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The weekend is almost here! What geeky things will you all be doing? Sound off in the comments below! While you wait for the work day to end and the weekend begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web!

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TV Review: Gotham S4E10 A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom

Gordon tries to broker a deal with Penguin involving Sofia; Alfred tries to pull Bruce out of his downward spiral; Lee Thompkins gains more control over the Narrows.

With Douche Wayne and Professor Pyg on the sidelines for most of the episode, Gotham focuses on the battle between Sofia and Penguin and Lee’s expansion of power in the Narrows as the show continues to barrel ahead without what feels like a plan or care of the material.

Your enjoyment of the series is probably based on what you think of that source material’s use. The Thompkins/Narrows storyline is beyond ill thought at as a villain turn for the character is so left field from the comics and also presents no positive women on the show. Lee at one point was the “pure” character but it seems every female character is now a mobster, killer, or worse.

Then there’s the Falcone/Penguin story which has some good points but generally I find myself screaming at the scream by the fact that Penguin or Sofia don’t just put a bullet in each other’s heads. They dance around setting up situations you know they’ll walk away from and neither have the guts enough to just pull the trigger themselves when they have the opportunity. Neither deserves to win and at this point I’m hoping Gordon just guns everyone down and get the stupid over with.

The show usually shows strength when it focuses on the “mob centric” aspects of the show but for some reason this time it’s no longer working. Probably because Sofia’s plan is convoluted. Probably become Penguin figures it out and still doesn’t do much about it. Probably because despite access to rocket launchers no one seems to be able to hit each other with a gun of any sorts. It’s stupid for stupid sake.

The Professor Pyg story is pushed to the side with him caught and Gordon figures out his story. This is probably the best plotline the series has every had with good acting and some real scares. So, the minimization of it all hurts the episode.

The less said about Bruce Wayne the better. Bad acting. Bad story. Just unwatchable at times.

The series seemed like it was getting good but this episode is one of the worst of the season and one of the worst of the series. It’s mind numbing at times having me scream at the television. This isn’t entertainment, it’s frustration.

Overall Rating: 6.0

Multiple Man Courtesy of James Franco, Simon Kinberg, and Allan Heinberg

Deadline is reporting that James Franco is looking to play Jamie Maddrox, Multiple Man in a movie from Fox. The script is being written by Allan Heinberg, and Simon Kinberg and Genre Films are producing it along with Franco and Ramona Films.

Multiple Man is a part of Marvel Comics‘ X-Men universe and is a character who has the ability to create copies of himself with the first appearing when the doctor slapped him to breathe when he was born.

The character has ranged in numerous types of stories from superhero adventures to detective noir and thus the movie could cover a wide range of genres.

This is the latest spin-off for the “X” Universe for Fox which has included Deadpool and its sequel, The New Mutants, the upcoming Gambit, and a new X-film X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Untitled Deadpool Sequel Gets a Trailer and Synopsis

The first Deadpool 2 teaser trailer dropped yesterday and along with that, the revelation the film might not be called “Deadpool 2.” Also, a synopsis dropped! It’s exactly what you’d expect:

After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.

TV Review: Lucifer S3E7 Off the Record

A reporter seeks revenge after he discovers that Lucifer has been sleeping with his estranged wife. However, when it’s revealed that Linda is the reporter’s estranged wife, things get messy. Lucifer’s reputation and safety are on the line, especially when a serial killer from the past resurfaces.

Lucifer gives us a solid twist in the episode, actually multiple in what might be my favorite episode of the season and one of my favorites overall.

The twist of the reporter being Linda’s estranged husband is a fantastic twist and done so in a way that’s unexpected and I didn’t see coming as I didn’t read the description before the episode. So how that plays out is fantastic. Also seeing where that goes as Lucifer is stalked by the reporter in a few ways is interesting and we get another reference to Lucifer being at least bisexual with some fun back and forth as far as that.

While there’s a murder story involved in it all, that’s used for some twists and turns of this triangle more than anything else and isn’t the main focus of the story. It’s used to enhance it in this case. The fact it takes us over a large amount of time is interesting too.

Then there’s the ending, which is a fantastic way to end it all and while it’s hinted at in one part of the episode the way the show is framed in the opening and closing has me debating a bit of the episode even more and maybe there’s more to it than the first watch.

It’s that framing of the episode that’s fantastic and something that feels brand new to the series and the writers upping their game to the next level. The show has its usual charm but there’s a next level in the plot here that really feels like the series has gone to the next level with this and I’m hoping everyone can keep it up.



Overall Rating: 9.65

TV Review: Lucifer S3E5 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

A food chemist is found dead; Lucifer and Chloe’s investigation unexpectedly pits them against criminal defense attorney Charlotte Richards; Lucifer makes a shocking discovery that helps with the case.

Lucifer brings back Charlotte and has some fun making us guess as to whether Lucifer’s mother is still inside her body. Watching Lucifer try to figure it all out and cringe at his “mother” coming on to him is a small part of the episode.

