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TV Review: Gotham S3E15 Heroes Rise: How the Riddler Got His Name

season_3_posterNygma (Cory Michael Smith) convinces himself that he doesn’t need Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) to succeed and begins to introduce himself to Gotham as “The Riddler.” Bullock (Donal Logue) and Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) get caught up in Nygma’s mind games, while Gordon (Ben McKenzie) learns troubling news about his father’s death. Meanwhile, the Court of the Owls reveals its next move.

Gotham returns with an interesting episode that focuses almost completely on Nygma and it’s all presented in a series of mind games featuring Lucius Fox and Harvey Bullock. What’s interesting is the episode is mostly devoid of Gordon whose story is relegated to the secondary story. Instead, coheadlining the episode is more of a focus on Bruce and “evil Bruce.”

There’s some good and a lot of bad.

The good, actually close to great, is the story featuring Nygma, Fox, and Bullock. The story is entertaining, especially to see Fox and Nygma challenge each other’s brains. The focus on brain instead of brawn is a nice shift from the more physical aspects of previous episodes. But, the story really feels like we’re just getting to the point Nygma calls himself Riddler. Almost as the story is crafted around that concept. It’s not a bad aspect, but it feels a little forced. Still, Cory Michael Smith as Nygma has a solid spiral into his insanity.

Then there’s aspects involving Bruce and Gordon and while they move things along, there’s just not much excitement there. The series is clearly pushing Bruce to his eventual turn into Batman, which is strange since he’s barely a tween and we see some of those steps here. Then there’s this Gordon and the Court of Owls story, which also involves Bruce… that I’m holding out to see how it really plays out.

Overall, not a bad episode in its return but it still shows some issues with mixed acting and story plotting. The series isn’t consistent in its quality within its episode which makes for a choppy experience and entertainment.

Overall Rating: 6.45


Graphic Policy Radio Goes to the Movies to Discuss Logan LIVE This Monday

Snikt. Snikt. In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.

Logan is the latest and reportedly final ride of Hugh Jackman as the iconic Wolverine partnering him with Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Dafne Keen as Laura aka X-23! Part road trip, part western, Logan explores themes and tackles issues as immigration, intellectual property, violence in fantasy entertainment, the inevitability of death, and more.

Joining hosts Elana and Brett to discuss the film is Graphic Policy contributor Logan Dalton.

Listen to the show as it airs LIVE this Monday at 7pm ET.

By day, Logan is a data entry administrator. At night, he writes about comics, TV shows for sites like Graphic Policy and Nerds on the Rocks, and is even working on a play. Once he interviewed a vampire. Feel free to pick his brain on LGBTQ representation in comics at any time on Twitter @MidnighterBae

We want to hear your thoughts. Tweet them to us @graphicpolicy.

Listen to the show this Monday live or catch it on demand after.

TV Review: 24 Legacy 12:00pm-1:00pm

24foxFox‘s heart pumping, edge-of-your-seat spy drama makes its landmark return and sure doesn’t waste anytime cutting to the chase. The series is set to reinvigorate the franchise with the new protagonist Eric Carter a US Ranger who’s previous operation in a foreign country thwarted the plans of a Terrorist named Bin Khalid. The plot unfolds as Carter’s team of Rangers now living with new identities are slowly being picked off one by one as renewed terrorist elements in the country search for a hidden strongbox with terror cell information.

Like its predecessor, 24 Legacy is not shy to explore and serve commentary on timely or overlooked issues. Beneath the surface of all the intrigue, there is a story about the plight of veteran welfare, and their mental health. The current domestic threat is heightened when Ben, one of the last remaining rangers takes the strongbox and essentially attempts to sell it to the highest bidder. Ben is disgruntled about his livelihood and treatment after his military service skirts an interesting blurry line between patriotism and treason. It will be interesting to see how 24 Legacy deals with it.

As the indispensable 24 institution, I am happy to see that CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) makes its return.  I’ve been eager to see how CTU would have grown in the years since we have last seen it operational. In a sense it both disappoints and delivers. Technologically CTU (at least in the first hour) is a marvel, with all the bells and whistle of the current tech era, CTU impresses with its use of real-time surveillance archived satellite feeds and use of drones. Personnel wise it appears that CTU has not changed much at all. Sadly 24 Legacy resurrects the tired trope of endless politicking and career climbing among the coworkers at the agency. 1 hour in and we are already introduced to a street smarts vs book smart rivalry, and classic side-eye/somebody’s always looking atmosphere of paranoia. We have seen so many interactions of this that you have to wonder if anybody is not more committed by task rather than ego. By the end of the episode there’s even a full-on commandeering of CTU. Although formulaic this latter development was the more warranted and enjoyable turn of events where CTU was concerned. Rebecca Ingram the former director of CTU takes drastic measures after the fallout from her previous and seemingly Bin Khalid operation presents some current fallout. Ingram is a really compelling character, somewhat a mix of Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines in a way…both bureaucratic and badass. Speaking of former characters, the college educated Mariana is revealed to be Edgar Stiles cousin, a fan favorite and a nice touchstone to the previous series. Last Eric Carter definitely delivers as the series central protagonist. He is every bit the bad ass the Jack Bauer was, and his performance really sells this new character taking the reins. That said I will be genuinely surprised if Mr. Bauer is a no-show at any point during the series.

