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Mark Trail cartoonist Jules Rivera: Nature Dad’s environmentalist roots & future

“I reverse engineered Mark Trail”–  Jules Rivera is the new cartoonist for the classic syndicated comicstrip Mark Trail. You know, the nature guy in the plaid! Jules gives Mark Trail a look and a new environmental justice spin on his LONG STANDING mission of conservation education. Plus a diverse cast for soap opera hijinks and humor. 

Jules is the second Latina woman to become a nationally syndicated comic strip cartoonist. Jules brings her background in engineering and lifelong interest in nature and the environment to Mark’s adventures.

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Review: Wailing Blade #1

The Headtaker, feared executioner and wielder of the legendary Wailing Blade, kills every man who meets his gaze. And, right now, he’s looking at Tychon, an upstart bandit prince fighting to save his father from the chopping block.

Wailing Blade #1 kicks off an action packed fantasy series published by ComixTribe!

Story: Rich Douek
Art: Joe Mulvey
Color: Chris Sotomayor, Jules Rovera
Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Get your copy in comic shops now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

ComixTribe Shop

ComixTribe Announces Their Next Comic, Wailing Blade

ComixTribe is a small press publisher who keeps their line of comics small choosing to to flood the market. So, it’s always interesting to see what the publisher has coming up. The company has announced their next comic series, Wailing Blade.

Written by Rich Douek with art by Joe Mulvey, and colors by Jules RiveraWailing Blade is a dystopian horror fantasy series, a type of comic ComixTribe hasn’t released before.






The company won’t even solicity a series in the direct market until 75% or more is complete, no release date has been announced.

Preview: Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #3


Writer(s): Josh S. Henaman
Artist Name(s): Andy Taylor and Tamra Bonvillain
Cover Artist(s): Andy Taylor and Tamra Bonvillain
Variant Cover Artist(s): Dave Hamann and Jules Rivera
32 pgs. / Rated. T / FC
$3.99 (reg.) /$4.99 (var.)

The sci-fi sword, sorcery and sasquatch epic continues with Bigfoot and Bagworm on the hunt for the Heart of the Sun, a priceless gem worth untold riches! Standing in their way is Malona the Damned, Queen of the Fiends of Mars! Variant cover by Dave Hamann and Jules Rivera, limited to 1,500 copies!


Preview: Princeless Book One: Deluxe Hardcover Edition


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): M. Goodwin, Jules Rivera, Quinn Larsen, Kelly Lawrence, Nancy King
Cover Artist(s): M. Goodwin
168 pgs. / Rated. E / FC

The first volume of Princeless as it’s never been available before, in a special edition hardcover volume. This edition includes the full first volume written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by M Goodwin. Additionally, it includes the Skullkickers Crossover written by Jim Zub and illustrated by M Goodwin, as well as the first two Princeless short story collections including work by Jules Rivera, Quinn Larsen, Kelly Lawrence, and Nancy King. Share the Princeless hardcover with the rebellious young princess in your family (even if she’s you!)


Review: Gutter Magic #1

Gutter magicA wonderfully clever and creative urban fantasy story, Gutter Magic #1 is an incredible introduction to what promises to be an impressive series.

Meet an alternate future New York City, full of Goblins, Imps, Wizards and all manner of magical creatures. Opening with action, the reader finds protagonist Cinder in a spot of bother involving magic, guns and, of course, explosions. The issue remains fast paced and adventure filled as Cinder and his friend Blacktooth, search the city and the Goblin Market for help with a particular problem, only to find themselves pursued by a dangerous group who consider Cinder and Blacktooth themselves to be the problem.

Quality writing throughout this issue by Rich Douek, draws the reader in and makes this magical adventure not only believable, but one of those rare literary pieces that allows the reader to become fully submerged in the world being created. The dialogue is strong and consistent and builds up the personas of the characters to add depth throughout.

The artwork (Brett Barkley, Jules Rivera and Nic Shaw) itself is surely a creation of magic. The New York backdrop is impressive with aspects of reality and the fantastical entwined perfectly to create a setting that feels well known yet not yet discovered. The characters are drawn well and the colours are just beautiful.

If you are looking for a magical world with relatable characters and a fast paced adventure storyline, then Gutter Magic #1 is definitely a comic you should not miss.

