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Deep Space Dive: A Star Trek Deep Space 9 podcast: Is the Space Pope Catholic?

Deep Space Nine‘s handling of religion is unique in Star Trek. While other Trek treats faith with skepticism and suspicion, DS9 depicts a variety of religious characters who explore faith in their own ways. 

Our guest: Anthony Oliveira is a National Magazine award and GLAAD award-winning author (his comics “My Drag Brunch with Loki” and “X:Men Early Thaw” are queer Marvels). His graphic novel, Apocrypha, about queer teens versus the Christian apocalypse, has been acquired by HarperTeen. His first novel, Dayspring, is forthcoming from Strange Light Press in 2023.

He’s online @meakoopa, where he tweets about the arts, politics, and LGBT culture, or on his podcast, The Devil’s Party, as he reads through the classics of Christian literature (including Milton’s poetry and the Gospels) through a queer scholarly lens. https://anthonyoliveira.com


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