24 Legacy is a high-octane ride that wastes no time diving right into the madness that 24 fans are familiar with. New fans also have a very good jumping on point and should not miss it if they are curious I have fond memories watching with housemates back in my University days. Watching and reviewing the new installment feels like a homecoming of sorts. I am invested in most of the characters and eagerly awaiting to see how this new day unfolds.

Overall Rating: 9.5

Gotham Teases a Familiar Outfit for The Riddler

Nygma lets out the monster inside. Gotham returns to FOX this April.

TV Review: Lucifer S2E13 A Good Day to Die

Lucifer TVLucifer must find the antidote to the Professor’s poison, so he travels to hell to find the Professor’s soul. While he’s there, he is forced to confront his guilt about Uriel’s death. Mom heads to hell to get Lucifer back, but Lucifer still feels betrayed by his parents because of something he discovers.

Lucifer wraps up before its winter break in the second half of the two-part story which began in the previous episode.

Chloe is having issues due to the poison sending her to the hospital and without the antidote, she’ll die. The problem is, the only person who knows the formula for the antidote is dead. What’s Lucifer to do? Head to Hell to get the information!

The episode is a fascinating one as it brings everyone together to save Chloe working in a way we haven’t really seen, and it’s twisted how it goes down. Humorous, but twisted. The decisions everyone makes and how they all work together in their various roles is really entertaining.

This is an interesting episode in that it really sets up what the rest of the season will be like and also gives us a glimpse of exactly what Hell is like. But, what really strikes me is the examination of Lucifer and his mother… and their guilt. Once again, the show adds depth to its characters and moves along the meta-story. There’s been a fantastic balance of that this season and this episode is no exception.

Where do things go from here? Well, that’s a big question and we’re not quite sure as the episode leaves a big question mark at the end. All I know, no matter what it is, it’ll be impressive as the rest of this season has been any indication.

Overall Rating: 8.05

TV Review: Gotham S3E14 Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

season_3_posterWith Jerome (guest star Cameron Monaghan) on the loose with one target in mind, Bruce and Alfred’s safety is compromised. Meanwhile, Gordon’s uncle Frank (guest star James Remar) pays him a visit, and ‎Nygma and Penguin are forced to confront their issues face-to-face, with possible deadly consequences.

Gotham ends its winter run before returning in April with an episode that is an interesting one as it has much more of a focus on Bruce becoming Batman, something the show has hinted at then slinked away.

Jerome is on the loose and after Bruce, eventually kidnapping him taking him to a display of carnage and never quite explaining why of it all. Jerome, a proto-Joker, is a combination of Nicholson and Ledger tip-toeing the line between the goofy of the former and pure chaos of the latter. And, the results are mixed. Monaghan in the role clearly is leaning more towards Ledger’s performance with a raspy voice and hunched over body language to evokes the iconic and award winning Dark Knight performance. Except, it comes off as a facsimile, not quite as good as the original.

We begin to see Bruce standing up and figuring out his beliefs when it comes to justice. David Mazouz in the role is his usual stiff self giving off no reason to be entranced by the character. There’s a lack of charm. There’s a lack of confidence. There’s almost no emotion in the performance which is par for what we’ve seen in three seasons. One hopes if the series jumps forward we get a new actor to fill the role.

The Penguin/Nygma plot line continues to an interesting ending, but one we’ve seen before. And I think that’s some of my issues of the series and this particular season, it’s things I feel like I’ve seen. Jerome evokes past performances with a swirling plot around him that feels lifted directly from comics. Penguin’s result here is something we’ve seen already. Cor Michael Smith as Nygma for some reason channels Nolan’s Batman with a raspy voice that makes a case he could take on the role in the films.

There’s also the ADD like plotting. Selina is absent this episode. Ivy has disappeared. But, the Court of Owls are back setting up the next story arc in a season that can’t stay focused on one or two things for too long.

We’ll see what type of show we get when the series returns in a few months. I hope during the break things might have been retooled some to figure out the “vision” of a show that feels like it has too many cooks, too many ideas, and not enough adults to keep it focused.

Overall Rating: 6.15

Around the Tubes

reedpop_4-fullIt’s new comic book day! What’s everyone planning on getting? Sound off in the comments below!

While you wait for shops to open up, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

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The Comichron – Comics sales spotlight: Complete postal data for House of Mystery, 1960-1982 – Some cool history.

The Beat – Jim Starlin throws down the monetary gauntlet – Sigh.

CBR – Fox’s X-Men TV Series Gets Official Pilot Order – This should be interesting.