What the episode really does is put the focus on Charlotte, continuing a trend this season of break out episodes that put the spotlight on various characters. This one is good as it helps answer some questions and resolve some plot threads as to her family and how she’s dealing with not remembering a large gap of time. The answer is not well.

Charlotte, like Lucifer, is trying to find answers as to what happened and reveals where she went when his mother took over her body. It’s an interesting episode for a character who hasn’t been the most likeable in so many ways. To see everyone reacting to her is solid as each character has their own story with her, for instance Detective Douche.

While it wraps up threads, it also feels like Charlotte is a character we’ll see more of in the rest of the season. She’s on a mission of redemption and like Lucifer attempting to figure out her role in it all.

The murder is an interesting one and while the episode follows most of the formula for that aspect, it also breaks it in some ways too, especially the final reveal.

The episode is another character driven one and is solid. The season has broken its mold a bit with these spotlight episodes and hopefully we’ll see at least one per major character to play out the rest of the season. It adds depth to each and changes things up making the show even more interesting. While “Lucifer” is the title, there’s much more than one character and this is a show that’s stronger for its whole cast.

Overall Rating: 8.35

TV Review: Gotham S4E7 A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows

With Professor Pyg striking fear throughout Gotham, Gordon and Bullock head into the Narrows for clues; Bruce is convinced by a former friend to go out with some former classmates; Sofia’s relationships evolve with Penguin and Gordon.

Gotham continues the pretty solid stroytelling from the previous episode as the search for Professor Pyg continues. Pyg may be the strongest villain the show has had so far. The episode also feels like it’s a microcosm of what works and what doesn’t in the show with what’s good and not all in the same scene.

What works for the series is its focus on corrupt police and the more grounded storylines like gang wars. That’s been a major aspect of the season but then the silly is dropped in. In this case, it’s Penguin deciding to help the GCPD to stop Pyg and he does so by bringing in a character by the name of Headhunter, an over the top character the sticks out compared to everything else going on. Thankfully it feels like everyone is in on the silliness so things aren’t quite as odd as when Mr. Freeze is a part of things. But, the cat and mouse between Gordon and Pyg is the draw and as long as you focus on that, things are generally in a good direction.


Since the show likes threes… Barbara, Selina and crew is the second storyline as they attempt to make some dollars and consolidate power. It’s all forgettable and thankfully not much time is devoted to it all.

The third plot line is Bruce and it doesn’t suck! Bruce decides to cut loose after an event and he lashes out due to all his pent up anger finally going down the playboy/party boy route we know from comics. He’s a dick, unlikeable, and the acting is getting better. A massive improvement in what we’ve seen as far as the character.

We’ve gotten two good episodes in a row, which feels like a rarity for the series. Pyg has been a boost for the series as far as focusing the storytelling and giving us a villain that not only is part of Batman’s rogues but also one that really works in the world of the GCPD. Here’s hoping as the season progresses it continues to keep things heading in a positive direction.

Overall Rating: 7.75

TV Review: Gotham S4E6 A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon

Gordon and Bullock hunt a serial killer who has been dressing victims with pig heads; Sofia tries to win over Penguin; Thompkins, Nygma, and Grundy find themselves an unlikely home at Cherry’s place.

Gotham gives us another new Batman rogue in the form of Professor Pyg who is taking out corrupt police making him a pseudo ally of Gordon whose frustration with how things are going in the GCPD is increasing. The episode is the strongest of the season and the strongest in a long time despite the mediocre Thompkins/Riddler/Grundy storyline.

Lets focus on the weakest part of the show and that’s the Falcone/Penguin storyline as Sofia plays the Penguin buttering him up and making him think she’s on his side. What’s clear is she has some greater plan going on. We know it. Penguin knows it. It’s an obvious plotline you can’t help but think we’re all wrong. It’s simplistic in a lot of ways and clearly building to something down the line.

The second major plot point is Grundy fighting, Riddler attempting to get his memory back, and Thompkins helping out. Grundy looks better than he did the previous episode and while I like the Riddler not having his smarts, the Thompkins aspect just feels real off. There wasn’t a ton that was being done with the character before but the direction they’ve taken her is beyond idiotic and does not do justice to the character. As it stands, there’s no “good” female characters. They’re all criminals or killers in some way. We see the beginning of an attempt to redeem the character but it’s not enough and there’s a long way to go.

The strongest plot is Professor Pyg who gives us the best adaptation of a comic character so far. The character is frightening and charming at the same time. He also plays the series strength by focusing on a serial killer story. The series is its best when it focuses on the GCPD and more street level crime. Pyg does that well especially tying into the corruption angle of the season. If the series were to just focus on this, it’d be all the more stronger.

Easily the best episode of the season so far this one is more grounded and entertaining showing off the series strengths. It also shows us that the concept for the entire series can work and work really well. Now, to go back and do everything over.




Overall Rating: 7.95

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