TV Review: Wynonna Earp S1E12 House of Memories

wynonnaearp1-075f2An admirer with a gruesome vendetta puts someone familiar in a tight spot. Meanwhile, Wynonna needs to outsmart Bobo Del Rey; and at the same time, protect Dolls from a new threat.

Wynonna Earp keeps the slight improvement up as the first season begins to wind down and Bobo’s plan becomes much clearer. Why were the Earps attacked that fateful night? Why did Bobo protect Willa? All of that is revealed in this episode as the pieces of the puzzles come together.

The episode just builds and builds and things get much better as they get rolling about 2/3 of the way through. That’s the point all of that is put out there and things get rather interesting.

Through all of the reveals the episode also focuses on individuals. Willa’s personality comes out more. Wynonna deals with her possibly not being the heir. Waverly’s relationship too is revealed to some folks. That all is probably some of the best of the episode. Actually, the episode again shows how Nicole Haught is the best character on the show as she deals with some homophobia and an asshole pretty hardcore.

Things aren’t completely wrapped up. There’s a lot left open, some to a slightly incoherent level that’ll leave you scratching your head. We’ll see what gets wrapped up as the season ends next episode.

Things are still better, but they’re not great, but at least it’s better….

Overall Rating: 6.75