Pop Political/Political Pop: The Beetle Vs. the Glass Ceiling (Spoilers)

Welcome to the first Pop Political/Political Pop which will be posted each Friday where I spotlight a “political” moment in comics for the week or a geek moment in politics. It could be an entire comic, a Tweet, release, event or a moment in a comic series, recent or in the past. This week’s first one comes courtesy of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man written by Nick Spencer with art from Rich Ellis.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!

The issue focuses on the new Beetle, who we have learned is the daughter of mob enforcer Tombstone. Janice wants to be a super villain but her dad has other ideas, such as her becoming a lawyer… they can steal way more money and do so legally. But, that doesn’t sit right where she protests that she wants to break the glass ceiling and become the head of a crew and run it the right way.

On being a woman and a career (in crime) she has this to say:

beetle_1Then there’s Janice’s dating life. In an awesome sequence of how she spends her time we get a snapshot of a date and what’s going on through her head.

beetle_2Between the Clinton reference and the X when Republicans are mentioned, I’m guessing Janice might be a Democrat.