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SDCC 2015: Warren Ellis & Gale Anne Hurd Take on El Pantera for Universal + Kill Shakespeare!

UCP_Refresh_CMYK_FMAs San Diego Comic-Con 2015 kicks off, Universal Cable Productions (UCP) has unveiled several new deals that will continue to fortify the studio’s growing genre library and cater to the high demand for television content inspired by science fiction, graphic novel and comic book stories. As part of its overall deal with Valhalla Entertainment, UCP today announced renowned graphic novel writer Warren Ellis, will adapt the popular 1970s Mexican comic book and Televisa format El Pantera as his first original TV series with Gale Anne Hurd set to executive produce and Televisa USA to co-produce.

Based on the popular 1970s Mexican comic book and hit Spanish language TV series adapted by Televisa, El Pantera is a vigilante crime drama set in a fictional metropolis on the U.S. Mexico Border. When a young officer is appointed Head of Police, he only has one request: He asks that his friend, who was wrongfully imprisoned, be set free. Under the guise of his rumored death, the two create ‘El Pantera’ to rid the city of the Mexican mob. Warren Ellis is set to adapt the comic with Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment attached to produce and Televisa USA to co-produce with UCP.

UCP is also developing the award-winning cult British film, The Machine into a scripted series for Syfy with the film’s Caradog James set to write the script and John Giwa-Amu to produce. The story follows a brilliant computer programmer, desperate to save his terminally ill daughter, who creates the first-ever piece of self-aware artificial intelligence.  But things go terribly wrong when the technology, designed to help injured soldiers, is hijacked by the government and used to create the ultimate robotic weapon. The Machine will follow multiple storylines as it takes a broad view of cutting edge scientific breakthroughs in genetic engineering, trans-humanism, and artificial intelligence.

Kill ShakespeareAdditionally, the studio has recently optioned the critically acclaimed comic series Kill Shakespeare, created by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, and released by IDW Publishing. This dark take on Shakespeare – which has also spawned a stage production and board game – pits his greatest heroes (Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, Falstaff) against his most menacing villains (Richard III, Lady Macbeth, Iago) in an epic adventure to find and kill – or save – a reclusive wizard named William Shakespeare. Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery are set to write.

UCP also announced this week a first-look production deal with legendary comic book publisher, Dark Horse Entertainment focused on developing and producing scripted programming from their extensive comic book library as well as new material.

Other notable genre projects in UCP’s development pipeline include: for Syfy: Channel Zero, a horror anthology series from Nick Antosca set to write the script, and Max Landis set to produce. The first season will be based on Candle Cove by Kris Straub, a story that originates from the user-generated internet horror phenomenon known as creepypasta;  Brave New World, based on the classic novel by Aldous Huxley published in 1932 with Les Bohem set to write, and Amblin attached to produce; Hyperion, based on the Hugo Award-winning science fiction novels that form The Hyperion Cantos by writer Dan Simmons with Bradley Cooper, Graham Kin, and Todd Phillips attached to executive produce and Itamar Moses to write the script and serve as co-executive producer.

UCP is also developing Dreadstar, based on the classic 1980s character from the Marvel-owned Epic Comics imprint by iconic Marvel comic book writer Jim Starlin with Evan Daugherty attached to adapt, BenderSpink attached to produce, and Starlin and Ford Gilmore set to executive produce.

Walking Dead Companion Television Series Set for 2015

Deadline is reporting that AMC is prepping a spin-off/companion series for The Walking Dead set to premiere in 2015. The network is in the initial stages and will be executive produced by The Walking Dead executive producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert for AMC Studios.

Charlie Collier, AMC’s President and General Manager said:

Building on the success of the most popular show on television for adults 18-49 is literally a no-brainer.

It’s a big world and we can’t wait to give fans another unforgettable view of the zombie apocalypse.

The new show will have an entirely new story and cast of characters and with 115 issues of the popular comic book so far, a lot of material to mine.

Robert Kirkman, one of the creators of The Walking Dead and writer of the comic series added:

After 10 years of writing the comic book series and being so close to the debut of our fourth, and in my opinion, best season of the TV series, I couldn’t be more thrilled about getting the chance to create a new corner of The Walking Dead universe. The opportunity to make a show that isn’t tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a blank page, has set my creativity racing.

