t feel like bargain bin material. I think part of the episode’s success is the fact that it forgoes the smart ass quips as it usually relies on them to show off how “cool” it is.

The episode goes beyond Wynonna’s story too expanding the mystery for some of the other characters and actually sets things up beyond Wynonna’s mission. Its taken six episodes but the series is showing a vast improvement.

Here’s hoping it can keep up the quality.

Overall Rating: 7.05

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