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Cards Against Humanity Gets Political with Clinton and Trump Packs

The Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Cards Against Humanity packs were part of the gift bag at the Concert Against Humanity held by the Cards Against Humanity folks at Gen Con. The two packs are being released to the public as of today and encourages individuals to vote with their dollar for the candidate they support.

Each pack costs $4 and contains 15 cards about the two public figures vying to be elected the 45th President of the United States this November.

Cards Against Humanity has said that they are counting this as votes and when that voting ends they’ll tally up the sales and donate all of the money to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. They’re running a live total so you can see how much as been purchased for each pack.

You can get yours now.

CAH Clinton Trump

Hillary Clinton Joins Valiant’s Faith in Faith #5

In advance of San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Valiant has announced that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for President of the United States, will join forces with Faith “Zephyr” Herbert on November 2nd in Faith #5 – a history-making, 48-page election special teaming the leading female hero in comics today with the first female nominee from a major political party for a special tale written by comics legend Louise Simonson with art by Faith’s own Pere Perez!

On November 2nd, just days before Election Day 2016, legendary writer Louise Simonson and Harvey Award-nominated artist Pere Perez present history in the making with a presidential milestone like no other! Faith Herbert, star of the highest selling independent superhero debut of 2016, is a shining beacon of optimism in a challenging world. Her day job as a blogger and journalist is about to bring Faith face to face with Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton…but it’s her daring alter ego as Los Angeles’ leading superhero that will have to save the day when a new threat emerges to imperil a pivotal moment that has all of America watching!

Plus, also coming in the oversized, 48-page Faith #5 election special: Faith’s adventures continue with an all-new lead story by the ongoing creative team of writer Jody Houser and new series artists Meghan Hetrick and Marguerite Sauvage, as well an exclusive prelude to Harbinger Renegades #1 – featuring the long-awaited return of Faith’s beloved superteam – by writer Rafer Roberts and Eisner Award-winning artist Colleen Doran!

With covers by Eisner Award-winning superstar Paolo Rivera, Harvey Award nominee Clayton Henry, new ongoing Faith interior artist Meghan Hetrick, and more, join an all-star cast of Valiant’s greatest talents on November 2nd for a landmark comics event!

Faith Issue 5_Hillary Special_mock-up_v4.indd

Around the Tubes

clintoncashThe weekend is almost here and San Diego Comic-Con inches closer… while we’re not in the corner rocking back and forth, we’ll be prepping for that, but if you’re not, are you going to see Ghostbusters? Sound off in the comments.

While you wait for work to be over and the weekend to begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

Heatstreet – Comic Book Veterans Come Together to Expose ‘Clinton Cash’ in Graphic Novel – Well this should be interesting.

CBR – Civil Rights Legend Rep. John Lewis to Lead Children’s March at SDCC – Very cool to see this again.

CBR – Free-to-Play “Batman: Arkham Asylum” Prequel Game Now Available on Mobile – Free is good!

The Beat – Frank Cho quits over his right to draw Wonder Woman’s panties – ….


Around the Tubes Reviews

ICv2 – Assassin’s Creed Vol. 1 Trial by Fire

Bam! Smack! Pow! – Civil War II #3

Nothing But Comics – Wonder Woman #2

TV Review: Broad City S3E05 2016


Broad City airs at 10 PM EST on Comedy Central.

In this week’s Broad CityIlana deals with the woes of being unemployed and does some creative things to get money, like being an overenthusiastic bike messenger, doing dance moves on the subway in rainbow colored, and finally an unpaid volunteer at Hilary Clinton . (She thinks it’s paid though.) In Abbi’s storyline, a hairdresser (Who is a sassy gay man. Stereotype, much?) tweaks her neck after she pays with a coupon from Ilana’s old job, Deals, Deals, Deals, which throws her dreams of the perfect DMV photo into disarray. Luckily, her chiropractor Dr. Heller (played with warmth by the legendary Alan Alda) is there to save the day. And there’s a cameo from Clinton herself  at the end that maybe goes on for a little too long, but fits the surreal tone of this episode.

Director Todd Biermann  and writer Chris Kelly go deep into the continuity well in “2016” bringing back references to Trey’s (Paul W. Downs) gay porn career as Ilana’s brother Eliot (played by Glazer’s real life brother Eliot Glazer) finds “enjoyment” in a couple of his videos while Ilana freaks out about working for Clinton. (And Abbi mentions “pegging” in front of the presidential candidate herself.) And, in more of a visual callback, Biermann makes the DMV that Abbi goes to in Queens a mix of a low budget zombie film set, refugee camp, and waiting for the last lifeboat on the Titanic. He makes a nice contrast in lighting between the usual DMV and the “appointment” DMV, which is gaudy, filled with chocolates, a masseuse, and an incredibly polite concierge played with bombastic surrealism by first time actor Andrew Ward. The addition of this room sequence plus the nice subversion of “old people suck at the Internet” trope with Dr. Heller keeps the DMV plot line from being the same old “DMV is hell” joke for half an episode.

