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Graphic Policy Radio Talks The Punisher Season 1 with Sean T Collins

Marvel’s The Punisher Season 2 is coming so at the recommendation of our guest, Graphic Policy Radio finally decided to cover Marvel Netflix The Punisher Season 1.

Sean T. Collins is the co-editor of the comics and art anthology Mirror Mirror II and a critic for the New York TimesRolling Stone, VultureDecider and many other publications.

Can two leftists enjoy a TV show about a character beloved by the “alt-right”? Yes. Stay tuned for:

  • “Reclaiming Punisher for the goths”
  • Frank Castle is Sandor Clegane
  • Micro is Edward Snowden
  • Metallica
  • Punisher fandom explained
  • “Punisher as a symbol for unfettered state violence against people who aren’t white”
  • Season 2 Trailer: exposed!

PS I love Sean’s ASOIAF / Game of Thrones podcast, Boiled Leather Audio Hour. Listen to it!

Graphic Policy Radio Talks The Best Comics of 2018 with Bilal Shelby, Steven Attewell & Alex K Cossa

From comics for kids to adults-only graphic novels, from superheroes– Marvel, DC, Valiant and Lion Forge– to creator-owned Twisted Romance, from slice of life to horror, we read A LOT of comics in 2018. Here are some our favorites! 

Bilal Shelby is a non-binary writer who focuses on queerness in historical and speculative fiction.  

Alex K Cossa is a contributor to Graphic Policy, a lover of Valiant Comics, and a co-host of Those Two Geeks.

Steven Attewell writes about the intersection of history, politics, and pop culture in The People’s History of the Marvel Universe for Graphic Policy. In his day job, He teaches public policy at CUNY’s Murphy Institute for Labor Studies. He is the founder of Race for the Iron Throne. (A must read for Game of Thrones fans)!

We cover Batman, Fence!, loving everything by Vita Ayala, Saladin Ahmed & Gillen/McKelvie, The Rise of the Black Panther, X-Men miniseries, Giant Days, Tomas Giorello and Chris Priest are BACK, the wholesomest queerest OGN for kids and why Jay Edidin is IRL hero of the year and MUCH more. And how to pronounce the K at the end of Ninjak.

The Best TV & Films of 2018 with Valerie Complex, Alexis Latinx Geeks & Bill Scurry

Alexis Sanchezis the creator and co-founder of Latinx Geeks, an online community for latinxs who love all things geeky and pop culture. She is a student by day and geek fangirl by night.

Bill Scurryis a filmmaker and podcaster living New York, with his wife and cat. He’s the co-host of the “I Don’t Get It Podcast,” a frequent contributor to “Wrong Reel” and he’s the founder and proprietor of AmericanCaesar Enterprises.

Valerie Complex is a military veteran turned screenwriter and film critic who loves all movies of all genres.


  • There is no heterosexual explanation for anything in Oceans’ 8
  • Susperia is what a remake should be
  • Insecure shows how to light black actors
  • Star Trek Discovery (“do straight people watch Star Trek?”)
  • BlacKkKlansman on Jewish identity
  • Voltron Hot Takes

Other 2018 TV podcasts: The Venture BrosAdventure TimeDaredevilShe-RaLegion



Today’s Best Podcasts

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse with Osvaldo Oyola & Felicia Perez. Listen to the Podcast on Demand!

Miles Morales’ feature film debut is breaking boundaries and winning accolades. Join us for a conversation about:

  • This most comic book of all comic book movies
  • “It’s like Obama’s 8 years”
  • The superpower of invisibility vs hypervisibility
  • Miles’ charter school (waiting for Spider-Man not Waiting for Superman)
  • Why did we wait so long for a brown Spider-Man?
  • “Black Panther meets The Power-Puff Girls”

Osvaldo Oyola teaches writing at New York University and serves on the executive board for the International Comics Art Forum. His blog, The Middle Spaces publishes work on comics, music and culture. You can also find images from and comments on his growing collection of both current and back issues of comics on his tumblr, Notes from Comics Collecting. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Felicia Perez is the Innovation Director at the Center for Story-based Strategy. She’s worked at the United Workers Congress, ACLU of Southern California & was a high school social studies for 12 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District where she was also an active union leader. She reviews films at Lucha’s Flix Picks

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power with Mey Rude & Tea Fougner. Listen to the Podcast on Demand!

She-ra, Netflix‘s new cartoon, is a diverse, queer, feminist re-envisioning of a cartoon from the 80s. It’s by showrunner Noelle Stevenson of Nimoa comics fame and we LOVE it.

Joining Elana to talk about it are:

Mey Rude is a queer, fat, trans Latina, a writer, a tastemaker and a lover of nerds. She lives in LA and you can find her writing at Autostraddle, Remezcla, and other places. On Twitter @meyrude.