The fourth season of the television show starts October 13, 2013 and the third season ranked as the top program on television, broadcast or cable, among adults 18-49.

the walking dead season 4c

Review – Anti #2

12 Gauge Comics’ Anti is one of the newest series from Gale Anne Hurd. Anti #2, written by Peter Calloway and art by Daniel Hillyard. The second issue picks up right where the first left off. Zachary is an expert at running from his past, but the future is his biggest problem now—even if he doesn’t know it yet. While his new powers continue to manifest, demon-hunter Jordan has no choice but to form an alliance with Zachary, or risk certain death. And while their relationship grows, questions about Charles Emmanuel and his ‘message’ continue to be asked.

The series is good, there’s something entertaining about it that has me interested in seeing what happens next. The issue is really cut into two parts, the follow up from the end of the first issue as well as setting up what happens next. We get a better sense as to who these characters are, their motivations and a bit of the mystery surrounding the series unfolds.

The are is pretty good, the coloring stands out to me out of everything. The art is ok, not bad, but doesn’t quite blow me away. Out of everything, it’s the story that really has me interested. There’s some nice ties to biblical stories and while the subject and plot is familiar, it seems to be a popular one, how it’s presented and the characters introduced makes this stand out.

If you like the idea of angels and demons battling it out on earth, this is a series well worth checking out.

Story: Peter Calloway Art: Daniel Hillyard

Story: 7.75 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

12 Gauge Comics provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review

12-Gauge Comics Releases for August 2012


Writers: Ron Marz, Nathan Edmondson, Jody LeHeup
Artist Names: Rick Leonardi, Paul Azaceta, David Lapham, Dexter Vines
Cover Artist: Andrew Robinson
Price: $5.99
48 pages

You’ve been asking for it and now it’s time—one of the most talked about anthologies of the past decade is back! THE RIDE takes no prisoners in the return of the series Entertainment Weekly calls “…BALLS-TO-THE-WALL PULP STORYTELLING!”

Featuring a line-up of creators that is literally a who’s-who of legendary talent, fans of crime and action books will not be disappointed.  Join Rick Leonardi (UNCANNY X-MEN), David Lapham (STRAY BULLETS), Ron Marz (GREEN LANTERN), Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?), Paul Azaceta (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and more! With fast cars, hot babes, and a healthy serving of the Dixie-Mafia, you simply can’t miss THE RIDE: SOUTHERN GOTHIC! 

ANTI #2 (of 4)

Writer: Peter Calloway
Artist Name: Daniel Hillyard
Cover Artist: Brian Stelfreeze
Price: $3.99
24 Pages

Following the successful FCBD launch of ANTI, issue #2 of Gale Anne Hurd’s (THE WALKING DEAD, TERMINATOR, ALIENS) action-series continues. Zachary is an expert at running from his past, but the future is his biggest problem now—even if he doesn’t know it yet. While his new powers continue to manifest, demon-hunter Jordan has no choice but to form an alliance with Zachary, or risk certain death.  And while their relationship grows, questions about Charles Emmanuel and his ‘message’ continue to be asked. Writer Peter Calloway (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS) and hot new artist Daniel Hillyard’s blockbuster summer series continues here!

12-GAUGE COMICS: Free Comic Book Day 2012

Official Press Release

 GALE ANNE HURD teams with 12-GAUGE COMICS for FCBD 2012

“ANTI” / “THE RIDE” flip-book

Legendary producer Gale Anne Hurd (TERMINATOR, ALIENS, WALKING DEAD) teams with 12-Gauge Comics to present the tale of Zachary, a faithless man forced to confront the reality that he’s the savior of the world.  Chased by demons that have infiltrated earth disguised as humans, while grudgingly protected by demon-hunter Jordan, the journey for knowledge, survival and more begins here!  Written by Peter Calloway (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, BATMAN: JOKER’S ASYLUM) with a cover by industry legend Brian Stelfreeze (BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT), this special intro to ANTI #1 will not disappoint!

