TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E13 I Walk the Line

wynonnaearp1-075f2In the Season 1 finale, the costs are high when Wynonna finds herself in a showdown with a most terrifying nemesis. Meanwhile, something shocking about Waverly’s past comes to light and an impossible choice is faced by Dolls.

Wynonna Earp wraps up the first season with a final episode that is just all over the place and generally falls flat. The episode continues from the previous with Wynonna surrounded with only Doc and Dolls to help. They get her out of there, but it’s never explained how the other two get out of there.

There’s twists and turns in what is supposed to keep viewers on their toes, but instead just feels needlessly complicated. We learn there’s more at play for example, but that’s not explained well and just feels like the season has built for this last minute switch out.

Things get wrapped up pretty well in some ways, and others that show the folks in charge of this show just don’t know when to stop. The end of the episode is a perfect example where a character has a turn and then it goes on for a bit, instead of going the horror movie route and ending it right there. It’s a step too far that kills what could be a cool moment.

The acting takes quite a few steps back. There’s some ok acting, but generally things slide backwards for the main actors and the infected don’t help matters. It’s d level as far as acting ability, and that might be a nice assessment.

The season finale wraps up a lot, and maybe we’ll see a second season. But, if that’s the plan, this series needs some serious work to reach anything remotely close to being quality television.

Overall Rating: 6.45