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They Boldly Went Where No Woman Had Gone Before. Eaglemoss Celebrates the First Women in Space!

One was a Soviet cosmonaut, selected from among more than 400 applicants to soar into space on the Vostok 6 mission on June 16, 1963. Twenty years and two days later – on June 18, 1983 – an American astronaut rose to similar heights of fame aboard the space shuttle Challenger. They were, respectively, Valentina Tereshkova and Sally Ride. The course they charted for women — in their own countries and around the world — continues to resonate throughout the cosmos.

Eaglemoss Collections, creators of Star Trek themed collectibles produced under license from CBS Studios, is proud to salute these true pioneers on the 55th and 35th anniversaries of their respective historic launches into space with special 15% savings on stunningly detailed, die-cast models available online at the Eaglemoss Shop.

Here are five of the most significant Federation starships that, according to Star Trek canon, flew under the leadership of female Starfleet captains and commanders.

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 (Star Trek: Voyager)

Captain Kathryn Janeway

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Captain Rachel Garrett

U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax

U.S.S. Pasteur NCC-58925 (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Captain Beverly Picard (alternate future)

U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227 (Star Trek: Discovery)

Captain Philippa Georgiou

From now through June 18, visitors to the Eaglemoss Shop can enjoy 15% off the regular price of their entire purchase by entering the promo code JANEWAY when prompted at checkout. Certain restrictions apply.

Fans can also subscribe to any of the many Star Trek themed collections offered by Eaglemoss, including the Official Star Trek Starships Collection, soon to approach 160 officially authorized ships. Subscribers enjoy even more savings, receive exclusive free gifts and gain access to special editions.

Pioneers of space, Valentina Tereshkova and Sally Ride paved the way for so many women who followed and – as Star Trek fans know better than most – are destined to do likewise.

Eaglemoss Launches a Summer of Trek Sweepstakes

It’s the largest, most comprehensive collector’s series of Star Trek starships ever assembled – and this summer the number of models in Eaglemoss’ Official Star Trek Starships Collection will surpass 160. To celebrate, Eaglemoss once again invites fans of every generation to “Get Your Trek On” and enter to win one of 500 incredible prizes in its annual “Summer of Trek” Sweepstakes – including the Grand Prize of an ultimate voyage for two aboard Star Trek: The Cruise III.

Co-presented by Entertainment Cruise Productions, organizers of Star Trek: The Cruise III, and IDW, licensed publisher of Star Trek comics, the sweepstakes and themed events throughout the summer are designed to draw fan attention to the many Star Trek themed collectibles produced by Eaglemoss under license from CBS Studios, including the Official Star Trek Starships Collection, the Official Star Trek Starships XL Editions, the Official Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, and the all-new Official Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection.

Each collection is available by subscription from Eaglemoss, as well as at the Eaglemoss Shop and in leading comic and pop culture specialty stores.

Plus, from now through August 20th, fans who enter online can win one of more than 500 prizes, including the Grand Prize of passage for two aboard the luxurious Star Trek: The Cruise III and the opportunity to sail alongside more than 20 iconic Star Trek actors and personalities – all under the direction of Cruise Host Wil Wheaton!

Five First Prize winners will receive a one-year subscription to the Eaglemoss Star Trek starship collection of their choice, 25 Second Prize winners will get a bundle of five starships from the Official Star Trek Starships Collection, and 50 Third Prize winners will get the first three volumes of the Official Star Trek Graphic Novels Collection.  Additional prizes include digital copies of the first issue of IDW’s Star Trek: Boldly Go comic books series, digital trade editions of IDW’s Starfleet Academy, and $10 Eaglemoss Shop online gift cards.

Fans can also earn additional automatic entries when they share news of the “Summer of Trek” Sweepstakes with their friends. Every referral earns one additional entry when that friend enters the sweeps. By the end of the sweepstakes, the top ten referrers will earn exclusive prizes, including the top prize of a $500 Eaglemoss Shop gift card.

For official rules and to enter, fans can go online. Once there, a name and valid e-mail address are all that’s needed to register. No purchase is necessary to enter the Eaglemoss “Summer of Trek” Sweepstakes.

Preview: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through The Mirror #5

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through The Mirror #5

Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Debora Carita, J.K. Woodward (a)

Can Captain Picard prevent his Mirror counterpart’s plans for galactic conquest? It’s the explosive finale to THROUGH THE MIRROR!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Star Trek: Discovery #4

Star Trek: Discovery #4

Mike Johnson, Kirsten Beyer (w) • Tony Shasteen (a)

The tie-in series to the blockbuster new show concludes! The Klingon leader T’Kuvma embraces his destiny and fights to unite the many Houses of the Klingon Empire… ultimately leading to epic conflict with the Federation!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Eaglemoss Offers a 9-Ship Salute to the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

It’s been a quarter century since the debut of the first Star Trek series not set on board a ship called Enterprise and Eaglemoss Collections is giving fans an opportunity to celebrate. Here are nine classic starships that put into port across seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Each is available to own as an incredibly detailed die-cast replica, official authorized by CBS Studios, and at special 25th anniversary savings – either as part of a subscription to the Official Star Trek Starships Collection or as individual purchases from the Eaglemoss Shop or favorite comic shop.

