Review: Gutter Magic #1

Gutter magicA wonderfully clever and creative urban fantasy story, Gutter Magic #1 is an incredible introduction to what promises to be an impressive series.

Meet an alternate future New York City, full of Goblins, Imps, Wizards and all manner of magical creatures. Opening with action, the reader finds protagonist Cinder in a spot of bother involving magic, guns and, of course, explosions. The issue remains fast paced and adventure filled as Cinder and his friend Blacktooth, search the city and the Goblin Market for help with a particular problem, only to find themselves pursued by a dangerous group who consider Cinder and Blacktooth themselves to be the problem.

Quality writing throughout this issue by Rich Douek, draws the reader in and makes this magical adventure not only believable, but one of those rare literary pieces that allows the reader to become fully submerged in the world being created. The dialogue is strong and consistent and builds up the personas of the characters to add depth throughout.

The artwork (Brett Barkley, Jules Rivera and Nic Shaw) itself is surely a creation of magic. The New York backdrop is impressive with aspects of reality and the fantastical entwined perfectly to create a setting that feels well known yet not yet discovered. The characters are drawn well and the colours are just beautiful.

If you are looking for a magical world with relatable characters and a fast paced adventure storyline, then Gutter Magic #1 is definitely a comic you should not miss.

Story: Rich Douek Penciller/Inker: Brett Barkley Colorist: Jules Rivera Letterer: Nic Shaw
Story: 10 Art:10 Overall:10 Recommendation: Buy