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Milo Manara honors the heroic women of the COVID-19 pandemic

Legendary Italian artist Milo Manara has a niece that works as a nurse, an essential worker. She’s in the trenches, right smack in the middle of one of Europe’s most worrying Coronavirus hotzones: Italy. Manara, inspired by the work his niece and every other essential worker takes on daily despite the risk of infection, has taken to pen, paper, and ink to recognize the degree of heroism each one represents in a series of illustrations dedicated to them.

by Milo Manara

Fans of Manara expect erotic and sensual explorations of female beauty, the politics of sex, and even the more deceitful aspects of sex as a means of control (see his work on The Borgias, co-created with Alejandro Jodorowsky). For his COVID-19 Heroes illustrations, Manara reins in the eroticism to focus entirely on showing his gratitude to the women who brave the virus to fulfill essential duties.

Manara started posting these illustrations on his Facebook and Instagram pages on March 15, starting with a piece called “It’s You Against Me, Now!” in which a nurse stares down a giant COVID-19 molecule. He captioned the post with a simple yet resounding “Grazie.”

“It’s You Against Me, Now,” Milo Manara

The illustrations feel like an attempt at preserving the memory of these workers as a means to keep a visual record of the things women have put on the line to help keep the world turning. They still have the overall look and feel of the women Manara is famous for illustrating, but the purpose is to provide a visual profile that kind of speaks for itself at a mere glance. And it succeeds in every aspect.

Another valuable and important point Manara makes through this project relates to the very definition of ‘essential.’ We see nurses and teachers, but we also see vendors, women doing deliveries, supermarket cashiers, and crossing guards, all presented as equally important. It’s as if Manara’s urging us to recognize that all work is essential, regardless of its nature.

by Milo Manara

Milo Manara is currently 74 years of age, so he’s in one of the more vulnerable groups of people affected by the pandemic. According to a Heavy Metal article, he’s surviving by staying inside with the help of his daughter, who brings him groceries and supplies. In essence, this is Manara paying his debt back.

For the full gallery of Manara’s COVID-19 heroes, click here.

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.

Doomsday Clock #7 (DC Comics) – After a bit of a break, the DC event is back and we’re still intrigued as to where it’s all going as it moves into the latter half of its run.

Edge of Spider-Geddon #4 (Marvel) – Each issue so far in this lead up to the main event has been fantastic. All its done is made us wish that each of these characters had their own series! We expect no less from this one.

Extermination #3 (Marvel) – When it comes to the Mutants, Marvel and them seem to be their best when it involves crazy time travel stories. This one has been lots of action and shockers and this is another we have no idea where it’s all going.

Faith: Dreamside #1 (Valiant) – Faith is always a fun time and mixing her with the Dreamside? Yeah, we’re in for that.

Fantasmagoria #1 (Starburns Industries Press) – A horror comic that explors mythology specific to Mexico. That alone has us intrigued to check it all out.

Fearscape #1 (Vault Comics) – This one sounds a bit like a new take on the Sandman and that sort of storytelling. Vault has some fantastic releases so we’re excited to check this out and see what it’s all about.

Fence #10 (BOOM! Studios) – This series has been fantastic bringing the sports manga concept to the twist. BOOM! has been killing it when it comes to that and this one has been amazing with every issue.

Friendo #1 (Vault Comics) – A personal marketing VR has gone haywire. Again, Vault has been top notch when it comes to releases so we’re excited to check this one out.

Gamma #1 (Dark Horse Comics) – Pokémon meets Power Rangers… um ok. Sounds awesome to us!

Heroes in Crisis #1 (DC Comics) – There’s been a hell of a build up to this new event series that explores the trauma that superheroes experience.

High Heaven #1 (AHOY Comics) – AHOY’s first release was amazing and we’re expecting more of the same from this upstart publisher that wants to deliver more when it comes to comics.

Illegal (Sourcebooks) – A powerful graphic novel exploring immigration and undocumented immigrants.

Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #1 (Marvel) – The first issue that mashed together Captain America and Thor was fun and this one with that’s Iron Man and Thor? We’re expecting lots of drinking… and more fun.

Justice League Odyssey #1 (DC Comics) – The space/tech Justice League… you have out attention.

Man-Eaters #1 (Image Comics) – Chelsea Cain… nuff said.

Scarlet #2 (Jinxworld/DC Comics) – The first issue was a great return for the character and series and we want to see if the second issue can continue to deliver.

Spider-Geddon #0 (Marvel) – The newest Spider-Man event is kicking off and Marvel has been rocking it with the Multiverse Spider-Man stuff. Plus, this issue marks the debut of the recent video game version of the character.

Star Trek vs. Transformers #1 (IDW Publishing) – The title really says it all.

Stranger Things #1 (Dark Horse Comics) – The popular television show comes to comics.

