Review: Dark Spaces: Wildfire #2

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #2

The first issue of this series blew me away. The concept was fresh, the art was amazing. It was a complete package and one of this year’s best debuts. Dark Spaces: Wildfire #2 does it again continuing an amazing story matched by wonderful art resulting in a second issue that keeps readers tense with the events within.

Written by Scott Snyder, the series follows a group of convicts who are also a part of a firefighting unit. This is a thing that exists and there’s a long list of reasons it’s an abusive practice. Snyder taps into that with a very capable team but one that sees the inequalities and abuse they receive from society as a whole.

In the appropriately titled chapter “Ignition,” the heist is underway as the team begins their mission and plan to rob a horrible person whose home is in the path of the fire. There’s a lot of discussion of “F.U.” which in this case means “flare-up”. It’s a lot of foreshadowing and a bit obvious that the “F.U.” Snyder hints at isn’t a flare-up at all so as a reader we continually look for where that “F.U.” might take place. We know it’s coming, Snyder shows his hand. But even doing that, there’s still a tension that something is going to happen, we just don’t know what. And when we get there, it’s both expected and unexpected.

The story is fantastic but again, the art shines. Hayden Sherman’s layouts and pencils, the color by Ronda Pattison, and lettering by Andworld Design come together for an issue that’s beautiful to look at. Sherman’s layouts continue to impress with an almost dreamlike feel at times. There’s so much extra visual detail added to the comic that goes beyond Snyder’s words. Pattison’s colors too add so much from the yellows and reds of the fire to blues and pinks. Like the debut issue, the art is beautiful.

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #2 is a hell of a second issue for one of the freshest series of the year. A unique concept with amazing art creates a reading experience that’s a must.

Story: Scott Snyder Art: Hayden Sherman
Color: Ronda Pattison Letterer: Andworld Design
Story: 8.5 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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