TV Review: Lucifer S3E5 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

A food chemist is found dead; Lucifer and Chloe’s investigation unexpectedly pits them against criminal defense attorney Charlotte Richards; Lucifer makes a shocking discovery that helps with the case.

Lucifer brings back Charlotte and has some fun making us guess as to whether Lucifer’s mother is still inside her body. Watching Lucifer try to figure it all out and cringe at his “mother” coming on to him is a small part of the episode.

What the episode really does is put the focus on Charlotte, continuing a trend this season of break out episodes that put the spotlight on various characters. This one is good as it helps answer some questions and resolve some plot threads as to her family and how she’s dealing with not remembering a large gap of time. The answer is not well.

Charlotte, like Lucifer, is trying to find answers as to what happened and reveals where she went when his mother took over her body. It’s an interesting episode for a character who hasn’t been the most likeable in so many ways. To see everyone reacting to her is solid as each character has their own story with her, for instance Detective Douche.

While it wraps up threads, it also feels like Charlotte is a character we’ll see more of in the rest of the season. She’s on a mission of redemption and like Lucifer attempting to figure out her role in it all.

The murder is an interesting one and while the episode follows most of the formula for that aspect, it also breaks it in some ways too, especially the final reveal.

The episode is another character driven one and is solid. The season has broken its mold a bit with these spotlight episodes and hopefully we’ll see at least one per major character to play out the rest of the season. It adds depth to each and changes things up making the show even more interesting. While “Lucifer” is the title, there’s much more than one character and this is a show that’s stronger for its whole cast.

Overall Rating: 8.35