Transformers: Lost Light #24 (IDW Publishing) – IDW is wrapping up their current run on Transformers and we have no idea what’s coming next. We just know this series is wrapping up and bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Review: Heroes: Godsend #1

Heroes_Godsend1_Cover_B - Photo CoverThis 5-part story arc focuses on Farah from Heroes Reborn, delving into her past as we find out how she became the woman she is today. The story begins while Farah is a student in New York City in 2001 and terrorists destroy the World Trade Center… Life for the world and Farah will never be the same again… And how will she cope with discovering her camouflage powers?

This literally starts out with a bang, as a defining moment in American history happens. Of course this is more of a backstory themed issue, as we find out more about Farah’s backstory. While the power may seem like a blessing, she is gains attention of Primatech Paper? With that attention they manage to bring in Noah Bennett, and Angela Pertalli, two key characters from both the original Heroes and Heroes Reborn.

Like the previous mini-series Heroes: Vengeance the art work is greatly realistic. While the story follows someone a little more ordinary who happens to have a tragic, but trans-formative event happen. The artist clearly understands, and showcases Farah’s change from ordinary to extraordinary. Even the flashbacks to before the tragic event, seem to have a sense of weight in both art and story. Can’t wait for more.

Story: Joey Falco Art: Roy Martinez
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Titan Comics Reveals the Cover for Heroes: Godsend #2

Following their announcement of Titan Comics’ all-new Heroes: Godsend series last month, the publisher has revealed the covers for Heroes: Godsend #2.

This brand new series will be written by Heroes Reborn scriptwriter Joey Falco with art from Roy Allan Martinez. Issue #2 comes with covers from Allan Martinez and Feliz Ruiz.

Farah’s work at Primatech brings her into a clash with HRG and the Haitian. Plus she has to undergo a secret mission into a prison to break-out an old face from the Heroes TV show! Plus, just what is Angela Petrelli up to…?

Heroes_Godsend_2_CoverA by Allan Martinez Heroes_Godsend_2_CoverB by Felix Ruiz

Titan Comics Reveals Cover for Heroes Godsend #1

Titan Comics has released a first look at the stunning variant covers from their all-new forthcoming mini-series Heroes: Godsend written by Heroes Reborn scriptwriter Joey Falco and with art from Roy Allan Martinez.

This 5-part story arc focuses on Farah from Heroes Reborn, delving into her past as we find out how she became the woman she is today.

The story begins while Farah is a student in New York City in 2001 and terrorists destroy the World Trade Center… Life for the world and Farah will never be the same again… And how will she cope with discovering her camouflage powers?

Preview: Heroes Vengeance #1


Writer: Seamus Fahey & Zach Craley
Artist: Rubine
Cover By: Paul Pope
Publisher: Titan Comics
Page Count: 32PP
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: October 2015

This October sees the release of Heroes Vengeance issue #1, from the team behind the anticipated NBC series! Written by Seamus Fahey and Zach Craley with art by Rubine. Issue #1 cover by Paul Pope!


Bastei Lübbe to Publish Official Tie-In to Heroes Reborn

heroes reborn featuredOn September 25, 2015, leading German publisher Bastei Lübbe will release the first in a series of novellas to tie in with the premiere of NBC‘s Heroes Reborn, the reboot of the globally successful TV show Heroes.

In a joint venture from Bastei Lübbe and multi-platform entertainment studio Imperative Entertainment, the Heroes Reborn novella series will be initially published as six e-books and audiobooks, with an anthologized print edition to follow. The novellas will be written by various authors including New York Times bestselling author Timothy Zahn and multimillion bestselling novelist Kevin J. Anderson. The six short thrillers will focus on both new and familiar characters from Heroes, with some of the novellas extending the narrative from the new series while others help fill in the gap between the old series and the new.

The Heroes Reborn novella series launches with Brave New World by David Bishop, which ties in with the first episode of the Heroes Reborn series. A Matter of Trust by Timothy Zahn focuses on a priest with a dark secret, while Nobody, an original tale by Kevin J. Anderson and Peter J. Wacks, involves the power and the curse of physical attraction. Duane Swierczynski‘s contribution is a cat-and-mouse thriller about a murderous husband and wife couple whose next intended victim proves highly elusive, while Stephen Blackmoore‘s story is an action-packed tale of police corruption. Finally, Keith De Candido‘s Save The Cheerleader, Destroy The World tells the full story of what happened to everybody’s favorite cheerleader, Claire Bennet.

You can pre-order the series now.




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Will Heroes Truly Be Reborn?

bennetIt may be hard to believe now, but at one time Heroes was the best thing on television.

The first season of Heroes was phenomenal. When the first episode hit in 2006, two years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched with Iron Man, there was nothing else like it on television. It was ahead of its time, and it thrived because of that. The first season was one of the best seasons of any show on television at the time, and it still holds up to this day – even if the special effects may be nearing ten years old. But as the seasons passed the ratings fell, which given the quality of the third season was entirely understandable. Season four wasn’t as bad as season three, but it was a far cry from the show’s high of the first season.

