Exclusive: This Highball Spotify Playlist is the Perfect list to Get Drunk in Space Too

This Wednesday September 7th AHOY Comics releases Highball #1, the first issue of their latest hilarious series about a space pilot who’s the best shot in the galaxy—except he can only hit the target when he’s dead drunk. By writer Stuart Moore (Captain Ginger), artist Fred Harper (Snelson: Comedy is Dying), colorist Lee Loughridge, and letterer Rob Steen, Highball‘s first issue features a cover by co-creator Fred Harper and a variant cover by David Rubin (Cosmic Detective).

To get ready for the upcoming release, we have what we’re told is the perfect list to get drunk in space too!

This is the perfect playlist for throttling back your little fighter ship and blasting the hell out of some aliens. It’s as if Highball and his disturbingly violent cronies beamed it back through time, straight into the fevered mind of David ‘Clink Clink’ Hyde. Crank it up, pour yourself a nice steaming Hot Jupiter, and go Swinging on a Star.

Stuart Moore

So kick back, pour yourself your favorite cocktail, and relax to some tunes and get ready for Highball #1 when it comes to comic shelves this Wednesday!

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