As an added bonus, the time is now for the highly anticipated return of THE RIDE in this special co-feature story! Writer Nathan Edmondson (GRIFTER, WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?) and artist Paul Azaceta (THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, DAREDEVIL) put the pedal to the metal when the acclaimed crime-anthology roars back into comic stores– leading directly into an all-new THE RIDE series!
Writer (ANTI): Peter Calloway
Artist (ANTI): Daniel Hillyard
Cover Artist: Brian Stelfreeze
Co-Feature Writer (THE RIDE): Nathan EdmondsonCo-Feature Artist (THE RIDE): Paul Azaceta

Aspen Comics Review – Dead Man’s Run #0

Aspen Comics is on a role.  I’ve really dug the last few things I’ve read of theirs, and had no idea what to expect going into reading Dead Man’s Run #0 which is out this week.  For about three-quarters of the comic I’m expecting a fairly normal prison story, waiting for what made it different.  There’s obviously something up with the main character, but other than that, I really had no idea what the twist was.  Then it hits you what the prison is.  It houses the denizens of hell.  Ok, so that was a twist I wasn’t expecting.

In a future where hell exists as an underground prison for the reanimated dead, a young man named Sam Tinker enlists a team of the damned to escape and save his innocent sister. It’s a prison break from hell. Literally.

This first issue hints and a heist comic.  Other parts hint at a gauntlet type run.  There’s other parts that hint that it’s about a prison break.  So, even after this zero issue, I still have no idea what to expect in the first issue, and that’s pretty cool.  The art is pretty damn solid (pun intended) and the story has a feel about it that’s just action packed.  It feels like something that could work in a comic or on the big screen.  There’s a reason the comic got such a positive reaction at New York Comic Con, it’s a really entertaining comic book.

There’s a lot set up here in this “first issue” and we have to wait until January to see how it all unfolds, but it looks like Aspen has another solid series on their hands.

Writer: Greg Pak Art: Tony Parker Cover: Parker, Peter Steigerwald and Micah Gunnell Publisher: Aspen Comics

Story: 8.75 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Aspen Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview – The Scourge #5


Scott Lobdell – Story / Eric Battle – art

They are taking over…

From the innovative mind of acclaimed movie producer Gale Anne Hurd, and written by superstar writer and visionary Scott Lobdell, comes this summer’s biggest blockbuster new series – THE SCOURGE!

The Statue of Liberty has been in the United States since the late 1800’s and has seen millions of people come and go over the years. But, you bet she’s never seen this:  an army of gargoyles perched atop her arms, her robes, and her crown, ready to leave Manhattan and spread an ancient pandemic across the entire United States! Only one man can stop this outbreak, and SWAT officer Jon Griffin had better hurry– because the United States Government is less than an hour away from dropping a bomb on New York City!

Featuring the astounding artwork of series artist Eric Battle, and colors by David Curiel, THE SCOURGE #5 is set to infect the comic book community like never before!

THE SCOURGE #5 is in stores October 19th, 2011!

Second Annual Girls Gone Genre Comic-Con Panel

Official Press Release



We invite you to attend the Second Annual GIRLS GONE GENRE panel at Comic Con. The panel will be held this Friday, July 22 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm in Room 25ABC.

Moderator Jenna Busch is joined by panelists:

– Jane Espenson – Writer/Producer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Torchwood

– Gale Anne Hurd – Producer: The Walking Dead, Terminator, Aliens

– Laeta Kalogridis – Screenwriter/Producer: Shutter Island , Ghost in the Shell, Bionic Woman, Avatar, Fantastic Voyage

– Marjorie Liu – Writer, X-23, Daken: Dark Wolverine, Black Widow, Dirk & Steele novel series

– Marti Noxon – Screenwriter/Producer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Mad Men, Fright Night

Come talk with women who write, read, game, and perform in arenas that are statistically dominated by men. What happens when traditionally “male” genres are reinvented by female writers and embraced by female fans? Sex and the City it ain’t. Meet the women who like to play with trucks and Barbies. And Wolverine action figures. And flux capacitors.