Heroes wasn’t renewed for a fifth season, and while many fans who longed for a return to the quality of season one were disappointed the show wouldn’t get a chance to redeem itself, nobody was really surprised the show was cancelled.

Until, that is, the announcement of Heroes Reborn.

Much like the cheerleader from the first four seasons, Heroes has returned for a thirteen episode miniseries. To say the newly resurrected show has an uphill climb would, perhaps, be a bit of an understatement. News of the show was met with a large question of either derision or raised eyebrows as people wondered why. Why bother bringing back a show that died a slow death in its final two seasons five long years ago? Well, with the current superhero friendly climate on the big and small screen one could argue that if you’re going to launch a television show, whether an original or a relaunch, that now would be the ideal time to do so.

But therein lies the second hurdle for Heroes Reborn. With the plethora of television shows originating from DC, Marvel, and other comic book publishers already on the airwaves (and still holding strong) such as The Walking Dead, Arrow, Flash, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gotham to name a handful, coupled with the new series launching this fall as well (the Flash/Arrow spin-off Legends Of Tomorrow), and one has to wonder if there’s room to bring Heroes back. Last year also saw one of the best new series in Constantine fail to garner the audience it deserved, and needed, to get a second season – although part of that was undoubtedly due to the time lot it had, there is still only so many hours a week one can dedicate to television.

If the trailer (which you can find below) for the season is any indication, then Heroes Reborn looks like it will be worth watching. With several of the original cast returning, it looks like it isn’t the network doing a quick reboot to capitalize on the superhero craze, and I’m genuinely hopeful that Heroes Reborn will return to the heights of the first season.


Heroes Reborn begins on the 24th of September on NBC.

SDCC 2015: Heroes Reborn Games Announced

heroes rebornImperative Entertainment has announced a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing to produce two new games to celebrate the launch of NBC‘s Heroes Reborn event series this fall, which expands upon the “Heroes” universe. The games, Heroes Reborn: Gemini (console/PC/Mac) and Heroes Reborn: Enigma (smartphone/tablet), feature two different stories from Heroes creator and Heroes Reborn Executive Producer Tim Kring.

In the expansive Heroes franchise, this is the first time mobile and console games have been created. Both games will be available for digital download and offer fans a chance to dive deeper into the world of Heroes Reborn, allowing users to experience what it’s like to “Be The Hero” for the first time. Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Heroes Reborn: Enigma will introduce players to never-before-seen characters and environments.

Kring, creator of the Heroes universe and Imperative Entertainment co-founder, tapped Phosphor, a leading independent producer of quality console and mobile games, to develop both games. To make for a truly immersive 3-D experience, the Unreal Engine 4 was used to create both games.

Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Heroes Reborn: Enigma tell two interlocking tales of characters and environments that fans of Heroes Reborn have never seen.

Expanding on the television story arc of Heroes Reborn, Heroes Reborn: Gemini is a next-generation first-person adventure PC/console game that brings players into the dangerous world of Cassandra, a young woman who is determined to solve the mysteries of her past while discovering her new powers. The first-person action-puzzle mobile game, Heroes Reborn: Enigma, follows Dahlia, an evolved human with incredible powers, as she attempts to escape captivity at a secret government facility called The Quarry.

Both games can be played and enjoyed separately but share key characters, story points and gameplay dynamics, creating a richer experience for those who play both games.

A teaser video for the game will be unveiled on Sunday, July 12, at NBC’s Heroes Reborn panel at San Diego Comic-Con, after which it will be widely viewable across numerous video platforms.

Heroes Reborn premieres Thursday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

SDCC 2015: Titan Comics Reveals Heroes SDCC Ashcan!

Titan Comics has revealed that fans of Heroes will be able to get their first taste of the upcoming new comic series from Titan with a special SDCC ashcan, which comes with a cover by New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award winning artist, Paul Pope!

The comic series – based on NBC’s upcoming event series Heroes Reborn premiering this fall – hits stores October 2015 and begins with a sensational five-story arc featuring the origins of one of the series’ new main characters. The comic series will be written by Heroes Reborn Supervising Producer Seamus Fahey and Zach Craley and illustrated by Rubine.

The Heroes SDCC ashcan provides an exciting introduction to the new show plus amazing previews of Titan’s Heroes comic and magazine! The Ashcan features 6 black and white preview pages from the first issue of the comic. There is also a 6-page preview feature from the magazine with Titan’s access-all-areas set report – including an exclusive interview with show creator Tim Kring. All this, plus cover art by Paul Pope!

Heroes Reborn Supervising Producer Seamus Fahey will give fans a sneak peek at the new Heroes comic series at the Titan Comics panel on Thursday July 9 at 2:30PM (Room 4) and will be signing copies of this special ashcan on Friday July 10 at 12:00PM at the Titan Booth #5537.


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