TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E9 Bury Me With My Guns On

wynonnaearp1-075f2A shaken WYnonna seeks solace in drink and other questionable activities after her encounter with the last of the Seven. Eventually she finds herself joining Henry in his vendetta to find and defeat the woman who wronged him.

Wynonna Earp shows off the small things in this episode that indicate how good the series could be.

Out of everything, two things stand out this episode and that’s Sheriff Neadley played by Greg Lawson and Katherine Barrell played by Nicole Haught. Every time either is on the screen their acting is heads and above better than everyone else they share the show with and their characters are also the most interesting. They’re really good in the lines they deliver (no matter how bad they are) and they feel much more grounded and natural in their acting.

Those two shine a light on the bad. Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday is improving in his delivery and presentation of his character but it still feels like a bad caricature. Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp and Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp are both inconsistent bouncing back and forth between a vibe that feels like they’re in on a joke, to just delivering a joke, to being serious. Their styles are inconsistent mixing up the tone of the show. And I’m pretty sure that Shamier Anderson as Agent Dolls only has one emotion.

The episode itself sets up where the series is going with the threats and focus expanding out a bit from where it started. That’s a good thing, but while folks seem to be working on the plot, they seem to leave too many other issues on the table.

The show is still inconsistent in almost every way and still isn’t sure what it wants to be. Maybe it’ll figure that out by the time the first season wraps up.

Overall Rating: 6.05