Story: Rich Douek Penciller/Inker: Brett Barkley Colorist: Jules Rivera Letterer: Nic Shaw
Story: 10 Art:10 Overall:10 Recommendation: Buy

ComixTribe Releases Nicely Naughty Free Digital Comic for the Holidays

ComixTribe has released a free nicely naughty holiday-themed Oxymoron short by the talented team of Mark “Humbug!” Poulton and Jules “Yuletide” Rivera.

“On behalf of the entire ComixTribe crew, I’d like to wish the entire comics community a Merry Christmas, happy holiday season, and a joyous New Year!” said publisher Tyler James.

You can download your copy here. This short is one of 10 stories featured in Oxymoron Volume 1, a wildly successful Kickstarter project.

The Oxymoron is a supervillian obsessed with contradiction, and plays a major role in the new ComixTribe series The Red Ten, which debuts in comic shops world-wide on January 2, 2013.

Oxymoron Volume 1 will be available at select retailers in ComixTribe’s micro-distribution network starting in January, before being released through Diamond later this year.

The book is also available now at Shop.ComixTribe.com, in both standard and artist editions.  Oxymoron Volume 1 – Digital Deluxe is also available on the Kindle.

A limited edition holiday variant featuring the OXY-GRINCH cover by Jules Rivera is on sale between December 21 – January 2 only.


ComixTribe Launches Oxymoron Pre-Order Drive

ComixTribe has launched a Kickstarter campaign allowing people to pre-order OXYMORON Volume 1, a hardcover graphic novel collection of stories about a contradiction-obsessed supervillain.

The Oxymoron is a character from ComixTribe’s maxi-series THE RED TEN by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano. This spin-off anthology features ten stories by writers and artists, including Jason Ciaramella (The CapeGodzilla), Mark Poulton (Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), Joe Mulvey (SCAM) and more, and is edited by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James.

ComixTribe has made one of the stories in the collection, Living Dead by Mark Bertolini (Breakneck, Fubar II) and Carl Yonder (Ghost Lines, Fubar II), available in its entirety as a FREE PDF download.

The OXYMORON Volume 1 Hardcover will debut at the 2012 New York Comic Con in October, with backers starting to receive the books shortly after.  The standard cost for a signed hardcover is $25.00 and includes shipping, but there are a variety of pledge levels available.  ComixTribe will also be offering a number of direct-to-retailer incentives, including 55% off the cover price to retailers and brick & mortar exclusivity through 2012.


  • “Passive Aggressive” written by Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), art by Joe Mulvey (SCAM)
  • “A Selfless Man” written by John Lees (The Standard), art by Tyler James (The Red Ten)
  • “Double Standard” written by Steven Forbes (Runners), art by Dave Myers (Warriors of the Dharuk)
  • “Nearly Perfect” written by Yannick Morin (Mascherata), art by Alex Cormack (Chikara)
  • “Quiet Riot” written by Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesClockwork), art by Aaron Houston (Clockwork)
  • “Act Naturally” written by Rich Douek (Gutter Magic), art by Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm)
  • “The Living Dead” written by Mark Bertolini (Breakneck), art by Carl Yonder (Ghostlines)
  • “Working  Holiday” written by Mark Poulton(Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), art by Jules Rivera (Valkyrie Squadron)
  • “Alone in a Crowd” written by Ryan K Lindsay (Heist), art by Daniel J Logan (Back in the Day, EXO-1)
  • Cover by Jonathan Rector (The Standard)
  • Foreword by Eisner-Nominated Writer Jason Ciaramella.
  • Pin-ups by artists including CP Wilson, III (Stuff of Legend)
  • “Same as the First, But a Little Worse” – Epilogue by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano

More Previews

Selfless Man by Tyler James and John Lees

Quiet Riot by Paul Allor and Aaron Houston

Living Dead by Mark Bertolini and Carl Yonder

Action Labs Announces Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1

The Eisner-nominated Princeless returns! Action Lab has announced Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1, is now available for pre-order.  The comic is written by Jeremy Whitley with art by a number of creative teams (including female creators!), plus a cover by Jules RiveraShort Stories for Warrior Women features four brand new tales from the world of Princeless. This is the first of a two-issue micro-series and is going to be 24 pages.