And Alan Alda is brilliant in his short scene as Abbi’s chiropractor as he shows genuine care for her by helping to sell her art, asking about her sleep, and evening her bangs after the hatchet job of a haircut. Abbi’s reaction of “I love you” can definitely stand in for the audience’s reaction, and he joins Kelly Ripa, Amy Poehler, and Patricia Clarkson as famous folks, who have shone in Broad City. (He does get to make the slightest of jokes about Abbi’s butt, which is basically a character in the show by now.) Dr. Heller feels like family to Abbi and with the reveal of Abbi’s old pictures on her phone (including her gay high school boyfriend) and next week’s episode taking place in her hometown of Philadelphia, Jacobson could get a chance to flesh out the pre-Ilana version of herself.

And speaking of Ilana, Glazer is pure madcap in her outfits, line deliveries, and body movements throughout “2016” and truly sells her passion for Hillary Clinton. She even gets a rare quiet moment soothing her friend Linda, who owns a temp agency and is going through a midlife crisis while Ilana is going through a quarter life one.  Hooray for intergenerational empathy! Also, a bike messenger is kind of a perfect job for her as she rides around New York via a fastly paced tracking shot from Biermann shouting, “Ass, ass, ass.”  as random passerbyswith her bike helmet/wig combo and makes acrobatic envelope throws. (She’s definitely the best TV bike messenger since Tyres from Spaced., a show that also combined insane surrealism with the harsh reality of life and work as a twentysomething.) There’s no scene of her getting fired so hopefully we get to go on more rides with Ilana. And speaking of firing, Glazer’s almost deadpan tone as she shows Hillary Clinton’s campaign office to Abbi while literally cleaning out her desk is kind of amazing.

Clinton’s cameo could be a great sight gag or a fun surrealist gag (in keeping with “2016’s” tone) a la Madeline Albright showing up in a Season Six episode of Gilmore Girls with a pair of winks, a perfect pantsuit, and Abbi and Ilana’s hilarious reaction. But it kind of rolls on, and Kelly even tries to shoehorn her into the Broad City universe with her adding the inflatable red thing from Ilana’s old job to her campaign office. But what this sequence does get right is how almost any of us would react to one of our heroes appearing out of the blue, and Glazer and Jacobson’s reactions are super genuine and passionate with a side of the slow mo that Broad City directors usually employ when Abbi and Ilana are getting fired up about something.

With a scene stealing guest performance from Alan Alda and some tremendous energy from Glazer, “2016” is a successful dip into the surreal side of the Broad City universe even with the slight awkwardness of the end credits cameo tag featuring a Democratic candidate for president.

Rating: 8.5

S.H.I.E.L.D. Jokes about Clinton’s Email Servers

Comics are often thought of as pretty liberal, but that doesn’t mean writers aren’t willing to take shots at or make jokes concerning Democrats. In Marvel‘s Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha #1 which is out today, writer Nick Spencer takes a jab at the controversy over Hillary Clinton‘s email servers.

While being questioned over their actions, a low lever S.H.I.E.L.D. agent makes a crack about wiping servers.

For those unaware of the issue NPR has you covered.


Around the Tubes

Our thoughts go out to those affected by violence in Baltimore. The violence takes the spotlight away from the majority of people who have participated in peaceful protests.

Around the Tubes

The Beat – New open source Comic Smart Panels allows you to make your own animated comics – This is really cool!

GamePolitics – Will Hillary Clinton’s colorful past on violent media come back to haunt her? – Good question!

iO9 – The Complete History Of The Joker’s Many, Many Incarnations – Some good history.

The Fiscal Times – Move Over Barbie, Toymakers Are Making a Push With Girl Superheroes – What site showed with statistics that this was a solid demographic? Oh yeah, us!


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Convergence: Swamp Thing #1

CBR – The Infinite Loop #1

CBR – Jem and the Holograms #2

CBR – Lazarus #16

CBR – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4

CBR – Velvet #10

Pop Political/Political Pop: The Beetle Vs. the Glass Ceiling (Spoilers)

Welcome to the first Pop Political/Political Pop which will be posted each Friday where I spotlight a “political” moment in comics for the week or a geek moment in politics. It could be an entire comic, a Tweet, release, event or a moment in a comic series, recent or in the past. This week’s first one comes courtesy of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man written by Nick Spencer with art from Rich Ellis.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!

The issue focuses on the new Beetle, who we have learned is the daughter of mob enforcer Tombstone. Janice wants to be a super villain but her dad has other ideas, such as her becoming a lawyer… they can steal way more money and do so legally. But, that doesn’t sit right where she protests that she wants to break the glass ceiling and become the head of a crew and run it the right way.

On being a woman and a career (in crime) she has this to say:

beetle_1Then there’s Janice’s dating life. In an awesome sequence of how she spends her time we get a snapshot of a date and what’s going on through her head.

beetle_2Between the Clinton reference and the X when Republicans are mentioned, I’m guessing Janice might be a Democrat.

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