Frank Daranbont, Gale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman & The Cast Of “The Walking Dead” Invade Comic Con 2011

Official Press Release




G4’s Chris Hardwick to Moderate “The Walking Dead” Panel on

Friday, July 22nd at 11:15am, Ballroom 20

Plus, Autograph Session with Panelists from 1:30-2:30pm Featuring Brand New Series Art

“The Walking Dead” Booth #3721

WHAT:      The cast and producers of AMC’s breakout hit series “The Walking Dead” will participate in an hour-long panel moderated by G4’s Chris Hardwick. The panel will discuss the success of season one of the series and what fans can look forward to in season two, which debuts in October.  The series, which broke ratings records in its first season, is based on the comic book of the same name, created and written by Robert Kirkman.

Join the panelists for a Q&A session and an official sneak preview of season two of “The Walking Dead.”

WHO:       Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (The Pacific) Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), Laurie Holden (The Mist), Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints), Steven Yeun (The Big Bang Theory), Jeffrey DeMunn (The Green Mile), Series Creator, Writer, Director, Executive Producer Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption), Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator), Executive Producer Robert Kirkman (Creator/Writer of The Walking Dead comic) and Make-up Artist and Consulting Producer Greg Nicotero

WHEN: 11:15am– Panel Event in Ballroom 20

1:30pm-2:30pm– Autograph signing at “The Walking Dead” booth #3721

3:00pm-4:00pm– Press round table interviews

*Space is limited and will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis

About “The Walking Dead”

“The Walking Dead” tells the story of the weeks and months that follow after a zombie apocalypse.  County Sheriff Rick Grimes (Lincoln) travels with his family and a small group of survivors, constantly in search of a safe and secure home.  But the constant pressure of fighting off death on a daily basis takes a heavy toll, sending many to the lowest depths of human cruelty.  As Rick struggles to keep his family alive, he will discover that the overwhelming fear of the survivors can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth.

AMC Announces “The Walking Dead” at NY Comic Con

Official Press Release





Panel on Sunday, October 10th at 2:15pm

Series Premieres on Halloween, October 31 at 10pm

NEW YORK, NY September 24, 2010 – During New York Comic Con, AMC will premiere the first full scenes from the network’s highly anticipated series, “The Walking Dead.” In addition to the exclusive preview, the stars and producers of the drama, based on the comic book written by Robert Kirkman, will be present for a panel scheduled for Sunday, October 10 at 2:15pm in the IGN Theater. The event will include series stars Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (“The Pacific”), Sarah Wayne Callies (“Prison Break”), Laurie Holden (The Mist), and Steven Yeun (“The Big Bang Theory”). Joining the cast are writer, director, executive producer and three-time Academy Award nominee Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) and executive producers, Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator, Aliens, Armageddon). “The Walking Dead” will premiere on Halloween at 10pm EST on AMC.

During the 90-minute event, moderator Eric Moro of IGN.com will lead panelists in a discussion about their experience shooting the “The Walking Dead,” and the process of bringing Kirkman’s comic book to life on the small screen, among other topics. The panel will be followed by a Q&A session with attendees.

About “The Walking Dead”

“The Walking Dead” tells the story of the weeks and months that follow after a zombie apocalypse.  County Sheriff Rick Grimes (Lincoln) travels with his family and a small group of survivors, constantly in search of a safe and secure home.  But the constant pressure of fighting off death on a daily basis takes a heavy toll, sending many to the lowest depths of human cruelty.  As Rick struggles to keep his family alive, he will discover that the overwhelming fear of the survivors can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth.

For more information, visit AMC’s press website, http://press.amctv.com

About AMC

AMC reigns as the only cable network in history to ever win the Emmy® Award for Outstanding Drama Series three years in a row, as well as the Golden Globe® Award for Best Television Series – Drama for three consecutive years.  Whether commemorating favorite films from every genre and decade or creating acclaimed original programming, the AMC experience is an uncompromising celebration of great stories.  AMC’s original stories include the Emmy® Award-winning dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and entertaining non-scripted programming such as AMC News.  AMC further demonstrates its commitment to the art of storytelling with curated movie franchises like AMC Hollywood Icon and AMC Complete Collection.  Available in more than 96 million homes (Source: Nielsen Media Research), AMC is a subsidiary of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, which includes sister networks IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv and Wedding Central.  AMC is available across all platforms, including on-air, online, on demand and mobile.  AMC: Story Matters HereSM.