Review: Devil’s Reign #4

Devil's Reign #4

Devil’s Reign has been a fantastic even so far. It’s been a mix of action, twists, and a story that has something to ponder below its surface. Devil’s Reign #4 continues all of that as the series begins to hurtle towards its finale. It brings everything together for an issue that sets up what’s to come in the final two issues and is full of emotion.

The heroes are beaten down. Wilson Fisk has a grip on New York City with his new Thunderbolts as well as Doc Ock’s creations patrolling and keeping the peace. Add in that friends have gotten hurt and you have that low moment for them all before they can rally and turn it all around.

Fisk is struggling too. He’s being taunted by Doc Ock, his son hates him, and he can’t remember the identity of Daredevil. But, most importantly, he can’t find peace. He has almost everything he wants, power, wealth, a wife, and yet he can’t settle. It’s an interesting issue that shows the compulsion of the character that’s his undoing.

Writer Chip Zdarsky has kept the event grounded which is partially why it has been so successful. Some of the grander characters are imprisoned letting the “street level” characters shine. Even Captain America has taken a back seat to Daredevil and Jessica Jones when it comes to decisions. Zdarsky has show with Devil’s Reign not every event needs to be world threatening. There are times entertainment can be derived from simple things like policy that has gone wrong.

Zdarksy is helped by Marco Checchetto‘s art with Marcio Menyz‘s colors and Clayton Cowles‘ lettering. The trio have put together a story that has gloom in its visuals but it’s never depressing. There’s an overcast about it that fits the narrative but never causes it to drag. The characters look great as well. The art is able to balance a jail break with an emotional moment between father and son. The series has been fantastic at capturing the emotion of the characters and this issue is a prime example. You can feel the anger of Jessica Jones. You can see the frustration and guilt of Matt Murdock. Visually, the comic is impressive with a fantastic match of story and art.

Devil’s Reign #4 is another solid issue of Marvel’s best event in quite a while. The story is one that is influenced by what has come before but delivers it in a new and updated twist. There’s some real emotion here and a lot that will make you pause and think. With just two more issues left, it’s up in the air as to how this all will end but one thing guaranteed is there’s going to be some shifts when things are all done.

Story: Chip Zdarsky Art: Marco Checchetto
Color: Marcio Menyz Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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