This book is listed in this month’s issue of Previews, Diamond order code JUL120705.

The Oxymoron Strikes in Upcoming ComixTribe Anthology

 THE RED TEN’s OXYMORON to Star in His Own Bloodsoaked Anthology  

April 3, 2012 — Newburyport, MA — Maverick independent publisher ComixTribe announced today that it will debut OXYMORON, a graphic novel anthology featuring the psychotic contradiction-obsessed supervillain, at the 2012 New York Comic Con.The Oxymoron, a popular character from ComixTribe’s independently distributed cult hit series THE RED TEN by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano, is being resurrected in this new spin off anthology, featuring nine short stories by hot up-and-coming writers and artists including Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), Mark Poulton (Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), Joe Mulvey (SCAM) and more, and is being edited by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James.

“I knew as soon as we sold the first copy of THE RED TEN that readers were going to demand more Oxymoron,” said James.  “Rather than keep all the fun to myself, I reached out to a group of some of the hardest working writers in independent comics to help bring this character (back) to life.  The scripts are phenomenal–dark, twisted, zany, hilarious…and I’ve assembled a talented team of artists to bring them to life.”

While the full OXYMORON collection will debut at NYCC in October, ComixTribe plans to release a 28 page, limited run OXYMORON #1 in advance, through its established micro-distribution network comprised of retailers in the New England Comics Retailers Alliance (NECRA) and other indie-supportive retailers in North America.  ComixTribe has made headlines in 2012, opting to circumvent the traditional direct market distribution channel in favor of establishing direct partnerships with indie-supportive retailers for books such as SCAM and THE RED TEN.  “Savvy retailers are adding depth to their shop by stocking quality creator owned books like SCAM and THE RED TEN,” reports Larry Doherty of Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics, who has partnered with ComixTribe on New England Comic Retailer’s Alliance (NECRA) Variants for both SCAM #1 and THE RED TEN #2.


The Oxymoron by Dave Meyers

Up-and-coming writers and artists in nine short stories of OXYMORON dive into the past to paint a better picture of the man behind the smile.

  • “Passive Aggressive” written by Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), art by Joe Mulvey (SCAM)
  • “A Selfless Man” written by John Lees (The Standard), art by Tyler James (The Red Ten)
  • “Double Standard” written by Steven Forbes (Runners), art by Dave Myers (Warriors of the Dharuk)
  • “Nearly Perfect” written by Yannick Morin (Mascherata), art by Alex Cormack (Chikara)
  • “Quiet Riot” written by Paul Allor (Clockwork), art by Aaron Houston (Clockwork)
  • “Act Naturally” written by Rich Douek (Gutter Magic), art by Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm)
  • “The Living Dead” written by Mark Bertolini (Breakneck), art by Carl Yonder (Ghostlines)
  • “Working  Holiday” written by Mark Poulton(Savage Hawkman, Avengelyne), art by Jules Rivera (Valkyrie Squadron)
  • “Alone in a Crowd” written by Ryan K Lindsay (The Process), art by Daniel Logan (Back in the Day, EXO-1)

Keep an eye out at ComixTribe.com  and follow hashtag #OXYMORON2012 on Twitter for up-to-date information and tidbits during the production of OXYMORON.

Check out ComixTribe Retailers

 Retailers: Interested in Carry ComixTribe Books?

ComixTribe has a limited number of spots left for retailers interested in carrying our books this spring.  These spots will be filled first-come, first-serve, so if you are a progressive retailer looking to support quality creator-owned books and want exclusivity for 30 days, contact tyler.james@comixtribe.com (or DM @tylerjamescomic at Twitter) immediately.

About ComixTribe

ComixTribe is a publisher of creator-owned comics, including SCAM, The Red TenEPICTears of the DragonThe Standard,  and Runners.  In addition to being a publishing imprint, ComixTribe is also an online community, with the mission statement: Creators helping creators make better comics. ComixTribe also sponsors the annual 30 Characters Challenge, an online art event where participants challenge themselves to create 30 brand new characters in just 30 days, one for every day of November. Visit ComixTribe.com or email publisher Tyler James (tyler.james@comixtribe.com) to learn more.

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