ICv2 – Funko Acquiring Underground Toys Assets – Interesting.

The Beat – ReedPOP Officially Announces Comic Con Seoul for August 2017 – Could be cool to go to!


Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Justice League of America: The Ray

TV Review: Lucifer S2E12 Love Handles

Lucifer TVLucifer and Chloe investigate a mysterious masked killer who is poisoning college students. They also try to make sense of their new relationship, after a long-awaited kiss. Meanwhile, Charlotte visits Linda for advice on a touchy subject.

Lucifer is an interesting episode in that it focuses on Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship explored in a murder mystery that’s a bit like Saw in a way. Individuals are being tested in impossible choices like letting someone die unless they cut off their hand.

The episode is fun in that it really focuses on Chloe and Lucifer and their budding relationship. But, the episode plays a lot with that faking out the viewers with teases and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

There’s some great humor as usual and the episode does a fantastic job of deepening the story between Lucifer and Chloe and revealing even more than we knew before. It’s interesting in how it plays out and builds on the world building in many ways. So many episodes in it’s kind of amazing how it plays out, works, and fits so well. Even with an unknown as to whether there’d be a second season it’s clear the creators have planned really well.

Another fantastic episode that’s more focused on the meta story than the murder of the week, but even that is entertaining too.

Overall Rating: 8.85

TV Review: Gotham S3E13 Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It

season_3_posterOn the run from Gordon and Bullock, Dwight tries to revive Jerome and, in turn, activates his acolytes around Gotham City. Meanwhile, Selina’s mom’s intentions in Gotham are revealed, and the power play between Penguin and Nygma escalates as Barbara’s plans are set in place.

Gotham is interesting as the return of Jerome is the focus of the episode. The episode has definitely taken its inspiration from Batman comics with individuals being inspired by the Joker, in this case the proto-Joker in Jerome. The laughing is there. The clown-ish make-up is there. It follows some of the comics and it’s a mixed bag as far as how much it works.

There’s something fun about David Dastmalchian’s Dwight who was a Joker acolyte in The Dark Knight. We learn how he’s reviving people, but things are still a bit muddled as to why folks have fallen for Jerome. There’s some explanation by other characters, but it really just falls into “he opened our eyes.” It’s as generic as generic can be.

Cameron Monaghan as Jerome, the proto-Joker, is at times great and at times boring. Monaghan feels like he’s channeling Ledger, Nicholson, and even Hamill in some ways never quite making the character his own.

The “not making it his own” comes to this Joker’s design too which feels like a mix between comic artist Greg Capullo’s take on the Joker mixed with the Joker’s Daughter. It’s interesting, but doesn’t quite work for me.

The situation itself involving Jerome is again all over the place in tone mixing in Schumacher and Nolan evoking Batman movies of the past. The series needs to choose a style and tone and just go with it.

There’s another story too as Penguin’s world is twisted and a gang war heats up. This is the strongest part of the series and episode and if the show just focused on this, it’d be all the more stronger.

The episode also deals with Gordon and Thompkins’ relationship which at this point feels utterly silly and boring as it also resolves Selina mother’s story. That final story seems to end and does so in a way that makes me question the inclusion of it other than to give something for Selina and Bruce to do.

The episode packs in a lot and continues to be all over the place in tone and look and content. A more focused series would boost it overall because right now it’s trying to do too much and does it all not well enough.

Overall Rating: 6.55

TV Review: Lucifer S2E11 Stewardess Interruptus

Lucifer TVThe tension between Lucifer and Chloe makes it difficult for them to investigate the murder of two victims who happen to be Lucifer’s old flames.

Lucifer lays it all out there in this return episode after its winter break. Let me start by saying, hells yes. This episode is fantastic in so many ways. There’s the fun performances of the characters, the interesting case, and the focus on Lucifer and Chloe… especially Lucifer.

For its two seasons the series has hinted that Lucifer is at least bi-sexual (though could be something else), basically he’s not hetero. This episode throws that in front of us with Lucifer having to deal with past lovers, both female and male. It’s fantastic to see and to see his, and Chloe’s reaction, shows how far some have come when sexuality is involved. His mentioning his having been with men and Chloe’s reaction is very modern and in the end feels as natural as anything else.

But, in all of that there’s a greater focus on Lucifer and the fact that in the end few people really care about him. There’s an obsessed individual who feels like a cultish stand-in representing those who say the worship the devil, but even that is fairly shallow. We get to see more of Lucifer the person and in that we feel a bit bad for him.

The episode isn’t all “awe,” there’s lots of humor, especially when it comes to Maze and Detective Douche. Their “buddy cop” relationship is fantastic and seeing Maze finally taking center stage is beyond welcome. It brings a levity to it all.

The episode is absolutely fantastic showing off all of the strengths of the characters and actors delivering one of the most fun hours I’ve had watching tv in a while. Lucifer remains my favorite comic television adaptation right now and this episode is a prime example why.

Overall Rating: 9.45

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