Tea Fougner is the Editorial Director for Comics at King Features Syndicate. When she’s not reading comics for work, she’s reading comics for fun, drawing comics, dressing up as comic book characters, or watching comic adaptations on television. Tea is at @TeaberryBlue on everything.


  • What the old cartoon got right, what the new cartoon got even better
  • She-ra is a Star Wars but everyone’s a girl
  • The importance of LGBTQ cartoons for kids
  • Trope busting characters such as;
    • A socialist flying horse
    • Entrapta and her robot Emily
    • Scorpiana’s particular Mid-Western dyke energy
    • “Seahawk is pansexual because he loves men, he loves women and he loves the sea”.- Tea

Die with Kieron Gillen & Stephanie Hans. Listen on Demand

Die is a pitch-black fantasy published by Image Comics where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning unearthly horror they barely survived as teenage role-players. If Kieron’s in a rush, he describes it as “Goth Jumanji.” That only captures a sliver of what you’ll find in oversized debut issue—where fantasy gets all too real.

I got to interview two of the biggest talents making comics today: Gillen and Hans.

Kieron Gillen is an award-winning writer based in London, Britain. He is best known as the co-creator of The Wicked + the Divine and Phonogram. His comics work has been published by basically everyone and he’s written all the Marvel superheroes you’ve heard of and a few you’ve haven’t. He has written extensively for Star Wars, and is the co-creator of Doctor Aphra. Die is his latest ongoing comic. He mainly plays fighters with big mouths.

Stephanie Hans is an artist based in Toulouse, France. She is one of the most prolific and in demand cover artists in the anglophone sphere, and has worked for all the major comic publishers. Her sequential work has been seen in the Wicked + the Divine, Spider-Man, Angela, Journey into Mystery and Batwoman. Die is her first ongoing comic. She mainly plays wizards with big swords.


  • Role Playing Games is being in a band, but for story-telling.
  • Wrestling with Tolkien
  • RPG handling of class and Class, race and Race.
  • “If anyone is going to pick up on that it’s Elana”
  • “All the metal album covers are real”
  • Fantasy is a peacock
  • The birth of the 90s
  • Gaming and comics as collective storytelling
  • Sensitive metal-heads
  • And which new RPGs to pick up!

Daredevil Season 3 with Senior National Security Correspondent Spencer Ackerman. Listen to the Podcast on Demand

Daredevil was “Born Again” in Season 3 of the Netflix series. From brown-washing the FBI to NY pizza history, questionable journalism to plot significant Abstract Art and Catholic Symbolism as far as your radar can sense. Who better to talk about it all than Pulitzer Award winner Spencer Ackerman, Senior National Security Correspondent for The Daily Beast (and lifelong New Yorker).

Stay till the end for Spencer’s shocking assessment of Iron Fist Season 2.  And a predictably high amount of art history lessons from your host Elana Levin.

Stan Lee: Politics and Business With Spencer Ackerman. Listen to the Podcast on Demand and on the Go

The politics and place of Stan Lee, as told by two self admitted Jack Kirby Jacobins trying to find a balance in a tale of conflict and legends.

Stan Lee and:

Being Jewish

The creative process

  • Civil Rights
  • The Vietnam War
  • The lawsuits
  • The digressions
  • And screwing over Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko

Host Elana Levin is joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Spencer Ackerman, a senior national security correspondent at The Daily Beast. Read his article on Stan Lee’s legacy here.

The Venture Bros. Podcast: Finale! Season 7 Ep 10: The Saphrax Protocol

We survived the election to bring you in-depth analysis of the Season 7 finale of The Venture Bros.. Join us for a look at the season’s themes, “Empire Strikes Back vs Barbarella” (only one of them has Terence Stamp playing Dildano) and a whole lot of Guild of Calamitous Intent ritual borrowed from the Masons. Steven Attwell explains who the fuck is Saphrax (and also who’s Hank & Dean’s mom!) and we get into the twin’s psychology again (Jungian and otherwise).

Fair warning: Elana’s knowledge of the Masons largely comes from watching avante-garde filmmaker Matthew Barney’s Cremaster cycle and we both geek out about Alan Moore’s From Hell (which are probably Hammer and Publick’s sources on The Masons anyway).

Matthew Barney as the Entered Apprentice Mason in Cremaster 3

Matthew Barney as the Entered Apprentice Mason in Cremaster 3

Batman’s Secret Files with Cheryl Lynn Eaton. Listen on Demand and on the Go

Batman: Secret Files #1 features comics writer and critic Cheryl Lynn Eaton‘s debut Batman story! She joins us to talk about her comics and critical writing about DC, Wildstorm and the latest Marvel Netflix series.

A New York metropolitan native (now safely nestled in the outskirts of Atlanta), Cheryl Lynn Eaton has contributed to pop-culture sites as a columnist and reporter, held court as founder of the Ormes Society, maintained a position as an editor for an academic press, written for comic publishers such as Image and DC Comics, and served as an editorial intern for Publishers Weekly. She is on twitter at

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