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Deep Space Dive: A Deep Space 9 pod w/ NY State Senator Gustavo Rivera

From Bajor to the Bronx we’re joined by State Senator Gustavo Rivera, a tried and true Trekkie. Serving in the New York Senate since 2010, Gustavo has beaten the odds, facing down real world Kai Winns, negotiating soil reclamator disputes and championing New York’s Medicare for All bill.

We talk about communities, real and fictional alike, pulling through the wreckage of colonialism. Especially Puerto Rico and Bajor.

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Donations still needed for the Puerto Rican-lead Hurricaine Fiona Community Response Fund

Elana takes full responsibility for the really sloppy photoshop images. 

Deep Space Dive: A Star Trek Deep Space 9 podcast: Mirror University

DS9’s Mirror Universe episodes: simultaneously campy and tragic, we love these episodes’ windows into other possible Star Trek worlds. Join us as we recalibrate the transporter polarity for a journey through the looking glass.

Deep Space Dive is a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast where we examine the series’ social and artistic themes and characters– particularly with a queer lens. We don’t do recaps, we do do spoilers. DS9 came out in the 90s, so watch then listen. 

Catch up on our podcast within a podcast with this playlist of Deep Space Dive episodes This is episode 9. 

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Deep Space Dive: A Star Trek Deep Space 9 podcast: Is the Space Pope Catholic?

Deep Space Nine‘s handling of religion is unique in Star Trek. While other Trek treats faith with skepticism and suspicion, DS9 depicts a variety of religious characters who explore faith in their own ways. 

Our guest: Anthony Oliveira is a National Magazine award and GLAAD award-winning author (his comics “My Drag Brunch with Loki” and “X:Men Early Thaw” are queer Marvels). His graphic novel, Apocrypha, about queer teens versus the Christian apocalypse, has been acquired by HarperTeen. His first novel, Dayspring, is forthcoming from Strange Light Press in 2023.

He’s online @meakoopa, where he tweets about the arts, politics, and LGBT culture, or on his podcast, The Devil’s Party, as he reads through the classics of Christian literature (including Milton’s poetry and the Gospels) through a queer scholarly lens.

Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space 9 Podcast: Gul Dukat

Attention Bajoran Workers: This is Now a Gul Dukat Podcast.

Gul Dukat is more than a scenery-chewing space lizard war criminal who looks like Mitt Romney – he’s Star Trek’s most complex villian. Talking about Dukat means talking about colonialism, fragile masculinity, and the interplay between mental health and morality.

And Deep Space Dive is a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast all about topics like those. So join Sarah Daniel Rasher and Elana Levin for a deep dive into the text and subtext where few Star Trek podcasts have gone before.

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Deep Space Dive, a DS9 pod. Worf: Star Trek’s 1st Jew of Color

“We’re ALL ambassadors.” –  Rafael Shimunov.

Artist and organizer Rafael Shimunov’s family of Bukharian Jewish refugees from Uzbekistan learned English by watching Star Trek. Raf’s read on Worf as a fellow Jew of color is eye opening. We talk all things Worf, but especially about his depiction as a Jewish person of color, directly within Star Trek’s coding of his background and metaphorically as an individual who finds meaning in his multiple identities. 

We answer listener questions on everything from Worf and Orthodox religious identity to his success with the ladies and his post Deep Space Nine future. And how Klingon has more in common with Jewish languages than you might think. 

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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek DS9 pod Sends Miles & Keiko To Couples Counseling

We love Keiko and Miles so much that we’re sending them to fictional couples counseling. 

Joining us is Scott Thorough, a lifelong Trekkie with a Masters in Social Work.  Scott did his internships for social work school with narrative focus. He’s the perfect guest to join us to determine if the O’Briens’ marriage can or should be saved.

Scott is also the co-host of the excellent Zebras in America Podcast

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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine pod: Dr Julian Bashir & Section 420

Doctor Julian Bashir is Deep Space Nine’s resident physician, humanitarian, James Bond cosplayer, and disaster bisexual. We are joined by Ali Nagib, Assistant Director of Illinois NORML, an organization that was key to ending cannabis prohibition in Illinois. In this episode, Ali helps us discover why Dr. Bashir was so important for representation, why he’s such a headcanon magnet, why he’s a great role model for health equity activism efforts like cannabis legalization, and why he’s the Anti-Bones McCoy.

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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast. Ep 3rd Wave Feminism

DS9 premiered at the height of third-wave feminism. In this episode, we’ll look at how Star Trek Deep Space Nine incorporated feminist thought of the ‘90s into its depictions of women and gender. Also, how that explains why Major Kira is always wearing a full face of makeup even when she’s roaming caves with a phaser rifle. And how the real villian isn’t just the Dominion, it’s Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast. Ep 2: Unionize Quark’s!

Rom quotes Karl Marx and organizes a labor union at Quark’s Bar– of course, this merits a full episode of our new DS9 podcast. Join our guest, labor unionist & Trekkie Asher Huey for a close look at Bar Association, Season 4 episode 9. 

This is the second episode of our podcast spin-off series, “Deep Space Dive” a Deep Space Nine podcast hosted by Elana Levin and Sarah Daniel Rasher

In each episode we do a deep dive into the text and subtext of this most political of Star Trek series, often with expert guests like the one we had today. Asher Heuy is the digital director of the American Federation of Teachers. profiled this activism and love of Star Trek in 2019. You can follow him:

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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast. Ep 1: Garak

DS9 is the Star Trek with the greatest focus on political concepts like colonialism, feminism, queerness, and post-scarcity economics. Join hosts and guests who aren’t just Trekkies but activists, academics, artists, therapists, and more as we do a deep dive into the text and subtext where few Star Trek podcasts have gone before. 

We’re discussing Deep Space Nine’s themes and characters– not doing recaps. Also: spoilers. 


Elana Levin, also the host of Graphic Policy Radio, has worked at the intersection of comics, nerd culture and social change for over a decade. Biggest Trek cred? Giving a speech on fan activism at a rally organized by Leeta/Chase Masterson. 

When not getting paid to use math to save the world, Sarah Daniel Rasher writes about film and figure skating. They were the founding Captain of their high school Star Trek club and once got Nicole De Boer to kiss them at a convention.

Episode 1: 

Garak: All The Boys Think He’s a Spy

Is he a spy? Is he evil? Is he dating Bashir? One thing’s for sure, he’s everyone’s favorite character.