1: Danube Class Runabout

A vital part of operations for the Deep Space Nine crew, able to serve on a variety of different mission types. The ships in this class were named for famous rivers on Earth, including the U.S.S. Rio Grande, the U.S.S. Yangtzee and the U.S.S. Orinoco.

2: Bajoran Solar-Sail Vessel

A relic from the distant past of Bajoran space exploration. Legend had it that it made it all the way to Cardassia itself almost 800 years prior. Benjamin Sisko recreated this ship from ancient plans to see if the legend was true.

3: Cardassian Galor Class

The most-common warships in the Cardassian fleet, they featured heavily in DS9 during the Dominion War. Fighting alongside Dominion ships, they inflicted heavy damage to the combined Federation and Klingon fleets.

4: Akira Class

Built for action, it played a major role in winning back Deep Space Nine for the Federation. Designed to confront threats encroaching on Starfleet’s borders in space, the ship’s layout presented a narrow target, and its saucer section functioned not unlike an aircraft carrier.

5: U.S.S. Defiant

Originally built to defend against a Borg invasion, this relatively small class prototype was the Federation’s very first true warship.  At just 4 decks and a crew of about 40, it nevertheless proved itself as one of the most-powerful and consistent players in the Dominion War’s hard-fought battles.

6: Jem’Hadar Fighter

Commonly used by the Dominion at the front lines of battle, this beetle-shaped attack ship was typically deployed in groups of three. Late in the Dominion War, it was outfitted with an energy-dampening weapon that proved devastating to Federation forces and their allies until countermeasures were eventually developed.

7: Bajoran Raider

Made from spare parts and whatever Bajoran Resistance engineers could scrounge together, this ship was a true underdog, not even capable of impulse speeds in space, let alone warp. But within a planet’s atmosphere, this strike fighter bared its teeth, often attacking in groups, and proving itself faster and more maneuverable than ships that otherwise outclassed it.

8: Romulan Shuttle

In many ways a comparable ship class to the Federation Danube Class Runabout, but with a very distinctive Romulan design and features. It also had a cloaking device that rendered the ship invisible to sensors as well as the naked eye.

9: Klingon Vor’cha Class

This battlecruiser featured heavily in all the defining battles of the Dominion War and was the flagship of choice for General Martok, as well as Chancellors Gowron and K’mpec. Instantly recognizable as a Klingon vessel, years of peace and sharing of technology with the Federation influenced aspects of its design.

The ships of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine forever changed the landscape of Star Trek lore. To commemorate this critically important turning point in Star Trek history, Eaglemoss Collections is making some history of its own. New subscribers to the Official Star Trek Starships Collection will not only get their first ship  – TNG’s U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D – for only $4.95, but also receive the U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 for half price – both with free shipping (use the code DS9 at checkout) Plus, every subscription includes a selection of free gifts valued at over $90 and additional savings of up to 20% off each ship in the collection.

Non-subscribers can drop by the Eaglemoss Shop to enjoy 10% off the purchase of any or all DS9 ships, including our Deep Space Nine 25th Anniversary Bundle, which includes a special edition Deep Space Nine space station and two ships from Season 2. Or look for them at your local comic shop.

Preview: Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #2

Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #2

Mike Johnson, Kirsten Beyer (w) • Angel Hernandez (a & cover a) • Elizabeth Beals (cover ri-a) • Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire (cover ri-b)

In this, the second DISCOVERY miniseries from IDW Publishing, your favorite characters from the hit CBS All Access series dive into an adventure tied directly into the second half of the first season—out now!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #4

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #4

Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Carlos Nieto, J.K. Woodward (a) • J.K. Woodward (cover a) • Carlos Nieto (cover b) • Peter McKinstry (cover ri)

Finally, Mirror Picard’s plot is revealed! It’s Enterprise crew versus Enterprise crew, with the fate of a galaxy hanging in the balance!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #3

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #3

Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Josh Hood, J.K. Woodward (a) • J.K. Woodward (cover a) • Josh Hood (c)

It’s interstellar espionage aboard the Enterprise-D when the Mirror Universe crew infiltrates Captain Picard’s ship! What are they up to? The answers are here!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #2

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #2

Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • J.K. Woodward (a & cover a) • Marcus To (a & cover b)

When the Enterprise-D discovers a burned-out, pillaged Andorian vessel, the search for the culprits behind it leads to some startlingly familiar faces!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Star Trek: Boldly Go, Vol. 3

Star Trek: Boldly Go, Vol. 3

Mike Johnson (w) • Josh Hood, Megan Levens, Tana Ford, Marcus To (a) • Tony Shasteen (c)

What if Kirk and the Enterprise crew were robots? What if Klingons founded Starfleet? What if Spock wasn’t Vulcan? What if all these realities collided? The Star Trek mega-event “I.D.I.C.” brings together all of these worlds for one huge, universe-threatening adventure. The Vulcan philosophy of celebrating “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” is one of acceptance, but can the universe accept the simultaneous existence of multiple realities? It’s a team-up for the ages as numerous incarnations of Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise crew must work together to stop a foe that threatens all of existence! Featuring the return of Jane Tiberius Kirk and her gender-swapped crew! Collects the entire “I.D.I.C.” storyline from Star Trek: Boldly Go #13-18.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-248-6

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